FEEDBACK: WWE SummerSlam 2022

What did you think of WWE SummerSlam?

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Mannie from Pacoima

First things first, I can’t believe I drink the same type of water as the maximum male models!!!

Summerslam was really good, the stadiums make the shows feel bigger and important. The main event was a spectacle and I give props to those involved in putting the match together as it was very fun to watch. Michael cole pleading the ref to count faster added to the match, brock lifting the ring was bonkers and towards the end of the match the crowd was completely behind Brock as he kept beating the count over and over.

The raw women’s title match was great as well and from the conclusion came a face turn and three returns adding more breath into the womens division. Edge returned and looked like a rockstar.
I give summerslam an 8/10

Lastly wai enjoy your time off and congratulations once again to you and your wife i cant wait for the mysterious vignettes to start airing during the review shows signaling your return, just don’t turn heel on John.

As someone who always hates on WWE because
It consistently insults the intelligence of fans and is loaded with bad childish humor, I have taken to Wai’s advice from months ago of strictly just watching PLE’s. This event had my interest because like most people, I loved the HHH NXT Takeovers. They were can’t miss. I don’t feel like I wasted my time tonight and I actually look forward to the next one. Not every thing landed, but it doesn’t have to, just make sense. I saw 3 or 4 visuals in the main event that actually made me laugh pretty hard and Logan Paul was simply incredible. I almost fear that Logan is too good and they are going to load up on celebrities now thinking more is better.

I actually chose to stay home and watch this over meeting friends for UFC…which is rare, but like we say for AEW, they have earned the fans trust. In my eyes, WWE did a pretty good job of earning back mine tonight. Not enough to watch the tv but enough for me to log on here tonight and give credit where credit is due.

Thanks guys.

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This is my first time watching a WWE show from beginning to end since whichever night of Mania that Bad Bunny wrestled on and I only tuned in as I saw the reinvigoration of the RAW Women’s Division and felt like the show might be worth the watch.

It wasn’t.

None of the matches interested me or kept my attention, I just don’t get what people like/see about Pat McAfee, and the main event had too corny of a finish for me to even semi enjoy.

Most people will disagree and that’s fine as I’ve not enjoyed main roster WWE since Smackdown was on fire post the last brand split.

WWE is at its best when you two recap it in an hour to an hour and a half.

Hopefully Triple H can make enough changes to where I can make time to watch their weekly shows again.

Thanks as always for the wonderful coverage and shout out to young cowboy or cowgirl Wai Ting.


Matt from Tennessee

I actually went to Summerslam tonight, I’ll try to keep this as brief as I can. I thought the show was a lot of fun, as i have never been to a stadium show before. Match of the night for me was definitely Roman/Brock, and that was the most loud the crowd was all night. Funniest moment of the night was whenever Logan came out, some dude yelled "FUCK YOU. Lots of boos for Logan but by the end i didnt hear any boos. And the biggest waste of time was for Seth/Riddle. Wtf was that. Anyway overall i really enjoyed myself, hopefully it came across well on TV

Question: How long til Liv loses the title, turns heel and blames us fans for the loss?

Good luck to you Wai on the next few weeks, you shall be missed.

As for tonight, the back to back news from Becky turning to Io walking out had me jump out of my seat in excitement. This is enough that I can’t wait for Monday to see how the women’s landscape plays out. The idea of Io vs Asuka I’m the near future gives me goosebumps!!

The one issue I had with the evening was surrounding Liv. Between the cash in, and now knowing full well she didn’t win the match, she really is not portraying a face, and I have no idea why I should root for the girl who is clearly on a different level, yet somehow has managed to take advantage of the situation in order to win.

Other than that, I’d say thumbs up show. Started really high, ended pretty high, Middle was as expected.

Brian in New Jersey

I thought this was a good show overall, bookended by strong memorable moments. I really liked the opener, and the battle lines drawn with surprise returning names excited me. Main event was an incredible spectacle. You can only collapse and cut open the ring so many times, so it was time to tip it over! I’m all for Ronda going heel out of tonight, and I’m guessing Logan Paul is the new Shane McMahon.

Of all the matches Reigns and Lesnar had over 7 years and 3 WM main events. This last man standing match was on the higher end of their catalog. It was a bonkers main event and that tractor spot will be in every highlight package to the end of time.

The Becky/Bianca saga got the ending it deserved and it was real cool seeing them gain respect for each other with a handshake (perfect symmetry from last year) and it was another great match and the Bayley return was tremendous along with IO SHIRAI AND DAKOTA KAI. It’s easily the high point of Summerslam. Man, do I feel sorry for Smackdown.

Liv/Ronda paved the way for a heel turn for Rousey and it was the right move.

Usos/Profits didn’t live up to their MITB encounter but it was still solid. The split will be heartbreaking

With this new regime change, can the Bloodline face some adversity, for once?


Thoroughly entertaining show. I loved it. Roman vs Brock over delivered by a mile. Best line of the night was Graves telling Michael Cole “I liked you better when you weren’t allowed to have an opinion!” I laughed so hard. The commentary was so so good.

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