FEEDBACK: WWE Super Show-Down

Leave us your feedback to today’s WWE Super Show-Down event from Melbourne.

We will have a show up later today for members of the POST Wrestling Café.

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Michael from Newfoundland

Due to my residency in Korea, I was able to catch this live as it came on at 6:00 pm.

The main event just ended and my mind is mush after a four-hour show. I’ll just go over the positives.

I’m glad to have experienced John Cena’s sixth move of doom. It lives up to my expectations of mediocrity. Then again, when a move like The Worm can be considered a finisher, why can’t a chi-charged back-fist?

The curiserwieght match was the best on the show. Without a doubt, Murphy should make a good champ especially if he gets in a program with Gulak or Ali.

The women’s championship match was also good. Becky’s a great heel champ.

AJ and Joe had a pretty good match. I like how they keep teasing the muscle buster. Maybe one of these years, he’ll land it.

Overall, the show was a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The only major downside was the main event. Taker really doesn’t need to be in 30-35+ minute matches. With the ending angle it seems like they are setting up a tag team for Mania. Which is fine, I guess. Retirement for wrestlers never really meant anything anyway. It’s like the killing off of a character in comic book; eventually they’ll be brought back.

What a perfect fit AJ styles is for WWE, if you were AJ you really couldn’t of hoped for or anticipated a better run. since really day one he stepped in the company he’s been pushed as a top guy. Vince McMahon must be so high on this guy to keep the title on him for so long, you would have to think now there’s a very good chance he will be walking into wrestlemania with the title. There is very few in the industry as good as Styles is right now.

Why do you think they haven’t gone with Samoa joe as wwe champion?

Dave from Sydney

I missed the last two matches due to seeing a mates band play, however this show was like bizarro land.

Buddy winning the title was absolutely incredible.

Everything else was kinda weird. Matches seemed very botchy at times, even Becky and Charlottes match was a downer.

Michael Coles commentary has been getting weaker and weaker as the weeks go by, he sounds like the 2k commentary, even missing move names and yelling ‘did you see that’ or ‘what a manoeuvre’.

Glad to have the New japan card tomorrow and the Progress Wembley card from last week. I thought it was pretty funny that progress dropped it a little after Super Show Down begun.

Thanks always for keeping my ears entertained

Ren from Melbourne

Just left the arena and had a blast at the show. Even though it wasn’t too consequential in the grand scheme of things, the atmosphere and witnessesing a show this big in my home city and favourite stadium is huge.
Really loved the Shield 6-man tag and the cruiserweight title match. Seeing Cena again was really cool and he would make a great tag partner as he proved tonight.
Overall, not really any disappointments as I was just excited to see a show at the G, but really wish Joe would’ve won.
You could tell everyone was there to see the main event and everything from the entrances to the attack at the end was electric.
Loved being at the show and am curious to see f the WWE would come back for another big show sometime soon, perhaps at the newly cristened Marvel Stadium. (Yes the same Marvel as the comics and movies)

I was surprised that I was excited to get up at 4:30 this morning to watch the show starting with Scott Stanford’s satellite pre-show. Where I am, I can only get satellite internet, so the only time I can stream the network at home, to where it won’t buffer, is the middle of the night. Usually I have to go to a friend’s house to watch these shows.

Was hilarious how Vince jumped Cole quickly at the start, as he started to call the show a pay-per-view, and had to change it to event.

Enjoyed the Bryan-Miz ending, since it is the first time I can remember a pinfall being counted correctly when a referee hits the mat, as he is going down. Usually when that happens it requires an extra mat slap making it a 4 count. Always been my pet peeve.

Excited for the tag match resulting from the main event, although I wish it was for Mania, and not the Saudis.

Ayden from England

Enjoyed the opening tag match, was a good start to the event and the crowd seemed to be in good form.

The SD Women’s Championship match was an enjoyable match too, but, I thought the finish was poor, if you wanted to have Charlotte win by DQ, why not just have Becky not release a submission when Charlotte has the ropes?

John Cena reminds me of some kind of JBL / Mark Wahlberg hybrid. Not much more to add about this match, it was as expected.

Why was Jimmy Uso easting that meat pie, the latest episode of Total Divas lead me to believe that Jimmy was very conscious about what he ate and tries to be healthy… I thought it was Naomi that enjoyed the junk food!

The IIconics also had a very good crowd reaction (as expected) and it was nice to see WWE not try to turn the crowd against them, and even more surprising, they left the home town (country) talent win.

Really enjoyed the AJ Styles - Samoa Joe match, and was my match of the night. I liked that they where teasing the muscle buster from Joe, but he just couldn’t hit it. I thought the use of the submissions was very good and they all seemed to flow into place.

My stream played up a bit during the 6 Women’s Tag match, so only managed to catch the finish, like the armbar on Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan finish. Was there much tension between Nikki and Ronda?

Wow, has WWE turned over a new leaf? Another hometown winner? I felt that this was a very quick match and a very easy watch. I keep on being surprise by Buddy Murphy! Hope he is given a decent run with the belt. My second favourite match of the night.

Team Braun vs The Shield, this was story line enhancing match, didn’t expect too much to happen here, would have thought the big split would be on US soil.

The Bryan - Miz finish came out of nowhere, I was thinking a 20-25 minute match here - but they gave that to the main event! The lucky finish also leaves it open for more Bryan - Miz matches (potentially with the title on the line!).

The main event was a lengthy one, but I enjoyed the nostalgia all the same, I amazed that these are guys are 49 and 53 and still going at it. I wonder how the people of Knox County feel - with their Mayor travelling to the other side of the world for a ring side view of a wrestling match! Enjoyed the ending and presume that there will be a other match between the four at Crown Jewel?

Jalen from Pickering,

Surprised the IIconics didn’t get a better reaction, but I love everything about how they handled Buddy Murphy. The Shield 6 man was good, but a little disappointing for how good those 6 can be. Sucks to be a SmackDown performer though. Their champions are in the 2 most interesting programs on the main roster right now, yet still find themselves in the first half of the card. AJ Styles is the new CM Punk.

Though this was a long show, I thought it was paced pretty well. Men’s 6-man tag was good and I really enjoyed Murphy/Alexander, gave me more interest in 205 live than I have recently. I am annoyed that the only match where the stipulation was destined to have storyline stakes, the no. 1 contenders match only got 2 1/2 minutes, though I’m hopeful a program with AJ can revitalise Bryan. His booking has been so poor recently, at his peak he was a bigger star than the 4 main eventers of tonight ever were, but tonight you could see clearly where the star power was.

Chris from the MCG.

To be absolute honest this was a nothing show, crowd was super into both IICONIC & Buddy Murphy.

It’s late & glad I didn’t pay more for my ticket, peace.

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Just got back from the Show. Been a while since seeing a live event, and I was thoroughly entertained even though its just a glorified house show. They moved the necessary stories along nicely. Murphy was the star tonight. The match was placed in bathroom break slot, however the crowd was hot for it, and the two delivered a great moment.

Confused by the DB Miz match. Ended quick, and in the crowd we could not tell if it was just a simple roll up win or if the announcers were trying to sell something we could not see. Perhaps cut short for time? Shame though as they could of really told a good story given what was on the line.

Had great seats, only a shame that in a venue as Big as MCG they could not have done an elevated stage? We were pretty direct with the Ramp and on level with the ring. But hard time seeing the performers entrance.
Thanks to Chris_Thunder for helping us find someone to take our extra ticket. Hope he enjoyed the show and it was nice to use this forum to be able to something nice for a fellow fan.

Dave from Sydney again

Sorry for the double post, but that double arm bar looked so stupid, neither arm really looked like being in troubles. Rondas big smile entrances has got to go

And John Cenas new finish is seriously so hard to watch. It’s pure cheese at its finest, imagine being beaten by it

Brad from Halifax

Watched this show with my son who is 10 we got up and had breakfast and started watching. Rather than giving my own personal feedback I will give you what he said.

He loved The Bar while he likes the new day he is a big fan of Shamus and must be only one.

When the Iiconics came out he wondered when the Bella’s moved to Australia.

He love the Joe and AJ match and squealed when Joe took the big tumble and was worried that his buddy Samoa Joe is hurt. He was happy AJ won.

When the Bella’s came out he wondered how come they didn’t fight the Iiconics

During the middle of this match wondered how come there were three women’s matches on this card? And loved when Rhonda won the match with double arm Bar

He screamed through cruiserweight match with the big spots and was very happy for Buddy we won

Then he got up and left and said will have to watch the rest later saying ‘dad this is just too long’

I say Out of the mouth of babes
13 out of 20 show

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On the west coast, so wasn’t able or willing to get up early enough to finish by the time you guys got started, but have really been enjoying what I’ve seen so far.

I have a theory about AJ that I want to run by you two. Even though Brock’s recent run outlasted Punk’s, this is the belt Punk held for so long. My theory is that AJ holds the belt until it outlasts Punk’s, which would be mid-Jan, at which point I figure they’d keep it on Styles until Mania. Thoughts?

Jordan from Kitchener.

Just finished this event as I didn’t want to get up at 5 am local time to watch it. It was a glorified house show at best.

Match of the night - AJ and Joe. I thought this match was by far the best in their set of matches on WWE programing. Honorable mention to the cruiserweight match as well.

One big takeaway for this night is the undertaker. Im a huge undertaker fan and watching the main event, it began apparent that I no longer want to see the Undertaker in the ring after tonight, as sad as that is for me to say. 45 minutes, 30 minutes plus was him blown up. Not real appealing to me when you have of some of the best talent on the roster that can deliever.

6.5 out a possible ten.

Happy thanksgiving guys.

John from Montreal

I thought the show was pretty decent overall. Joe and Styles was my match of the night. I thought it was great. As for the main event, I don’t know what to say. It’s nice seeing them all in the ring but taker has to call it quits. I’m afraid he’s gonna hurt someone soon. On a side note, I find it hilarious how the shield are wearing bulletproof vests and when they get chops they act like it hurts like hell.

Bill & Alex in orlando. We were glad to see AJ keep the title. We agree with Jon that this was the match of the show. We have a bad feeling that the Dean turn is going to happen way to soon. Even Survivir Series seems to early for us. Question: with those show and a 2nd show in Saudi Arabia do you see the WWE doing these type of shows outside Us & Canada more often? Say on an every every 90 day or every other month basis?