FEEDBACK: WWE Super ShowDown (2020)

What did you think of WWE Super ShowDown?

We’ll review it on tonight’s Café Hangout. Patrons tune in live at 9pm ET:

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Brandon from Oshawa

They got me. I thought for sure when The Fiend came out with The Fiend title belt, he was winning. I’m glad they hid the real title, to not make it obvious, that a title change was coming. I’m glad they’re changing plans for Wrestlemania as well.

The show sucked overall. Does Mansoor ever have a bigger match in his future on these shows, or do you just see him against lower card guys?

Jamie from Bournemouth UK

This is the first time I’ve watched the main roster in about 6 months, but being home ill I thought i’d try it, from the start the crowd was not into some of the matches, R-Truth was good, Rey was a waste of time, Taker almost dropped AJ on the choke slam, Crickets for Garza and corillio, and it didn’t really pick up after that, Ricochets entrance lasted longer than the match, and they basically killed The Fiend and The Spear. Not a lot more to say really 3 out of 10

While the quality of the show was bad in terms of Wreslting it was newsworthy. They kept Fiend strong and Goldberg is just not human to win another title at this age. Really disappointed in Riccochet thought he would have had a better showing and at least done something.

Crowd was good expect for Bayley match.

I like direction of WM with Goldberg vs Roman and Cena vs Fiend and AJ Vs UT. Way better card then it looked a couple of weeks ago with that Elias nonsense

Just really happy that Goldberg won. I’m a big fan so I did shout YES when he won. Also happy that the Fiend lost clean. He couldn’t remain untouchable.

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Jeremy in Texas,

I can’t imagine people buying a show like this in the middle of the day if the WWE takes its PPV’s off the network.

The only match I cared to watch fully, Goldberg vs The Fiend. I’m glad they got the belt off an unrealistic character like Super Fiend on a Thursday in Riyadh. Maybe he can lose more often now.

It reminded me of when they first put the belt on the Undertaker in the early 90’s and Hogan needed to throw ashes in Taker’s eyes to pin him on Tuesday in Texas only to end up being stripped of the title.

Could we possibly see Cena vs Goldberg and still get Fiend vs Roman at Wrestlemania? The idea of Cena going for that record breaking title peaks my interest more than Goldberg vs Roman.

Chris Thunder from Down Under

This show started at 3am local time for myself, UK Fans I know your pain.

So I’m just going to say this…WWE are struggling to create new stars over the past decade with a true drawing potential of a WrestleMania main event caliber.

So instead of having a competitive Brock-Ricochet match where we could have a faster opponent wear Brock down with his speed before being caught from a high risk move and losing clean. We got a match where the pre & post match lasted longer then the actual bell-to-bell match itself.

Then we had Fiend-Goldberg, again instead of a competitive match where the old gunslinger gives everything he’s got before the Villan ultimately wins on this day. We instead got another championship match where the pre & post match lasted longer then the actual bell-to-bell match itself.

I’m shocked with both world titles are on part timers, I really thought they were going with Bray to Mania. But speaking of which the guy has such a poor record their does it matter!

Sad to see so many back for “SaudiMania V” including Buddy Murphy after tweeting “Never Again” last time.

1 “Never Again, $, Never Mind” out of 10.

Brian from New York

Can’t say I’m shocked with what would be an obvious reaction from most of the internet for Goldberg’s win. There’s obviously problems with the star making machine and some of the decisions leading up to this point. But if we’re taking the pieces we have available today and you’re going to tell me we can have a very good 2-3 minute Reigns-Goldberg match or a plodding 20 minute Reigns-Fiend match on a 6 hour Mania, WWE 100% made the right decision today.

Ultimately with the Fiend, it’ll all be about what comes next as I don’t think this hurts him too much in a vacuum. The mistake they made was putting a title on him too quickly which in turn put a ticking clock on his invincibility. Having the path ahead given to them - considering Goldberg did this to another invincible being in Brock a few years ago - should give them an idea of what needs to come next with the character to keep it strong. The Fiend never needed the title and it should be immediately beneficial to the show to have the title freed up for other programs while he can be a special attraction in any feud he’s in.


Eric from Miami

I’m not gonna write the ballad of Bray Wyatt, but if WWE thinks Goldberg/Reigns is a better seller for a show that might end up on ESPN plus over Wyatt/Reigns that’s a WWE problem. They had a chance to control how The Fiend was booked. They could’ve made Bray Wyatt a real human a good talker, the son of a wrestler and from a wrestling family just like Cody Rhodes who goes on the ESPN shows to promote Wrestlemania and talk how the Fiend is a rock star and it’s just intimidation. Also just like Kofi where he lost his title in 8 seconds WWE told us his reign didn’t matter. If Bray has a Mania program with Cena they’ve once again told us his title reign didn’t matter.

This show was complete and utter dog shit, and it reminded me why I tend to avoid the main roster, especially these Saudi shows. I only watched because I stayed home today and had nothing else better to do. I should have just went on a hike or something.

Question: do you think that Ricochet should turn heel? To me he just doesn’t deliver believable babyface promos, and perhaps his personality can open up a bit more if he were to become a cocky heel who does all these cool moves and then gloats about it. Perhaps he could even have a manager or “hype man” to cut promos for him. I think MVP would be perfect for that role. Thoughts?