FEEDBACK: WWE Survivor Series 2020

What did you think of WWE Survivor Series 2020?

Join me, Mike Murray and WH Park for tonight’s POST Show. Double Double, Iced Capp and Espresso patrons, join us live on Zoom at this link. Show available for free afterwards.

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Jesse à MTL

Banks v Asuka was the highlight for me but I was pleasantly surprised by the 5-on-5 matches; I thought they told coherent stories. I don’t watch main roster TV so it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Peyton Royce and I think she’s improved considerably.

Roman’s matches with Jey were great because they were more focused on acting than wrestling. I thought that style failed tonight; I thought Roman v McIntyre was ploddingly slow.

The ending segment was stupid. There aren’t any fans there. What’s the point? What was the point of flying in all those old wrestlers? They didn’t do anything! Vince needs to stop dying his hair and also plucking his eyebrows?? Ultimately, I felt no goosebumps or nostalgia.

Undertaker’s Blue Lives Matter, white power biker gang, enfeebled, rickety ass shoulda peaced out a long time ago.

Take Care

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a SS elimination match have a team pitch a shut out. It was decent. Keith Lee getting a new theme (with his own lyrics) is a massive upgrade.

  • New Day vs Street Profits was tag team black excellence. Montez Ford, in particular, was tremendous as the babyface-in-peril and it was refreshing to see Kofi and Woods lean heel in this match.

  • Unsurprisingly, Sasha Banks and Asuka had another terrific match in their catalog. It had counters upon counters and the transitions were so fluid.

  • The women’s SS elimination was pretty messy. Lana not working a single second of the match to win via double count-out was perplexing.

  • Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre took a while to get going and when it did, it took off with authority. The kimura counter was fantastic and I loved the finish protected Drew by not having him tap out.

  • Undertaker making the walk one final time was moving. It was a helluva run that spanned 3 decades and I loved the hologram of Paul Bearer. It was a nice touch to the swan song…despite having zero audience hurting the atmosphere somewhat.

A solid show.

Ha ha. Thing is, even with a crowd there the actual “sendoff” I don’t think would be much different. Taker wouldn’t have broken character and maybe his friends would be outside of the ring, but he wouldn’t be celebrating on camera. But at the same time, potentially seeing real fans in the building crying could have made all the difference.

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