What did you think of WWE TLC?

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Brandon from Oshawa

The show started great and then proceeded to go downhill from there, finishing with a very clunky main event and a super early tease of the always expected Royal Rumble brawl. There is no way Kairi wasnt knocked loopy after the botch table spot, when it didnt break. She did not look immediately after that and then looked totally out of it for the spear, powerbomb and a couple other spots. It was hard to watch.

Favorite part of the night was the Bryan return and even though the Wyatt/Miz match wasnt great, I continue to love the story here.

2 questions…

  1. If Zelina & Andrade are splitting, who would you guys like to see Zelina put with?

  2. I know this would never happen in WWE. but with Bryan looking 15 years younger…if the WWE went Lucha Underground and delved into a time travel angle, with his past self coming to the future for some reason, is there anyway you guys could accept a story like this on WWE television, or is that something that is too out there?

John from Chicago.

Both Buddy Murphy and Aleister Black have ruined their trunks in different ways. Perhaps Aleister has been hiding in the closet because he shit his pants. Oh and the match was great. Speaking of messed pants, my six-month-old needs my attention. I’ll just assume the show finished just as strong as the first few matches, 4 stars.

Andrew from Cape Breton

I have to give a few points for the show considering I was able to watch it on Chromecast for the first time in months. The biggest issue coming out of the show now is Kairi Sane and how she may have wrestled a good chunk of the match with a concussion. I’m not sure when it would have happened but she seemed out of it for awhile. The main event was sloppy around the end but I thought the start of it seemed pretty innovative. One major issue tonight though was some of the matches felt kinda boring, especially the hardcore matches. Honestly, Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy was the match that stood out the most tonight, and it was a straight up singles match.

One fun thing I learned tonight though is that Bray Wyatt isn’t the only wrestler with mystical powers on the roster. Daniel Bryan can either time travel or has somehow found a way to never get old. 6 out of 10 show.

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Prakash here from Michigan.

I was not blown away by tonight’s event but I wasn’t too disappointed either. Probably because I had not had my hopes too high. I loved seeing the four women going to town on each other in the women’s tag team match. I am glad the Kabuki Warriors retained. But why didn’t Asuka use green mist in an anything goes match? Also, Kairi reportedly had a concussion during the match and is currently being medically evaluated. I hope she is okay.
My match of the night was Aleister Black - Buddy Murphy match. I would love to see those two form a tag team. Speaking of tag teams, I loved the opening match of the main card but I would have loved to see the Revivals win the title. I want to see the Revivals on a long title reign. The rest of the card was just there, I guess.

I rate this event 5 black masses out of 10.

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Jamie D

Odd show that started well, before hitting a massive brick wall. While it feels everybody worked hard, the mix of odd storylines and wrestlers who seem to mesh poorly (Miz/Wyatt, Reigns/Corbin, Rusev/Lashley) and then a main event that seemed to just fall apart for some reason. I also can’t recall a show that ended with four straight babyface losses.

While I didn’t feel like I wasted my time, this show did feel infinitely unimportant and the whole ‘main’ roster feels rudderless. I can’t even begin to picture what Mania feels like right now, let alone what could excite the masses; it’s just a company just moving purely from its own inertia.

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Worthless show. Fast forwarded a lot. Watching Miz and then Bryan do the same move set shows you just how bad the Miz really is. Marco Stunt is more believable.

Just a pointless waste of time

Nas from NYC (not the rapper)

Glad I tuned in on time for Andrade vs Carillo. What an excellent match. Black vs Murphy was so so good. But the crowd was embarrassing. An NXT crowd would have easily taken that match to another level. New Day vs Revival was really good too.

I really enjoyed everything with Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan. The Miz played his part well too. I’m genuinely intrigued to see what they do next.

I loved a lot of the creativity in the main event. The rope pull to the finish was quality. But I’m hearing that Kairi was fighting with a concussion. Ok I’m a little bothered. Hope she’s ok.

UFC 245 was great as was your post show. Thank God for Kamaru Usman.

Luk from Quebec

I really hope Kairi is okay, she definitely looked concussed and I’m shocked they didn’t take her out of the match, seems very irresponsible from the officials when we could all see she was off. That match ended up being extremely sloppy, which is very unfortunate. I really think Bray Wyatt is a once in a lifetime talent and is underappreciated. I love that they’re having him wrestle as himself, it keeps the Fiend special and adds depths and versatility to the character and his feuds. New Day and Revival was excellent as was Murphy Aleister, everything else was boring.

Every night Lawler says something distasteful, how long until he says something that gets him and WWE in real trouble? I feel like it’s bound to happen.

Nick from Lansing

I thought it was a pretty enjoyable show with a few low spots and confusing moments. The first two matches are the contenders for match of the night, and I personally enjoyed the Bray/Miz match more than I think a lot of people wil, highlighted by Bryan’s return. I was thrilled to see Auska and Kairi get a main event match, I thought it a ton of fun when they tied Becky to a ladder like it was a 1920’s silent movie.

Are they filming an emptying arena match with Roman and Corbin as the fans all file out tonight?

It should be renamed, TLCR, Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Ropes. I really liked how they used it in the last match.

Was listening to call in show - man there a lot of painful calls to endure. Is this Hanzie person on this forum? This dude seriously liked the show? Is that a troll call?