Fighting vs Wrestling

So I’m watching MLW Battle Riot and Matt Striker keeps saying “fighting” instead of “wrestling”. He called Joey Ryan the “transmittable disease of professional fighting”. I’ve noticed him say it on Lucha Underground as well, but that comment on Joey Ryan really irritated me for some reason. Does anyone else have an opinion on this? I like Striker, but I think he sounds like he’s trying too hard to sound legitimate.

I think it works in MLW. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make wrestling seem legitimate… that’s kind of the point?

Matt Striker tries too hard. There’s trying to make it look legit and then there’s trying to make yourself look legit and thats what it feels like Striker is doing. Wrestling and wrestlers are already under used terms by the WWE.

I’m not the biggest Striker fan, but MLW just had a Bellator guy and a UFC guy as their final 2 opponents in a 40 man battle royal, and on the same show crowed their first Middleweight champion. I think it goes with the presentation by calling them fighters.