Fighting with my Family

I attended an advanced screening of Fighting with my Family and while I’m sure hardcore wrestling fans are going to nitpick the hell out of how the film sugercoats Paige’s story and/or somewhat rewrites history, I actually thought this was a decent film and might attract some non-wrestling fans, who are looking for something similar to GLOW (even though the film is nowhere near the quality of that show).

I’d love for John and Wai to review the film after it’s released this weekend.

Better or worse than the wrestler? and who is the best character in it is it nick frost? lol

Oh The Wrestler is by far the better movie

I will be seeing this Saturday night with my girlfriend who is a non-fan. The last wrestling related movie I saw in theaters was See No Evil, and it was literally just me and another person in the theater. I think Fighting With My Family will draw much better.

I preferred Fighting with my Family over “The Wrestler”. I think this was more pro wrestling related. Something Iwould have changed was when Vince Vaughn’s character used the word “journeyman” instead of jobber or jabroni.


Just say and as i whole, i really loved it and it was fun to watch the movie and remembering how the whole thing really happens which was a big plus for me. The vince vaughn character reminded me a little bit of Bill Demott when he was coaching NXT.

Saw this last night, and my biggest concern was Vince Vaughn being cast as a WWE trainer. While he didn’t look the part, I felt like he wasn’t as poor of a fit for the role as I thought. He played the strict, no nonsense trainer well.

The movie was a fun little story but probably more of a rental type movie than one you see in theaters. There’s some movies you become so engrossed in that you lose track of time, and this wasn’t one of them for me. They definitely sugarcoat the Paige narrative, and if you are to believe the end credits Paige’s story was a happily ever after one after her debut.

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