Florida Governor pushes all events in Florida to be cancelled immediatly

I saw on my Google news feed this morning that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has urged all Florida cities and municipalities to cancel ALL events for the next 30 days and use social distancing to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

The article went on to say that he does not have the direct ability to cancel events and that the decision ultimately falls on the leaders of each city and town to cancel events.

With Wrestlemania scheduled to occur inside that 30 day window it will be interesting to see what happens. I know its been “reported” that WWE are preparing to move Wrestlemania to June or July but I also wouldn’t put it past VKM to line certain politicians pockets with cash either in order to not disrupt WWE’s plans long term or short (ie: let WM happen).

Also with AEW moving their Dynamite show to Jacksonville - they could be at risk of being shut down as well.

More can be read here: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article241133076.html

It’s not happening

I’m not sure how this is even a debate anymore

While I tend to agree its not happening, you can not underestimate the effect of corrupt politicians :wink:

I think we are entering a new phase of this pandemic but most haven’t accepted it yet.

Trump isn’t making an exception for vince

Its all hype MBH. Im not saying there isnt covid-19 as Corona virus has existed for a long time. But its a small demographic who are susceptible to dying and for everyone else its a simple respiratory virus. People panicking clearing out stores of toilet paper is rediculous and shows how uneducated the public are on the virus. It doesn’t give you the shits. Kleenex is readily available everywhere still so why is it toilet paper flying off the shelves? More people died just in the US from the flu this past flu season than the total of those who have contracted COVID-19 GLOBALLY. And of those who have contracted it, its a SMALL percentage that have actually died. This is mass media hype being used to control the public and create certain economical changes and fear. Its like SARS (COVID-19 is actually im the same family) man. 99% of people will be fine they just put too much faith into what the media is telling them with out doing their own research. News media has DRASTICALLY changed what and how they report things ever since 911. All designed to put fear into the forefront of the public’s mind to allow the ability to go to war for resources, tamper with the economy and control the masses through fear and not through truth.

Experts do not agree with you and it’s missing the point of the efforts

The optics of Vince holding WM in the middle of an outbreak don’t make sense.

They are simply waitinf if by some miracle things die down m. In the likely event they don’t the major issues are

-who will let him run this when they are forcibly shutting down smaller events
-will the wrestlers be effected by then
-which fans would even attend
-is this leads to a increase in cases in the next 5days and someone gets it at the event you can imagine the backlash etc

It seems right now it’s a way to buy time in case things settle down. There is always hope I guess however unlikely

I know nothing about this stuff but there’s no way it settles down in a month.

No I don’t think anyone is using a month at all. The shortest we think it can be if you look at China is about 2.5 months. We are ready to assume it’s here until end of June (essentially that’s how long we have a pandemic plan in place) and will be revaluated to see how it goes of course

The leagues will be cautious and announce a month shut down in case things look better. They don’t want to commit before they have to

Thats very vague

Smarter people than myself have posted about this in the other thread.

I don’t think there’s any point in me rehashing that info.

You could post your thoughts about the media and whatnot in there. It would probably be an interesting discussion.

Toilet paper is flying off the shelves because people are worried about forced quarantine for an undisclosed amount of time as they would like to be able to clean themselves after using the toilet. They are also worried about stores closing down to prevent the spread, or at least making it so that they don’t need to go out when things get worse…pasta and canned goods are also flying off the shelves for the same reason. If you cannot understand that basic of a concept I’m not sure your research from the internet and conservative talking points should trump expert analysis of a global pandemic. But maybe that’s just me.

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