Free months on the WWE Network

Just signed up again for free only because the Superslamdown event is on at a decent time for UK viewers.
Think this is about the10th account i have had, so almost a year at less than $9.99.
Anyone else done better?

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I think you’re the first person I’ve seen say they signed up for the Network because of Super Show Down. Most seem to be cancelling their subscription because of it.

I’m lazy and have just kept my subscription since I signed up for it in 2014 and believe it still to be a great deal at $9.99. Raw and Smackdown are terrible right now. But on the Network there’s NXT, the PPV’s which are usually still very good and terrific documentaries.

How do you even cancel and renew your subscription so many times? Don’t you need a different credit card number each time you sign up?


I co-sign this exact feeling

I’ve kept my Network subscription mostly for watching the Big 3 PPVs live (Royal Rumble, Summerslam, and Wrestlemania) and the vast archives of content. I just never know when I’ll get the itch to watch a random WCW show out of boredom, so I keep paying them my $9.99.

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I dont want to pay them for it but its lovely finishing work at 5pm on a Friday and watch a shit pay per view. Wanna share your latest login details?

If you are a paid subscriber, it’s best to unsubscribe occasionally and wait for a good offer via email. i got 2 months recently for .99 cents.

Super Showdown? More like Super Slowdown. Goldberg? Undertaker? Triple H? Baron Corbin? Give me a break.

I have canceled 3 time and the two times I resigned I did not get an offer of a free month even using different email and CC.
At this point I refuse to resubscribe and give the WWE any more money. There is a lot of older stuff I would like to watch but I feel that by subscribing I am endorsing the current product they are putting out and that could not be further from the truth. I cancelled last year after Mania and was tempted to resub for this years Mania but held out. I cant tell you the last time I watched Raw or Smackdown, but I keep listening to John and Wai to see what I am not missing