FULL Gear card spoiled - thoughts

Uncle Tony was spotted during the Jags game and someone was able to figure it out from his paper

  • AEW World Champion Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page
  • Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson
  • The Inner Circle vs. American Top Team
  • MJF vs. Darby Allin
  • CM Punk vs. Wardlow
  • Thunder Rosa vs. Jade Cargill
  • Adam Cole vs. Christian Cage
  • The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express
  • Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo or Miro
  • Tag Team Champions Lucha Bros vs. FTR
  • Women’s Champion Britt Baker vs. ?
  • I like the main event. Mox vs Bryan is cool even if we saw it before and should be a war.

-MJF vs Darby was clearly the direction

-AC vs Cage is meh. It should be a decent match but Cage is kind of dull. Easy AC win

  • Bucks vs JE and Lucha vs FTR are both cool

  • women’s match is odd. jade isn’t fun to watch. Rather TR vs Britt. Not sure who faces Britt - maybe Shida or Riho

Punk vs Wardlow is odd - would have rather seen him vs Adam Cole or Black

-not a fan of Cody would rather not another Black match. Him versus Miro sounds decent.

Overall good. I would rather Black vs Punk and TR vs Britt but can’t complain

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Thunder Rosa will probably take the title from Britt, so shouldnt wrestle her so soon.

With the finals of the World Title Eliminator tournament happening at Full Gear, I’m wondering if one of Danielson/Mox or Christian/Cole is the final. If Hangman is taking the title, I’d have Cole win the tournament and eventually take the title off Hangman.


Yep I love that idea.

I think it makes sense for Kenny to drop the title, and then to move into programs with Brian Danielson and CM punk. Neither of those two actually need a title to draw money.

In the meantime you have hangman feud with Adam Cole and eventually Adam Cole takes it and cheats to be in and beats up Hangman after when he is saved by Kenny omega and you can then run Adam Cole and omega.

Love the main event! Omega vs Page is really the biggest title match they can do right now.

Couldn’t care less for Mox vs Bryan, with all the fresh matchups for him, I dont want to see him face a guy I’ve seen him face in what feels like a million mixed tag matches. Even if his character is different now. Plus, I always worry that Bryan is 1 match away from his career ending, so I’d rather see him in fresh matchups, and the last guy I want him facing is a guy who relies on plunder. Seems like a concussion waiting to happen.

I really like MJF vs Darby

CM Punk vs Warlow seems a bit underwhelming, but there is still a novelty in a CM Punk match.

Love the Bucks vs JE, these guys will work their asses off.

Cole vs Christian is interesting. I’d like to see Cole in a more prominent position, but I’m sure it will be a good match and it makes sense storyline wise so I’m sure he’ll move up the card in no time.

I dont really care about Cody, so that will be my bathroom break.

LB vs FTR should be a great tag match.

The rest is ok, nothing offensive, nothing that sticks out.

Yep. I’m done with Cody as well

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I couldn’t even read that handwriting. How did you? lol

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page
This is what we’ve all been waiting for. Absolutely thrilled it’s finally happening.

Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson
I’m actually really into this. Both are way different in style and character than when most saw them last. As the finals of a tournament, this would be great. Would love to see a heel Moxley vs. Hangman, as his first challenger.

The Inner Circle vs. American Top Team
Hopefully a big gimmick brawl. Happy to see all of the Inner Circle - specifically Sammy, Ortiz and Santana getting a big spotlight…

*** MJF vs. Darby Allin**
Nothing needs to be said here…

CM Punk vs. Wardlow
I think Wardlow getting a big match here will be great for him. I also assume this leads us towards Punk & Darby vs. The Pinnacle… Which will be great. Specifically so we get Punk / MJF down the line.

Thunder Rosa vs. Jade Cargill
I’m down for this.

Adam Cole vs. Christian Cage
Big win for Cole, setting him up as a potential challenger to Hangman.

The Young Bucks vs. Jurassic Express
Will definitely be a great time.

Cody Rhodes vs. Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo or Miro
I actually like the Miro match-up potential. But all three opponents are going to easily get a babyface reaction from the audience.

Tag Team Champions Lucha Bros vs. FTR
Was it actually FTR written down? It’ll be a great match no doubt. I’m sure there are several other options.

Women’s Champion Britt Baker vs. ?
Britt’s a star, I’m into seeing who she faces.

I think if Omege has a face turn, it happens if / when Kevin Steen / Owens comes in. Mount Rushmore reforms, kicks out Kenny. Kills the Super Elite from within.

Leads to Omega taking some much needed time off. Omega eventually returns and aligns with Hangman.

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From your perspective I get this. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you stopped watching WWE around 2011, right? If so, you would have never seen these two in the ring before.

Its like me when Joe feuded with AJ a few year back. Many fans were sick of it, but since I never really watched TNA outside of a show here and there, it was a fresh match for me.

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Yeah I totally agree I’ve seen Moxley versus Daniel Bryan enough that it’s not at the top of my list versus other opponents for him.

However I think Mox with a heel turn would be great. He could come across as being very cocky and arrogant, and also has the potential to blur some lines as Roman reigns is the big dog in WWE and he could easily start to claim that his buddies run the other place and how things never change etc. Knowing full well the Daniel Bryan was beaten by Roman reigns and stacked up, you could totally see Moxley using some of that in a feud with him saying how his best friend destroyed him and what chance does he have against Mox etc.

Either way, you can put a fresh spin on it and these guys will absolutely kill each other versus the confinement of a WWE match with more limitations

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I stopped watching weekly around then, and basically just watch PPVs. Then stopped that habit around three years ago. Only exposure watching would really be if they came locally and I’d go with friends to watch live.

I’m sure I’ve seen Dean Ambrose vs. Daniel Bryan. However, I am totally into watching 2021 Moxley vs. Danielson, with no limits or restrictions. I think Moxley as a heel can totally lean into the fact that he was the original outsider (Jericho aside) who took the chance to go to AEW. And now, he’s been forgotten about with the flood of new faces in the company.

I think Moxley vs Hangman has a ton of potential. You saw last week on Dynamite how Hangman was a babyface who managed to keep a positive response against Mox. I really think they could have a great little rivalry that elevates Hangman even further.