Further allegations about WWE culture | POST x Wrestlenomics

Originally published at Further allegations about WWE culture | POST x Wrestlenomics

John Pollock and Brandon Thurston continue their coverage of allegations of sexual abuse in WWE, with new comments surrounding the ring boy scandal from the 1980s and Ashley Massaro’s claims from the 2000s.

Jesse Collings from the Gentleman’s Wrestling Podcast joins us to share his thoughts on the constant release of new details and people coming forward and how it is painting the culture at WWE.

WARNING: This show contains descriptions of sexual abuse involving a minor

Music courtesy: “Panic Beat” Ben Tramer

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Good show guys.

But I having nothing but disgust at Cena and Orton.

Both are pretending to be ignorant of things that anyone close to Vince McMahon would have suspected.

See Linda McMahon, for example, who separated from Vince years ago.

Cena and Orton also, in their public statements, are acting like cult members, if they truly believe what they say and are not just pretending ignorance for the sake of their own careers.


I’ll admit to not listening to the episode yet (although I have read the excerpts from Cena and Orton and share your thoughts). There’s a whole lot of legal culpability to go around and Linda’s separation suggests there may actually be much more headed her way if she knew about anything after all.