G1 Supercard at MSG will air on NJPW World, ROH HonorClub and FITE.tv

FITE.TV and cable & satellite pay-per-view providers will also carry the event for US$39.99 which I don’t think is necessary if you already have NJPW World or HonorClub. LOL


We’ve got a ROH/IWGP Tag Title unification match spoiler alert on who the champs are

Jay White vs New Japan Cup Winner NJPW Title
Briscoes vs G.O.D Tag Title match
Taiji Ishimori vs Dragon Lee for the Jr. Title

Does anyone know if this will be like a normal New Japan show, with the event being available to watch right after it has aired? I wont be able to watch live and dont want to wait several days to watch it.

Not really a big fan of these multiple thing. I understand why people prefer more outlets but I feel that multiple outlets is what hurt All In’s ppv buys. I understand why Honor Club carried it since ROH obviously would use it as a caveat to allow the guys run the show. FITE I get wanted a piece of the pie. I feel the only reason NJPW had it was because Omega, Ibushi, and Okada were on the show. I understand business but I feel multiple outlets hurts ppv buys

Based on the undercard of the NJ CUP
Chase Owens vs Juice for the US Title
Goto vs Naito for the IC Title

ROH announced Marty Scurrl will face the ROH champion at G1 Supercard.

Which, on a semi-related topic, if Scurrl wins that it has to take him out of the BOSJ this year, right?

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