GCW Astronaut: Gage & Tremont vs. SGC, Gresham vs. Christian, Deppen vs ACH

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GCW: Astronaut

Saturday, March 12, 2022, Center Stage, Atlanta, GA

GCW Ultraviolent Champion Alex Colon is back in the U.S. with some prizes from overseas.

Catch him tonight at #GCWAstronaut, watch it live only on @fitetv: https://t.co/NdN8UlFuJr

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Spoiler Free Match Recommendation:
Ninja Mack vs. Gringo Loco
Tony Deppen vs. ACH
Allie Katch vs. Jordynne Grace
Jonathan Gresham vs. Blake Christian

GCW Welcome to Heartbreak Results:

The Briscoe Brothers Defeated Juicy Finau and Jacob Fatu, Blake Christian Defeated Nick Wayne, Tony Deppen Defeated Kevin Blackwood, Mike Bailey Defeated Ninja Mack, AJ Gray Retained the GCW Extreme Championship, Dr. Wagner Jr. Defeated Homicide, Second Gear Crew and Friends Defeated Team Reefer, Joey Janela and X-Pac Defeated Brian Myers and Matt Cardona

GCW The Coldest Winter Results:

Ninja Mack Defeated Jack Cartwheel, Jordan Oliver Defeated Dark Sheik, Thunder Rosa Defeated Tony Deppen, Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Alex Zayne, Second Gear Crew and Bussy Defeated LA Fights, Kevin Blackwood Defeated Grim Reefer, Gringo Loco Defeated Mascara Dorada, Blake Christian Defeated Mike Bailey

I grew up watching wcw on the superstation w my dad…so many of my childhood memories emanated from this venue. Tonight, 30+ years later, i promoted a full blown GCW event at Center Stage in ATL. How sick is THAT? My dads been gone since long before GCW but I think hed be proud. pic.twitter.com/E0GeRbQ5io

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The Collective Match Announcements:

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Night 1:
Main Event: GCW Ultraviolent Championship Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Alex Colon (champion)
GCW World Title Match: Jon Moxley (champion) vs. AJ Gray
Singles Match: Sean Waltman vs. Joey Janela

Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Night 2:
Singles Match: Effy vs. Minoru Suzuki

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Singles Match: Matt Cardona vs. Chris Dickinson
Singles Match: Biff Busick vs. Tony Deppen


Effy’s Big Gay Brunch:
Singles Match: Parrow vs. Dark Sheik
Singles Match: Carlos Romo vs. Jai Vidal
Deathmatch: Billy Dixon vs. Hoodfoot
Singles Match: Max the Impaler vs. Edith Surreal
4 Way Tag Team Match: Petty in Pink vs. Devon Monroe and Brooke Valentine vs. Ashton Starr and AC Mack vs. Maine State Posse

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8:
Chris Dickinson vs. Minoru Suzuki
Josh Barnett vs. JONAH
Timothy Thatcher vs. JR Kratos
Jon Moxley vs. Biff Busick
Marina Shafir vs. Janai Kai
Ninja Mack vs. Yoya
Alex Coughlin vs. SLADE

Gringo Loco’s The Wrld on Lucha:
Singles Match: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Psycho Clown
Singles Match: Sadika vs. Pagano
Singles Match: Johnny Caballero (John Morrison) vs. Jack Cartwheel

GCW Planet Death Hosted by Nick Gage:
Singles Match: Reed Bentley vs. Hoodfoot
Singles Match: Sadika vs. Jimmy Lloyd
Singles Match: Brandon Kirk vs. Sawyer Wreck

For The Culture:
Singles Match: HitMakerZ (AJ Francis and Tehuti Miles) vs. Shane Taylor Promotion (O’Shay Edwards and Shane Taylor)
Non Title Match: AJ Gray vs. Darius Lockhart

Upcoming Shows/Talent/Match Announcements:

GCW One Night Only, March 24, 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Card and Talent TBA

GCW Paranoid, April 9, 2022, Los Angeles, California
GCW Extreme Title Match: AJ Gray (champion) vs. Shane Strickland
Singles Match: Masha Slamovich vs. Chris Dickinson\
Tag Team Match: The Briscoe Brothers vs. BUSSY
Talent Announcements: Minoru Suzuki, Allie Katch, Chris Bey, Effy, Masha Slamovich
GCW Devil In A New Dress, April 10, 2022, San Francisco, California
Singles Match: Minoru Suzuki vs. Mike Bailey
Singles Match: Bandido vs. Nick Wayne
Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Joey Janela

Talent Announcements: Allie Katch, Biff Busick, Effy, Mance Warner, Masha Slamovich, Matthew Justice, Shane Strickland

GCW Find You Again, April 22, 2022, Columbus, Ohio

Talent Announcements: Allie Katch, Blake Christian, Effy, John Wayne Murdoch, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, Nick Wayne, Tony Deppen

GCW The Old Me: April 23, 2022, Detroit, Michigan

Singles Match:
John Wayne Murdoch vs. Hoodfoot
Singles Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Minoru Suzuki
Talent Announcements: Minoru Suzuki, GCW Extreme Champion AJ Gray, Effy, Bandido, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, Nick Wayne

Alex Colon Update

GCW Ultraviolent Champion Alex Colon is back in the U.S. with some prizes from overseas.

Catch him tonight at #GCWAstronaut, watch it live only on @fitetv: https://t.co/NdN8UlFuJr

Tix at the door. pic.twitter.com/i88FjxTB7v

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American Deathmatch Championship

Joel Bateman defeated Reed Bentley to win the American Deathmatch Championship at ICW No Holds Barred Pit FighterX 10. His reign didn’t last long as he was defeated by Eric Ryan the following night.

Astronaut Results:

Singles Match: AR Fox vs. Nick Wayne

This was a first time match up between these two as they started off with a stiff collar and elbow tie up; the action picked up right away spilling to the floor with each man evading the other’s highflying offense, eventually wrestling to a stalemate. The two men shake hands and once again go at each other with the veteran AR Fox hitting a moonsault to the floor which was followed up by a top rope leg drop on the apron. Nick Wayne gets caught with a stiff kick right to the nose which stunned him; he fought back briefly but AR Fox was able to cut his offense off quickly. AR Fox hits a 450 for the victory.

AR Fox Defeated Nick Wayne

Single Match: Gringo Loco vs. Ninja Mack

“I got the crazy bone in me too..”


stream it live, only on @fitetv:https://t.co/NdN8UlFuJr#GCWAstronaut pic.twitter.com/Qmc1kapQCx

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) March 12, 2022

These two are incredible acrobatic wrestlers who put on a clinic, they are so incredibly fluid the match was fantastic. They started off the match by exchanging various holds and reversals, Ninja Mack hit a series of one handed backflips which sent the crowd on fire. Ninja Mack showed off his mat based submission offense, Gringo bailed to the floor and was hit with the Ninja Mack Special taking out Gringo Loco. Mack rolled Loco back in the ring, executing a massive Shooting Star Press for a two count. Gringo Loco battled back grounding NInja Mack with over hand chops, Ninja Mack went for some flying maneuver that didn’t land so Gringo Loco hit a springboard cutter for the two count; he took Mack out on the floor and slid a couple of doors into the ring. Gringo set the door up in the corner, beats up Mack as they climb to the top rope, Loco hit a split rope spanish fly for another near fall.

Split Rope Spanish Fly from Gringo! #GCWAstronaut pic.twitter.com/pXaHYHmvCM

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) March 13, 2022

Loco readjusts the table in the center of the ring, Mack kicks Loco in the head and climbs to the top rope, Mack went for a top rope rana but Loco reversed and hit a top rope sitout powerbomb through the door for the victory. Amazing physical abilities and violent based aerial assaults.

Gringo Loco Defeated Ninja Mack

Singles Match: NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion Matt Cardona vs. ‘Action’ Mike Jackson

The NWA World Champ makes his way into Center Stage and he is greeted by loud ‘Fuck Cardona’ chants.

#GCWAstronaut pic.twitter.com/dJpw5wHL5j

— Robert Starkz-Bellamy (Mouse) (@Mouse3911) March 13, 2022

Cardona grabbed the mic from Emil and cut a promo, reciting his accolades, mentions the last time Wrestlemania was in Dallas he won the Intercontinental Championship and that he should be wrestling Moxley for the GCW World Title. He turns his venom towards his opponent at Spring Break, Chris Dickinson

“This guy is no match for me, this is the biggest match of his career and to me, it’s just another payday. I have to stay ready so I sought out the toughest opponent, notes how Mike Jackson has been wrestling for 50 years. Mike Jackson came out in tremendous shape, commentary notes that Mike Jackson is 72 years old. They shake hands and the match starts, Cardona yells at Jackson to lay down for him, Jackson does but rolls up Cardona for a two count. Mike Jackson punches Cardona in the face a couple of times and regroups on the floor; they return to the ring and Jackson attacks Cardona, sends him to the floor again and takes out Cardona with a dive. Later on in the match, Jackson grabs a knuckle lock, climbs to the top rope and proceeds to walk on the top rope to all four corners. It doesn’t phase Cardona who hits an atomic drop followed by a series of bootscrapes for the victory.

Matt Cardona Defeated Action Mike Jackson

“I take back everything I said about you, you old piece of trash, you’re not a has been, you’re a ‘never was.’ Speaking of people who will be a ‘never was’, Chris Dicksinson, you pussy, at Spring Break you’re going to find out why I am The Deathmatch King.”

Dickinson charged the ring, Cardona bailed but Mike Jackson forced Cardona back in the ring, Dickinson went to powerbomb Cardona but Cardona was able to escape.

Singles Match: ACH vs. Tony Deppen

ACH is such a fantastic performer and this first time matchup lived up to the hype, Tony blew a snot rocket into ACH’s head and they were off and running, ACH was able to evade Tony’s offense due to his quickness but Deppen stayed on him and kicked him in the face for a two count. With ACH grounded, Deppen started going to work, picking apart his opponents’ appendages with his submission-based offense. ACH was able to fire up and take Deppen out with a series of chops and strikes followed by 2 deadlift German suplexes for a two count. Deppen continues to target the previously injured arm of ACH but his opponent was able to catch Deppen off guard and hit a series of offense but his advantage didn’t last long as he hit running double knees and a top rope stomp for a 2 count that surprised and elated the crowd. ACH hit a top rope gutbuster, locked in a Texas Cloverleaf but Deppen was able to make his way to the ropes. Both men were exhausted as they traded a series of strikes in the center of the ring, Deppen hit a PK, locked in the cattle mutilation but ACH was able to make it to the ropes. Deppen was able to get the pin by leveraging himself using the ropes.

Tony Deppen Defeated ACH

Six Way Scramble: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Jordan Oliver vs. Zen Shi vs. Cole Radrick vs. Manders vs. Alex Colon

Manders goes to the floor right away and retrieves a door and attempts to put it in the ring but Cole drop kicked it into Manders face. Colon and Lloyd face off first showing off their wrestling prowess, Zen Shi and Olvier are next up, Zen hits some very impressive offense but he soaked in too much adulation from the crowd and was caught by Cole. Manders brings the door back into the ring and powerslams Cole through the door for a two count. Manders set up another door in the corner while Jimmy Lloyd takes the broken half the door and beats Manders over the head with it; he followed that up with tornado DDT through the door. Jimmy Lloyd went for a dive but got cut off by Jordan Oliver, Radrick cuts off Oliver and was met with a forearm from Manders. All of the competitors were on the floor except for Alex Colon; Colon who hit a DVD to both Zen Shi and Cole Radrick but got hit in the head by a chair from Manders. Jordan Oliver climbed to the top of the cage that’s in the arena and hit a moonsault taking out everyone.

JORDAN FUCKING OLIVER. (with an assist from Emil Jay) #GCWAstronaut pic.twitter.com/zxxDCECLDq

— Up and Over Podcast (@UpandOverpod) March 13, 2022

Colon took out Lloyd with a dive, Oliver took out Colon with one as well but is met by Cole Radrick in the center of the ring, Oliver got caught with a piledriver and went for the pin but it was broken up when Alex Colon hit a double stomp. Colon brought two chairs into the ring, Manders set up a door on the chairs as Cole Radrick rolled back inside the ring, he greets Manders with a series of chops and a cutter, Zen Shi breaks up the pin and hits a double flip senton to the floor. Manders gets placed on top of the door as Zen Shi climbs to the top, Colon cut off Zen Shi and hit a spanish fly through the door for the victory.

#GCWAstronaut pic.twitter.com/OwEHANGDVG

— Tyler (@TylerScramble) March 13, 2022

Alex Colon Defeated Manders, Jordan Oliver, Zen Shi, Jimmy Lloyd and COle Radrick

Joey Janela breaks up the WWA4 Showcase match taking out all of the competitors finishing them with the X-Factor. He lights up a cigarette, hits the Bronco buster, and calls for a chair and the mic.

“You’ll see none of those guys at Joey Janela’s Spring Break, now that we got that out of the way, It’s fitting that we are in Atlanta, Georgia, it’s fitting that we in the home of Ted Turner, we are in the home of one greatest wrestlers in the world and one of the smartest men in the world, CODY RHODES! What’s up Cody? Give me my flowers, you don’t have to give them to me now, you can give them to me in three weeks, Dallas, Texas, Spring Break 6, it’s not a show it’s a ceremony, I’m sorry Sean Waltman, I don’t want to kill you, but I have to kill you. It’s because Joey Janela is someone who has been neutered and neutralized by the professional wrestling business, my wrestling brain is too big to fit in my skull, inside the ring, and outside the ring. Hell, if it wasn’t for me we wouldn’t be here in Atlanta, we’d be in South Jersey, in some storage unit. If I didn’t get thrown off that building by Zandig, there wouldn’t be this, hell there wouldn’t be All Elite Wrestling. If I didn’t get thrown off that roof by John Zandig, I don’t think WWE would even have their Saudi Arabia deal. Give me my flowers at Spring Break 6, GIVE ME MY FLOWERS, while I am alive, don’t bring them to my grave, bring them to Spring Break Fucking 6.”

Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Jordynne Grace

Last time I wrestled @JordynneGrace it was like 2 am mania last year and then we hopped in a car still in gear and went to sleep. The first time I wrestled her the ref ended the match early and I thought my career was over. Always an adventure 🙃 pic.twitter.com/aP9Om0Y6jl

— ALLIE KATCH (@AllieKATCH) March 12, 2022

Grace has the power advantage in this match and she proves it within the opening minutes of the match, landing a set of strikes and chops ending in a two count. Grace went to town on Katch as she was trying to recover in the corner, Katch escapes and runs at Grace who cut her off with a vicious double stomp for a two count. Katch started laying in her offense, running forearm followed by the hip attack eventually landing a series of strikes for a two count. Grace blocks Katch and hits her with two spinning backfists and hits Katch with a powerbomb. Grace continues to go for pins but Katch kept bridging up, Grace places her on the top rope and put Katch in a muscle buster position, Katch escaped and drove Grace into the corner and placed her on the top rope. Katch hits Grace with a superplex followed up with a Piledriver for a two count. The crowd was chanting for both Allie and Jordynne as they start trading fists in the center of the ring, Grace bodyslams Katch but they go right back to punching each other to the delight of the crowd. Katch battled through the Cannonade of strikes and hit a piledriver for the victory.

Allie Katch Defeated Jordynne Grace

GCW Extreme Title Match: AJ Gray (champion) vs. Effy

The hometown hero, Effy, made his way to the ring to deafening chants for Daddy. Effy was not wasting any time as he attacked Gray with two big boots stunning AJ Gray. Effy tied Gray up in the ropes and locked in the tarantula. AJ Gray bailed to the floor and grabs a door which he hits Effy in the head with, Effy was lying prone on the floor with the door on top of him, AJ climbs to the top rope and an elbow drop crushing Effy. Gray lit up Effy with chops but Effy didn’t back down and hit Gray right back. They climbed the stairs of the arena, Gray hit a chop as Effy tumbled down the concrete stairs and the action returned to the ring. Gray places the chair over Effy’s face, Gray runs and jumps on it for a two count. Effy hits a flurry of offense but AJ cuts him off with another brutal chop grounding Effy, AJ Gray flew off the top rope like a SkyRocket to Hell and hit Effy with a leg drop for a two count. AJ Gray hits harder than Mo Vaughn. Effy dropped AJ Gray on his head/neck but he still kicked out, AJ was rocked but the match continued. They returned to the center of the ring and tee off each other with strikes and kicks, Effy goes for the Sack Ryder but gets cut off with a brutal lariat and gets pinned.

AJ Gray Retains the GCW Extreme Championship

Singles Match: Ring of Honor World Champion Jonathan Gresham vs. Blake Christian

Let’s try this again..


Watch LIVE on @FiteTV!

H8 Club vs SGC
Fox vs Wayne
Cardona vs Jackson
Deppen vs ACH
Gringo vs Ninja
Allie vs Jordynne
Effy vs AJ

Tix at Door pic.twitter.com/Yp5AVdzRXH

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) March 12, 2022

This match was supposed to take place at the Hammerstein but due to things out of their control the match didn’t happen, instead, we are getting this first-time match-up in the hometown of the Ring of Honor World Champion. Gresham went to work early, taking down Christain with a headlock takeover followed by arm submissions. Gresham was mocking Blake’s lack of submission prowess, so Blake turned up the speed and was able to get a nearfall stunning the World Champion. Gresham has the noticeable weight advantage over Christian but that doesn’t slow him down when Christian gets going. The faster the match goes the more of an advantage Christian has over Gresham. Christian was able to take Gresham off of his feet and return the mocking to his downed opponent. Gresham struck Christian with a brutal open head slam and started to pick away at the previously targeted arm with joint manipulation Gresham turned his attention to Christian’s knee but again went back to the now-injured arm. Every time Christian went for any offense, Gresham had an answer: he is a true master in the ring. I cannot wait until we one day get Gresham vs. Danielson.

The two traded some fast-paced near falls as both men contemplated what it will take for them to put each other away. They had a staredown in the center of the ring and started throwing forearms shots, Christian went for a suplex, struggled for a bit because of his injured arm but he is able to hit it, planting Gresham on his head. This was Christian’s best shot at achieving victory. The final sequences of this match were an absolute sprint, each man hitting dives to the floor, and inside the ring, Gresham slipped off of the rope but locked in a crossface but Christian was able to get out. Gresham continued to bring the fight to Christian, locking in the octopus in the center of the ring, Gresham lays in a series of hammerfists, Christian collapsed and the match was called.

Jonathan Gresham Defeated Blake Christian

GCW Tag Team Title Deathmatch: H8 Club (Matt Tremont and Nick Gage) vs. The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner and Matthew Justice)

Both teams came out to massive reactions but Nick Gage’s entrance made the case for the loudest pop of the night. This was Mance Warner’s first match back since his ankle injury that occurred this past fall. Emil J is the best ring announcer in the world and it’s not even close. Both teams faced off in the center of the ring as the match got underway with all the competitors trading fists. The action spilled to the floor right away as Matt Justice lit up Tremont with a steel chair and went to take out Tremont who was sitting on the chair with a senton off the apron but no one was home. Mance Warner retrieves a crutch from a fan and hits Gage in the midsection with it as Tremont unloads on Justice’s head with a chair. Nick Gage got a prosthetic leg from the same fan and attacked Mance Warner with it. Gage and Warner set up two chairs and they started punching each other in the face. Tremont and Justice were fighting on the upper level of Center Stage, Justice hit a front flip off of the balcony which took out Tremont and himself.


— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) March 13, 2022

The crowd starts going crazy as Nick Gage grabs a box of tubes and brings them in the ring. Gage unloads the box as Mance and Gage start teeing off on each other with the light tubes. Gage’s head is a bloody mess as the crowd is going wild. Gage breaks a tube in half and starts carving away on Mance’s head. Gage went for light tube assisted face wash on Matthew Justice but was cut off when Mance threw a chair at his head. Justice went to the floor and brought in a pair of doors. Tremont hasn’t been seen in a while at this point. Gage got blasted with a steel chair from Justice Tremont, returns to the ring to save Gage. Tremont started stapling Matthew Justice and Mance Warner. Tremont takes a fork out of his boot but Mance Warner hammers the fork in Tremont’s ‘horn’ of scar tissue and is hit with a pair of tubes. Gage hits Justice with a bundle of tubes, throws Warner in the corner, and hit a tube-assisted facewash. Gage connects with a top rope piledriver putting Warner through a door. Gage goes for the pinfall. Justice hit a splash onto Tremont for a double pin. The crowd is chanting bullshit as Emil J announces that the match will be a draw.

H8 Club vs. SGC was a draw

Matt Tremont challenged SGC at Spring Break to compete in a three-way dance for the Tag Team Championships. SGC vs. H8 Club vs. The Briscoes.