GCW Believe Me: Joey Janela vs. Mascara Dorada, Nick Gage speaks

Originally published at GCW Believe Me: Joey Janela vs. Mascara Dorada, Nick Gage speaks

GCW: Believe Me

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey

By Jon Pine

Coming off of one of their best shows, Game Changer Wrestling returns to the famed Carousel Room at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City with a stacked card including first-time matchups, incredible tag team action, and amazing deathmatches. I have loved the reach shift GCW has done to focus more on Lucha, especially since they are featuring Gringo Loco so prominently. Every single match on this card delivered, the crowd was hot the entire night and it was great to see familiar faces once again.

In this year’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards, GCW Owner Brett Lauderdale finished fourth in the Promoter of the Year category with Tony Khan, Dana White, and Rossy Ogawa placing ahead of him; he also finished fifth in the Best Booker Award with Tony Khan, Ross Ogawa and Gedo placing ahead of him.

Unfortunate last minute change to tonights lineup ⬇️ https://t.co/v0EvfNZJaR

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) February 20, 2022

Believe Me Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:

  • Nick Wayne vs. Jordan Oliver
  • Matt Tremont vs. Hoodfoot
  • 8-Man Tag Match

Tomorrow Night’s Cards:

H20 Wrestling: Barbed Wire City, February 20, 2022, Atlantic City, New Jersey

No Rope Barbed Wire Match:
Matt Tremont vs. Atticus Cogar
H20 Tag Team Title Match: Chris Bradley and Kristian Ross (champions) vs. The Storm of Entrails (Dan O’Hare and SHLAK)
High Stakes Six Man Tag Match: Jimmy Lyon, Kennedi Copeland and Marcus Mathers vs. Austin Luke, Brandon Kirk, Marc Angel
Six Man Tag Team Street Fight: Devon Moore, Drew Blood and Louie Ramos vs. Chuck Payne, Deklan Grant and Jess Moss
Three Way Match: Colby Corino vs. Adonis Valerio vs. Reid Walker

Don’t Tell Me What to Do, February 20, 2022, Atlantic City, New Jersey

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: H8 Club (Gage and Tremont) vs. The Rejects (Murdoch and Bentley) Tag Team Title Match
GCW Utlraviolent Championship: Alex Colon (Champion) vs. Orin Veidt
Tag Team Match: Joey Janela and Marko Stunt vs. Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray and Matthew Justice)
Singles Match: 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Gringo Loco
Singles Match: Dragon Kid vs. ASF
Singles Match: Atticus Cogar vs. Alex Zayne
Alec Price make his GCW Debut

Fundraiser for Masashi Takeda:


— alex colon (@alexcolon0139) February 5, 2022


Following the unexpected passing of his wife, Yuka, Masashi Takeda announced that he will be stepping away from pro wrestling for the foreseeable future. Alex Colon has organized an auction and fundraiser, #ForCrazyKid, on behalf of Takeda. Various wrestlers are auctioning off different ring worn items, wrestling memorabilia and plenty, plenty more.

Participants so far announced: Alex Colon, members of 440H!, John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley, Chris Dickinson, Matt Tremont and more.

The fundraiser will be taking place on February 22, 2022, 8pm on Facebook (link bellow)

#4CrazyKid Wrestling Auction: Benefit to help raise money for Masashi Takeda and his family

Final line up for The Collective 2022 (March 31-April 2):

Glory Pro Wrestling, Thursday, 11am
Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8, Thursday 3pm
Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Part 1, Thursday 8pm
GCW Planet Death, Thursday, 11:59pm
LA Fights vs. JCW, Friday, 11:00am
For The Culture, Friday, 3pm
Gringo Loco’s The Wrld on Lucha, Friday, 7:30pm
Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Part 2, Friday, 11:59pm
Effy’s Big Gay Brunch, Saturday. 11am
Mission Pro Wrestling, Saturday 3pm
Unsanctioned Pro, Saturday 7:30pm
Black Label Pro, Saturday, 11:59pm

Chris Dickinson Update:

After suffering a devastating injury this past fall, it was announced on 02/16/2022 that Chris Dickinson will be returning to Game Changer Wrestling in Los Angeles at Welcome to Heartbreak. He had the following to say on Twitter:


Next Weekend’s Shows:

Welcome To Heartbreak, February 25, 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Tag Team Match: X-Pac and Joey Janela vs. Brian Myers and Matt Cardona
Tag Team Match: The Briscoe Brothers vs. Jacob Fatu and Juicy Finau
Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Ninja Mack
Singles Match: Atticus Cogar vs. Kevin Blackwood
Dream Match: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Homicide
Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Nick Wayne
GCW Extreme Title Match: AJ Gray(champion) vs. Lio Rush


LA Fights Vol. 3, February 26, 2022, Los Angeles, CA

Singles Match: Peter Avalon vs. Dark Sheik
Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Jai Vidal
Singles Match: Tyler Bateman vs. Bad Dude Tito
Singles Match: Allie Katch vs. Sandra Moone
The Coldest Winter, February 26, 2022, Los Angeles, CA
Singles Match: Atticus Cogar vs. Dark Sheik
Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Thunder Rosa
Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Blake Christian
Dream Match: Mascara Dorada vs. Gringo Loco

GCW Houston and Dallas Results:

GCW vs. Loko Fight Club 2: Houston, February 4, 2022, Results:

Jordan Oliver wins the 4 way Scramble Match, Allie Katch Defeated Mysterious Q, Ninja Mack Defeated Nick Wayne, Sam Stackhouse Defeated Dante Leon for the Loko Wrestling Championship, Atticus Cogar Defeated Gino Medina, Effy Defeated Bryan Keith, Blake Christian Defeated Mascara Dorada, Gringo Loco, ASF, Atticus Cogar Defeated Chris Carter, Sadika, and Jimmy Lloyd

If I Die First: February 5, 2022, Dallas, Texas Results:

Dante Leon and Ninja Mack Defeated Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne, John Wayne Murdoch Defeated ASF, AJ Gray Retained the Extreme Title defeating Allie Katch, Mike Bailey Defeated Jimmy Lloyd, Psycho Clown Defeated Gringo Loco, Atticus Cogar wins the Scramble Match, Blake Christian Defeated Laredo Kid, Dr. Wagner Jr. Defeated Joey Janela.

Last Time in Atlantic City:

Pro Wrestling Cinema presents: GCW Infinity’21 & Die 4 This ’22 (Atlantic City)

Til Infinity, December 31, 2021, Atlantic City, New Jersey

PCO Retained the Extreme Title against Matt Tremont, Tony Deppen Defeated Cole Radrick, Jimmy Lloyd Defeated Ho Ho Lun, Jack Cartwheel Defeated Nick Wayne, Atticus Cogar Defeated Everett Connors, Alex Zayne and Blake Christian Defeated Dante Leon and Ninja Mack, Dark Sheik Defeated Colby Corino, The Second Gear Crew (AJ Gray, Effy, Matthew Justice) Defeated Young Dumb and Broke (Jordan Oliver, Ellie Taylor, Charlie Tiger) Calvin Tankman won the Six Way Scramble Match, Allie Katch Defeated Charli Evans, G-Raver Defeated AKIRA in a Deathmatch

Die For This, January 1, 2022, Atlantic City, New Jersey

The Briscoe Brothers Defeated Alex Zayne and Blake Christian, Calvin Tankman Defeated Yoya, Joey Janela Defeated Scotty 2 Hotty, Homicide won the #1 Contender Rumble, Alex Colon Retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship Defeating John Wayne Murdoch

Show Results:

Tag Team Match: The Briscoe Brothers vs. The S.A.T.

Brothers vs. Brothers, Mark and Jay Briscoe vs. Joel and Jose Maximo: this is a first time in GCW dream match between these two legendary teams and it certainly lived up to the anticipated hype. The show opens with the newly minted Ring of Honor Hall of Famers who come out to a massive ovation from the hot crowd tonight in Atlantic City; before the match begins both show each other mutual respect as the action gets under way. The match starts off with Mark Briscoe and one of the SAT brothers, who wrestle to a stalemate, each team makes a tag as the action spills outside and Mark Briscoe goes through a door at ringside. They battle on the apron with the action eventually making its way back to the ring, Mark Briscoe hits a sucide dive as Jay Briscoe goes for the pinfall. SAT overcomes their disadvantage as they start to work over Mark Briscoe, the fans urge Mark to get back to his feet but he is cut off each instance by SAT, but his momentum is cut off every time. Eventually the Brothers regain their advantage each hitting MASSIVE dives to the floor; the Briscoes get SAT back in the ring and Mark fires up with some redneck kung foo, but Mark gets cut off with first a top rope clothesline and then a modified Doomsday Device. Mark gets hit with a double spanish fly from S.A.T but before they could go for the pin, Jay rescues his brother and hits the J-Driller for the victory.

The Briscoe Brothers Defeated The S.A.T

Post Match: The crowd gave both teams a standing ovation as the teams hugged inside the ring.

Singles Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Blake Christian

Crowd favorite Jimmy Lloyd enters first to another massive ovation, everyone loves the Juan Uribe of Game Changer Wrestling. Blake Christian has put on a noticeable amount of muscle these past couple of months. The match starts with a game of one upmanship with neither man able to get the competitive advantage, Blake Christian fires up and gains control of the match and mockingly claps at Jimmy’s wrestling ability. Blake Christian moves like a Gallant Fox as he continues to work over Jimmy Lloyd’s knee with a variation of high flying maneuvers and submission based offense. Blake Christian hits a 450 onto the injury leg followed up by a trailer hitch, the crowd wills Jimmy Lloyd along as he makes his way to the ropes. Jimmy is able to fire back up hitting a series of clotheslines and kicks for a nearfall on Blake Christian; Christian recovers and hits a powerbomb and maintains control of Jimmy Lloyd’s legs as he stacks him up in another trailer hitch. These two continue to battle each other for control of the match with each man having an advantage at different points, that is until Christian cuts him off with a running knee and hits his butterfly suplex driver for the victory. Every move meant something in this match and it was perfectly executed.

Blake Christian Defeats Jimmy Lloyd

Singles Match: Jordan Oliver vs. Nick Wayne



only on @FiteTV: pic.twitter.com/EsxbVUdAVZ

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) February 20, 2022


— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) February 20, 2022


These two have teamed together in the past but this is their first time ever facing each other 1:1. The newest signee to AEW, Nick Wayne, has even more to prove now that he is a contracted talent at the young age of 16 years old. I have no doubt that he will continue to amaze and succeed as time goes on. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jordan Oliver sooner rather than later also gets a contract offer from a major wrestling company in America. Both men come to the ring to a noticeable reaction; Emil J introduces Wayne as the newest signee to All Elite Wrestling which elicited a standing ovation for the 16 year old. The match starts off with the two trading various lucha sequences with Nick Wayne getting the better of Oliver. Nick Wayne helps Oliver up as they go back to work trying to swing the momentum in their direction. Each man takes a moment to breathe in their respective corners until Nick Wayne fires up hitting a tope to the outside. The action returns back to the ring, each man going for a cutter. Nick Wayne gets caught with a stiff superkick sending him to the floor, the ref starts the 10 count but Wayne is able to make it back into the ring before he reaches 6. Oliver continues to go to work on the injured Wayne as he starts to attack Wayne with mat based offense; Oliver hits a stiff kick to Wayne’s ribs followed by an abdominal stretch. Wayne was able to sneak in more offense, hitting a moonsault, tope, Canadian Destroyer, and he teases the package piledriver but is unable to power the large Oliver up. Jordan starts working over Nick Wayne in the corner hitting hard chops, Oliver gives Wayne too much time to recover and Wayne is able to fire back up and score a nearfall. Wayne scrambles to the top rope, goes for a moonsault but Jordan Oliver was able to get his feet up. Both men are exhausted as they start exchanging hard strikes. They hit a flurry of offense which brings the crowd to their feet, Nick Wayne is able to glide through and stack Jordan Oliver up for the upset victory.

This was Nick Wayne’s first ever victory in Game Changer Wrestling. The crowd erupts and runs to ring side to pound on the mat in support of the newest signee to All Elite Wrestling. Nick Wayne was noticeably overcome with emotion as he was making his way to the back. A tremendous match from both of these extremely talented studs.

Nick Wayne Defeats Jordan Oliver

First ever GCW win, And i’m beyond thankful it was in Atlantic City. I love you guys ❤️❤️

— Nick Wayne (@nickwayne21) February 20, 2022


Eight Man Tag Team Match: The Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders, AJ Gray, Effy, Matthew Justice) vs. ASF, Gringo Loco, Jack Cartwheel, and Ninja Mack

This match is a notable clash in styles and height. The match starts off with Cartwheel and ASF hitting a pair of moonsaults taking their opponents out on the floor, followed by a Ninja Mack Special and giant tope from Gringo Loco as the crowd gives a standing ovation for these incredible athletes. Each member of Gringo Loco’s team hit highflying offense on the prone AJ Gray and Effy, Matthew Justice tried to scare off the Luchadores but they were able to send Justice to the floor.

Ninja goes for another Ninja Mack Special but is caught by 1 Called Manders who gets Ninja up in a powerbomb position and Justice comes off the second turnbuckle and hits Ninja Mack in the head with a chair, then powerbombed through a door by Manders.

Manders and Effy start to go to work on the much smaller ASF, Manders hits Effy’s crotch thrust as Effy goes crazy in the ring. Effy followed it up with thrusts of his own. ASF yells fuck you Manders and hits a poinsan Rana on George Kittle’s former teammate; Effy cuts ASF off and hits a sack ryder sending ASF to the floor. Ninja Mack returns to the match; as he’s showboating to the camera, AJ Gray enters the ring from behind wearing a black Ninja Mack mask which elicited multiple holy shit chants.

AJ Gray then starts to beat up and evade Ninja Mack with lucha moves of his own, stunning the crowd. Jack Cartwheel returns to the ring, AJ bails to the outside, Cartwheel hits a cartwheel off the top rope taking out members of SGC. Matthew Justice reintroduces the chair into the battle but Ninja sends him flying into the first row. ASF jumps from Gringo Loco’s shoulders to the top rope followed by a corkscrew senton to the floor. Gringo caught Effy with a top rope falcon arrow for a two count; Jack Cartwheel enters the match, jumps on Manders and is spike piledriven followed by a top rope splash from Matthew Justice for the victory.

This match was a total sprint with each team pulling off the expected and unexpected beautiful Lucha maneuvers. The crowd was into this match the entire time as it delivered on all expectations.

This match was completely ridiculous and Ninja mack is a complete and total weirdo but also probably not even human. Some of us think hes a cybernetic organism https://t.co/bTx9K54mPq

— brett lauderdale (@Lauderdale11) February 20, 2022

Second Gear Crew Defeated Gringo Loco, Ninja Mack, ASF and Jack Cartwheel.

Emil J says that Norm is here having a bachelor party tonight, the crowd chants for Norm but it eventually turns into a ‘You Fucked up’ chant.

Nick Gage:

The bells hit and the crowd rushes to the entrance to meet the heart and soul of Game Changer Wrestling, Nick Fucking Gage. Streamers fly into the air as Nick enters the ring, sporting a very nice looking watch.

“Give me that shit, Emil”

Emil J proceeds to introduce Nick Gage as the crowd is going crazy, Gage grabbed the mic:

“(MDK Chant) WHERES MY FUCKING GANG AT, I said where’s my fucking gang at, (MDK Chant), You guys know I’m the realest motherfuker in the locker room and I’d never lie to you guys so I want to come out and here shoot straight and talk the truth to you guys,. It’s been a rough year for me, I lost my brother, I lost Danny Havoc another brother, and then I lost Markus Crane. He was another brother too. My body started giving up on me (Nick Fucking Gage Chant) Then I started hearing what people were saying, ‘nick gage dont got it no more, nick gage is getting older, he’s breaking down, he aint the motherfucking man anymore (fuck that shit chant). I’m going to keep it real with you guys because I always do, I started believing that shit, and I thought it was the end of the road for me. Then one day home in my house thinking it’s over and it’s done, seriously man I thought it was done and over. I looked around and realized I got no family, I got no wife, No kids, (You’ve got Us Chant) But you know what, like I always told you guys, Never give up, Always keep on fighting, and always be yourself. *crowd is cheering*

You know I do got something, I got my motherfucking Gang.(MDK chant) So I got the fuck up, I got my fucking mind right, and I started fighting back for my gang. So like I was telling you guys, from now on I’ll either die in this ring or someone is going to put a bullet in my brain. I’m going to give 110% every time I wrestle.”

*MDK call and response”

*John Wayne Murdoch’s Music hits* and he makes his way to the ring.

Unfortunately due to an injury from this afternoon I won't be able to compete at @GCWrestling_ sorry to gcw staff, fans, and anyone looking forward to my match tonight.

— alex colon (@alexcolon0139) February 20, 2022


JWM: “All he (Alex Colon) is does is threepeat but the pussy motherfucker couldn’t wrestle tonight, the fact of the matter is Alex COlon ripped you off on your tickets, the truth of the matter is Alex Colon doesn’t have the balls to do this every fucking week. If you want to boo me you can but Alex Colon is fucking done. Now that leaves Reed Bentley without an opponent, I don’t even care about G-Raver, so we are turning our attention to you (Gage). You’re out here and we are out here let’s fight motherfucker”

G-Raver and Orin Vedit hit the ring and hit JWM and Reed with a bundle of tubes as they start brawling on the floor.

Tag Team Deathmatch: The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley) vs. G-Raver and Orin Veidt

Tubes are brought to the ring as the match set up is happening as the competitors brawl on the floor, each team exchanging lighttube shots on the floor. They pair off with JWM working over Orin with more tube shots. The pop of the breaking glass echoes in the room as the spooky dust rises. Reed starts carving away on Orin as JWM continues to plaster Raver with more lightube shots. The crowd chants ‘over here’ as they continue their fight in the crowd. The Rejects throw Orin back into the ring and the match officially begins. The Rejects continue to work over Orin and are met with a chorus of boo’s, they end up sending Orin back first through a pane of glass. All the competitors are bleeding at this point as the crowd starts chanting GCW. Reed swings the tubes like it’s a baseball bat at Orin which sends glass flying into the crowd. Raver throws JWM through a pane of glass as he continues his offense attack on the Duke of Hardcore. The Rejects pick up a pane of glass and throw it on top of G-Raver; it doesn’t break the first time but the second time’s the charm. JWM scores a nearfall on G-Raver. Bentley holds Raver as the Duke hits him with a bundle of tubes, the shrapnel cuts open the back of Reed’s head. Orin is bleeding from behind the ear as he tries to take the fight to Reed, the crowd is chanting for The Rejects as Orin and Raver take over the match for a brief period of time.

Orin tries to hit a splash onto the prone Reed but is caught by JWM, Bentley throws a bundle of tubes at Raver’s head and hits a regalplex into the corner. A guy yells ‘Orin Sucks’ to a tepid reaction. Orin is handed a door and he sets it up in the corner and puts Reed through it with an assault driver. Raver and Orin string him up on the top rope and slam JWM through a pane of glass for a near fall. Reed fires back up and hits a short armed clothesline taking out Orin, the Rejects turn their attention to G-Raver for a couple of nearfalls. JWM asks for a couple of chairs to be brought into the ring, they set up a pane of glass between it and they place Orin on the top rope and the Duke hits a Deepsouth Destroyer for the victory.

The Rejects Defeat Orin Vedit and G-Raver.

Post Match: John Wayne Murdoch “ You get in the ring Kevin (Gill) get in here.”

Reed starts talking but John hits Kevin with a bundle of tubes and grab the mic again.

GCW Medical Personnel is currently tending to @OGkevingill backstage. Stay tuned for an update when it is available.

KG thanks you for the “overwhelming love and support”.#GCWBELIEVEME pic.twitter.com/SrxcBwjFL1

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) February 20, 2022


“Alex Colon get your fucking ass out here mother fucker. I want my fucking rematch, lets go, let the mother fuker go lets go. Alex, Alex hold on listen, what would markcus crane think now, come on get in the ring. Come on bitch get in the ring. Me you and Spring break god dammit.”

Alex Colon: I beat your fucking ass and you dont get the fucking point, I already proved I’m better than you, you motherfucker let me hear the threepeat chant. Listen you want to talk about Alefx Colon isnt here every week, it doesnt matter, I can show up once a mother and still be fucking better than you… at Spring Break for the title I’m going to fucking hurt you bitch.

JWM: You fucking heard it, it’s set, Me and Alex Colon Spring Break. I’m here all the time, he’s just a part time bitch”

Singles Match: Cole Radrick vs. Billie Starkz

Billy Starkz has the privilege of being the only woman on tonight’s card as she takes on her fellow midwestern wrestler, Cole Radrick. They start off with a test of strength with Billy bridging out as the two continue to battle for position working each other over with stiff headlocks and ground offense. Radrick controlled the opening minutes of the bout. Starkz hits Radrick with a dragon suplex sending him to the floor, she follows that up with a series of Topes. Radrick enters the ring and charges but is sent to the floor again and is finally taken out with another dive sending Radrick flying into the second row. Billy goes for a swanton but misses, Radrick hits a running forearm to the back of the head and a float over suplex for a two count. Radrick regroups and lands three kicks to her spine. Radrick takes off his straps like Kurt Angle, he hits a cartwheel splash for a two count, Billy hits a series of forearms onto Radrick but gets cut off with a backbreaker. Radrick continues his assault on her spine. Billy goes for a suplex but her back gives out, Cole starts mocking her but she is able to hit multiple series of elbows to the head followed by a german suplex for a two count. Cole is able to fire back up and hits a series of strikes and kicks and hits a springboard cutter for a two count. A shocked Cole Radrick doesn’t know what else he has to do to put Billy Starkz down, Cole removes his knee pads and starts toying with his much younger competitor. Billy slaps him in the face and he returns with an elbow strike. Billy spits in his face, hits a knee strike and suplex into the ropes and climbs to the top rope and hits a swanton bomb for the victory.

Billy Starkz Defeated Cole Radrick

Singles Match: Mascara Dorada vs. Joey Janela

t h e
m e a s u r i n g
s t i c k

Joey Janela vs Máscara Dorada


streaming now, only on @FiteTV: https://t.co/ovW7zFdsTI pic.twitter.com/Scw5RqyNw4

— GameChangerWrestling (@GCWrestling_) February 20, 2022


The two start the match battling for position while showing off their lucha libre prowess.

Janela hits a massive tope to the floor taking out Dorada, he continues his offense and sends Dorada back into the ring. It’s a pretty even contest to start as each man is able to shift the momentum back in either direction. Janela yells ‘this is GCW this is my fucking house’ as the crowd starts cheering and chanting ‘GCW’. Janela goes to the floor and sets up a door on the outside of the ring; Janela sets Dorada up for a suplex through the door from the apron but Dorada is able to break it up with a hard chop. They continue to trade various ground based offenses with each man laying in stiff strikes. Dorada starts running and climbing the ropes, eventually hitting a drop kick and tope to the floor. They battle back inside the ring and Janlea sets up a chair in the ring but gets hung up on the ropes and Dorada was able to hit a rana taking out Janela for a two count. Dorada continues his offense but gets cut off when Janela reverses the top rope maneuver and hits a spanish fly of his own followed by a deadlift german for a two count. Dorada and Janlea battle on the apron but Dorada gets the best of the crowd favorite and sends Joey crashing to the floor through the door. Dorada follows it up with an attempted double moonsault which was countered with a pair of double knees. Janlea gets pinned with a falcon arrow.

Mascara Dorada Defeats Joey Janela

Deathmatch: Hoodfoot vs. ‘The Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont

This is a matchup that Deathmatch fans have clamored for ever since Matt Tremont announced that he’s coming out of retirement. Hoodfoot is one of the biggest up and coming names on the deathmatch scene and there is no better person to really challenge himself against than the living legend, Matt Tremont. The crowd is buzzing as the two Deathmatch warriors make their way to the ring. Matt Tremont receives a raucous ovation. Everyone’s eagerly waiting for the first glass to break. After a series of power maneuvers, Hoodfoot goes for a dive but is cut off by Tremont who starts raking the barbed wire bat over Hoodfoot a head. Chants of ‘over here’ briefly take over the carousel room as they continue to fight on the floor; each man pulls up a chair and they start punching each other in the face. Tremont throws Hoodfoot into the second row as they once again start trading stiff shots. Hoodfoot breaks the first glass but Tremont follows it up with a headbutt through the tubes. It was at this point I started hearing ‘is that real blood’ ‘omg look’. The Showboat is also hosting a youth soccer tournament, and a couple of the parents somehow found their way to the show just in time for the main event. They were dressed like every other boarding school parent would dress; they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The women of the group drifted between being horrified by the blood to loving the action with each bloody exchange.

Both men are bleeding pretty heavily by now; the action returns to the ring and Hoodfoot slams a bundle over Tremont’s head and back.

Tremont gains the advantage for a short period of time with the exchanges culminating with multiple lightube shots over each other’s heads. Hoodfoot hits a pair of Saito suplexes as the crowd starts chanting for both of these men. Hoodfoot climbs to the top rope but is met with a bundle of lightubes crashing into his back; Tremont hits a russian leg sweep, both men battle for position on the top rope with Hoodfoot hitting another Saito suplex for a near fall.

Hoodfoot calls for more fuckery and out comes a barbed wire door. The soccer couples were stunned that there could be even more weaponry. The guy standing next to me proceeded to show them the finish to the Glass Ceiling Match, the soccer people kept calling more of their friends over to watch the clip in stunned amazement. Nick Gage on commentary stated “this is GCW, we don’t snip our wire, we don’t shave it down, that shit’s sharp, whoever lands in that you’re going to feel it.” Hoodfoot hits Tremont with a chair and pinning him in the corner and smashes a bundle of tubes across ‘The Bulldozer’s’ face. They continue to battle on the top rope, Tremont sends Hoodfoot crashing through the barbed wire door, followed by a big splash for an incredibly close near fall, followed by another Saito suplex. Hoodfoot collapses on top of Tremont for the victory.

Hoodfoot Defeats Matt Tremont

Post Match: Tremont grabs the mic “Hoodfoot, Hoodfoot, Hoodfoot *crowd chants Hoodfoot, Tremont staggers to his feet.*(both these guys chant)

A lot of people come into this genre and think they can do what the bests have done, the Alex Colon’s and myself and those who came before us but now you can add HoodfuckingFoot to that fucking list.”

Hoodfoot: Thank you, Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Respect earned. #GCWBelieveMe pic.twitter.com/9FsJ6ZD6u2

— PWPonderings (@pwponderings) February 20, 2022

“Damn it’s good to be back” – Matt Tremont