GCW HOMECOMING Part 2 - Janela vs. Cogar, Parker vs. Lloyd, War Games announced

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GCW Homecoming 2021, Part 2

July 25th, 2021

By: John Siino

Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ

Commentary: Kevin Gill & Dave Prazak

Jordan Oliver vs. Jack Cartwheel

The crowd starts the match with a very anti-Dave Meltzer chant, to say the least after his reaction to last night’s ending. Brett Lauderdale jumps on commentary to plug the new shirt about it. The match starts slow, but Cartwheel is able to duck, leapfrog and cartwheel out until Oliver blocks him and gets a 2 count on a roll-up. Cartwheel dropkicks Oliver to the outside attempts to dive but Oliver runs back in and takes him out with a superkick. Cartwheel does eventually hit the dive to Oliver on the outside, goes back in to dive again but Oliver is able to roll to the other corner, catches Cartwheel by placing him on the top rope. Oliver comes back with a Dragonscrew and figure four, but Cartwheel rolls to the ropes. They slow it down a bit by fighting on the apron, but Cartwheel escapes out of a suplex attempt and hits a Northern Lights for 2 count. Cartwheel hits a poison rana, but Oliver comes right back with taking out the knee of Cartwheel from behind. They slowly get back up and start trading strikes, with Oliver clotheslining Cartwheel off the apron, followed with Cartwheel hitting a stunner off the apron followed by a head scissors off the apron as they start brawling in the crowd. Cartwheel throws Oliver against the pillar and uses a trash can on him, but Oliver comes back with a body slam on top of the trash can. They take it backstage for a little bit, but both run-in at the very last second before they get counted out. Cartwheel applies a Camel Clutch, but Oliver escapes out and puts on another figure four in the middle of the ring as Cartwheel taps out.

Winner: Jordan Oliver by submission at 13:16

Starboy Charlie vs. Jonathan Gresham

Gresham comes out wearing the ROH Pure Championship as he shakes Charlie’s hand before they lock up. Gresham controls Charlie, taking him down by the wrist before working on his left knee. Gresham takes Charlie down with a headlock, but Charlie escapes with a head scissors. Charlie puts on a bridged back leglock, but Gresham grabs the rope and shows a bit of frustration. Charlie tries to hold Gresham with a wristlock, but Gresham kicks it off, leapfrogs but falls into an atomic drop, Dragonscrew and standing Shooting Star by Charlie for a two. Charlie ‘tunes up the band’ for a superkick, but Gresham sweeps the leg and dropkicks Charlie who was sitting on the apron, out to the floor. Gresham starts tying back both of Charlie’s arms and falls back on them as Charlie tells the referee he doesn’t give up. Gresham starts twisting the right foot and leg of Charlie, into a pin attempt for a two. Charlie comes back as they trade arm drags, ending with Charlie hitting a DDT on Gresham. Charlie hits a vertical suplex for a close two count but goes right into a figure four. Charlie tries to whip Gresham against the ropes, but Gresham is unable to run due to his left knee. Gresham tells the referee he’s okay as they go to town slapping each other, with Gresham taking off his wrist tape before they take it to the next level. Charlie hits a pair of dropkicks to Gresham in the corner and hits a twisting press for a two count. Gresham comes back with an Enziguri and a German suplex followed by a pair of running forearms that Charlie keeps kicking out of. Charlie comes back with a Michinoku Driver for a two count of his own. Charlie tries a 450, but Gresham puts his knees up. Charlie goes back into the figure four as Gresham tries to fight his way out of it. They start trading shots, as Charlie goes to the figure four once again. Gresham reverses it and pulls back, as Charlie submits.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham by submission at 14:50

GCW Tag Team Championship: The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) (c) vs. Ninja Mack & Dante Leon

The crowd goes off again on Dave Meltzer as they go ahead and plug the t-shirt with Meltzer’s controversial tweet. Justice and Mack take it to the outside before Warner quickly joins them and they start chopping and pushing Mack through the fans and chairs. Mack backflips off the ring post but ends up getting thrown into it by Justice anyway. Warner and Justice start tossing chairs and wooden doors into the ring before throwing chairs to the head of Mack. Still outside, they set up a wooden door onto two chairs, followed by more chairs and a table on top. Justice and Warner try to suplex Mack into it, but Mack fights out and ends up springboarding into a moonsault to them on the outside. Leon finally wakes up and dives onto all three men out there. Mack follows suit with a twisting dive of his own. Back inside, both Mack and Leon hit dives, but both get a two count. Leon tries to hit a cutter onto Warner on the outside but ends up getting tossed into the doors and chairs that were set up, taking down the cameraman with them. Mack on the other end tries to dive onto Justice but ends up running into a chair instead. Justice and Warner set up Mack for a Doomsday Device, but Justice delivers it with a chair shot to the head instead. After a little bit of time of commentary trying to locate Leon, they find him, and the Second Gear Crew sets him up on the top rope and toss a chair at him before Warner hits a superplex followed by a splash by Justice for the pin.

Winners: The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) by pinfall at 10:01, to retain

Cezar Bononi vs. Chris Dickinson

Making his GCW debut, Bononi came out to a mixed reaction. A bit out of his element here, but he uses George Thorogood’s ‘Bad to the Bone’ as his entrance music, as his tattoo states. Dickinson comes out with half of the ROH World Tag Team titles. They both start the match trying to take the other down, but Dickinson quickly fights back with chops in the corner. Bononi tries to do it back, but the crowd is fully against him here. Bononi comes back with a huge toss sending Dickinson to the outside, with Bononi teasing diving outside before stopping himself and giving the crowd the middle fingers. Dickinson takes him to the outside and hits him with a flying clothesline. They start fighting amongst the crowd here as Bononi takes a seat before stopping a running Dickinson with a boot and backdrop onto the apron before going back inside. Bononi starts using the ropes to choke out Dickinson before playing to the crowd again. They start exchanging chops, fight on the apron a bit until Bononi hits a high cross body for a two count. Dickinson reverses out of a pump handle slam into a German suplex and a running lariat for a two count. Bononi shows a bit of frustration after a 2 count from a pump handle slam. Dickinson hits a springboard dropkick but ends up getting pump handled again for a two. Bononi and Dickinson start exchanging strikes until Bononi tries a torture rack, only for Dickinson to reverse it to an ankle lock with Bononi tapping away.

Winner: Chris Dickinson by submission at 10:37

After the match, the crowd chants ‘Don’t come back’ and ‘You fucking suck’ to Bononi. Dickinson grabs the mic and says usually he can make magic with the mic but doesn’t know about tonight, he does say that Bononi is a hell of an athlete, as the crowd boos, before saying he doesn’t hate Bononi and today is a special night because it’s dedicated to his grandmother who passed away this week. Dickinson didn’t think he was going to make it here tonight, but his mother insisted he spend it here with his family and friends and everything he does in his life is dedicated to his grandmother and he wouldn’t be who he is without her as the crowd erupts in support. A very special moment here indeed.

They made an announcement that ‘Smart’ Mark Sterling from AEW will be here tonight representing new GCW World Champion, Matt Cardona.

Death Match: Joey Janela vs. Atticus Cogar

As the match starts, Janela calls to the back as we have a wave of weapons head to ringside including barbed wire doors, panes of glass, and light tubes and Cogar starts the action by drop kicking Janela into some glass, but Janela comes back by tossing Cogar right into another pane of glass. They take it to the outside where they start brawling amongst the merch tables. Cogar grabs a Drew Parker shirt and steps on it. Janela starts dragging Cogar’s face against a barbed-wire net that’s set outside that they refer to as a ‘Suicide Net’. Janela starts hitting Cogar with chairs as blood starts pouring out of Cogar’s head. With Cogar sitting on a chair, Janela tries to dive onto him, but Cogar moves, and Janela goes smashing into the chair. Cogar delivers a bunch of headbutts before throwing a chair at Janela and then grabbing the barbed wire door that he sets up in the corner. Cogar tries to stick skewers into Janela’s head, but Janela grabs him and powerbombs Cogar into the barbed wire door. They start fighting on the apron with Cogar hitting an Air Raid Crash to Janela through the barbed wire suicide net on the outside. A number of personnel help Cogar and Janela out of the barbed wire. Back inside, Cogar sticks a few dozen skewers all over the head of Janela, but Janela fights back with a superkick before posing with his skewer-filled head. Janela places a pane of glass on top of chairs and Cogar and hits a double stomp onto the chair to Cogar, for a two-count followed by a Death Valley Driver for another two. Janela tries a flying elbow, but Cogar puts his knees up. Cogar tosses Janela some light tubes as they trade-off with a tube duel. Cogar goes and sets up another barbed-wire door on top of chairs, with more chairs on top as the crowd chants ‘We want fire’. Cogar goes and puts a pane of glass on top of the second set of chairs. They both end up fighting on the top rope with Janela hitting a superplex on top of the tower of barbed wire/door/chairs/glass and getting the pin.

Winner: Joey Janela by pinfall at 16:27

After the match, Cogar goes and continues to attack Janela. As he goes to stick skewers in his head, Marko Stunt runs in with a broom scaring Cogar away.

Ironbeast (KTB & Shane Mercer) vs. Cole Radrick & Brayden Lee

The match starts before the bell as Radrick, and Lee takes out Ironbeast on the outside with moonsaults. Radrick & Lee try crossbodies off the top but get caught and thrown into each other by Ironbeast. Mercer and KTB come back with clotheslines, strikes, and Mercer with a spinning powerbomb into the kick of KTB, followed by a moonsault from KTB to Brayden. Radrick comes back with a lionsault to Ironbeast. Radrick and Mercer fight with Radrick hitting a springboard cutter, into a fall-away slam, but KTB breaks up the pin. Brayden hits a springboard clothesline on KTB misses a standing moonsault and hits a code breaker sending KTB to the outside. Brayden misses a shooting star to the floor, landing on his knees as Radrick hits a cannonball to KTB who was sitting on a chair ringside. Radrick tries the same thing to Mercer but gets caught and power bombed onto the chairs. Inside, Brayden tries a shooting star on KTB who moves out the way and Brayden gets hit with a kick by Mercer, who throws him Brayden with a belly-to-belly over to KTB who powerbombs him back to Mercer who German suplexes Lee for the pin.

Winners: Ironbeast (KTB & Shane Mercer) by pinfall at 5:59

Ruckus (w/ Robbie Mireno) vs. Calvin Tankman

Another Meltzer chant to start the match with Tankman easily taking down Ruckus. Ruckus asks for a test of strength but ends up stepping on Tankman’s foot instead and taking Tankman down with a knee to the side of the head. Ruckus grabs a somewhat broken wooden door and places it in the corner only to get tossed into it by Tankman. They end up fighting on the outside of the ring for a bit, but Ruckus dodges out of the way as Tankman heads headfirst into the post. Ruckus sets Tankman on the floor and delivers a shooting star off the apron. Tankman takes control as they fight back inside until Tankman misses a running shooting star, followed by Ruckus hitting an Arabian moonsault. Mireno goes into the ring as he and Ruckus try to double team Tankman, only for Tankman to take both of them down. Tankman takes down Ruckus with a clothesline for two, followed by a spinning backhand for another two. Tankman goes to the top rope but misses a moonsault, Ruckus tries to do the same but gets caught and power bombed by Tankman, followed by another spinning backhand this time for the pin.

Winner: Calvin Tankman by pinfall at 10:40

After the match, Mireno takes off his BLK OUT t-shirt and hands it to Tankman as a huge sign of respect. Ruckus grabs the mic and says about Tankman, ‘on some real shit, that’s a bad muthafucka’. Tankman grabs the mic and says this has surpassed his wild dreams since he was ten, thanks to the crowd, and says he loves each and every one of the fans for coming out.

Again, they announce that ‘Smart’ Mark Sterling will be here later tonight as the crowd rains down boos.

Allie Katch (w/ Effy) vs. Penelope Ford

Katch (the former Kat) comes to the ring on a pink scooter. Ford is making her return to GCW, her first match since November 2018. As Ford does her usual split entrance, Katch starts the match with a stiff kick to her head. Ford comes back with head scissors and satellite head scissors. Ford delivers a handspring to the corner, a running boot, and a German suplex. As she goes for the pin, Effy pulls her off. Ford takes him off the apron with a big boot and a double knee to his stomach. Ford holds Effy as Katch dives onto him by accident on the outside. They start fighting on the outside and head over to the merch table as Kip Sabian with a cameo telling Katch not to break his table. Back inside, they trade off waist locks into a backslide pin attempt, followed by a knee strike by Katch. Katch tries a piledriver, but Ford reverses into a bridging chin lock. Ford tries a springboard but gets caught by Katch into a German suplex. Katch hits a springboard herself into a cutter for a two count. Katch bends Ford all the way back in a Boston crab, but Ford is able to flex herself out of it, very impressive. Katch hits a Death Valley Driver followed by a piledriver for a two count. Katch grabs a piece of a wooden door and places it on top of two chairs. They go on the top rope as Ford hits a blockbuster on Katch onto the wooden board that doesn’t break, for a two count. Ford places the board in the corner and whips Katch into it, followed by a spear and the board still doesn’t break. Katch and Ford in frustration, ‘team up’ and try to stomp the wooden board and still can’t break it, tossing it out to the outside. Ford hits a DDT followed by her Fisherman’s Suplex for the pin. After the match, Ford takes off her eyelashes and puts them on Katch’s face like whiskers.

Winner: Penelope Ford by pinfall at 10:21

Death Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Drew Parker

Parker isn’t putting his newly won BJW Death Match and GCW Ultraviolent Championships on the line in this main event, but commentary says with a victory Lloyd could earn those title shots. Parker starts with some side headlocks and takedowns before they attempt multiple pin attempts. The ‘death’ starts as they both go to grab light tubes and start hitting each other with them including them falling onto the tubes to break them apart. Parker tries to dive onto Lloyd to the outside who moves out and powerbombs Parker on the apron. Lloyd grabs a giant ladder and places it into a corner, tries to whip Parker into it, but Parker uses the ladder for a Sliced Bread #2 and a 2 count. Lloyd grabs a couple of syringes and sticks them through the ear and nose of Parker. Parker comes back with a curb stomp to Lloyd through a pane of glass. They both take turns going through two more panes of glass, followed by a sleeper suplex and double stomp. Parker escapes out of a package piledriver, but Lloyd is able to land another one onto the glass for a two count. Lloyd sets up another pane of glass on chairs, they slip up a bit on the top rope, but Lloyd ends up hitting a Tiger Driver onto the glass for just a two. Parker comes back with a poison rana followed by a dive to the outside on Lloyd. Parker goes to the top but gets hit with a tube before Lloyd hits himself with one, for good measure. Lloyd sets up another pane of glass on chairs and drives Parker onto it, but Parker remarkably kicks out at one, as the crowd erupts. Parker comes back with a cutter off the ropes, sets up a bundle of tubes on the back of Lloyd, and hits a Swanton Bomb for a two count. Parker sets Lloyd in between two chairs and under another pane of glass before climbing to the top of the giant ladder. As he’s on the top, Lloyd quickly climbs up to meet him, but Parker hits a sunset powerbomb off the top of the ladder, through the glass, and only gets a two. Parker goes and sets up Lloyd once again under another pane of glass and the chairs, climbs up the top of the ladder, and hits a Swanton Bomb off the top of the ladder through the glass, and Lloyd and gets the pin.

Winner: Drew Parker by pinfall at 15:22

Prepared Statement for the GCW Universe / MDK-44OH War Games

They quickly clean up the ring as Gill & Prazak remind us Matt Cardona’s representative Mark Sterling is still slated to show up tonight before they go off the air. Smart Mark Sterling heads to the ring with a microphone and advises the crowd to stand back six feet as he puts on a face mask and the crowd chants ‘Shut the fuck up’. Sterling sees glass all over the ring and says he isn’t getting into the ring until someone sweeps it up one more time. Three guys come in and start sweeping as Sterling says they are doing great, before asking where the stairs are for him to get into the ring. As soon as he gets into the ring, the crowd chants ‘Get the fuck out’. Sterling says first things first, it smells really bad in here and he thinks it’s the crowd. Sterling says he hates Jersey and wants to get out of here as quickly as possible as he says he has a prepared statement from the GCW World Champion Matt Cardona. They said they were thinking of renaming the title the GCW Universal Championship as the crowd boos and chants ‘fuck that shit’.

Sterling is ready to read the prepared statement but the crowd chants MDK so he said he’ll wait. He read the statement; ‘GCW Universe, fuck you’. And that is all. Sterling says they were reviewing the tape from last night and says they can sue Nick Gage for almost murdering Cardona but if they do that, it will reverse the decision so what they have decided to do is pursue a class-action lawsuit against the GCW Universe. Sterling says he agrees with Dave Meltzer about people throwing stuff, and on cue, they start throwing bottles and cans again. Sterling says he has everybody’s name and will sue them for $500,000. As more trash pours in, Nick Gage’s music hits.

Gage gets into the ring wielding a steel chair. Sterling advises Gage to not put his hands on him as he would sue and call the cops. Gage drops the chair but still lands a punch on Sterling and hits him with the Matt Cardona boot in the corner. He reveals a pizza cutter and is about to cut Sterling with it but gets interrupted by Rickey Shane Page who comes out with 44OH. They start to surround Gage, who grabs a chair again as he’s outmanned 6 to 1 but gets some back up from Alex Colon. As it’s 6 to 2, Mance Warner, AJ Gray, Matthew Justice, and Effy come into the ring to even it up as all 12 men start to brawl. Gage and his help clear the ring as they stand tall in the ring with the crowd cheering MDK.

Nick Gage grabs the mic and calls 44OH ‘fucking pussies’ and asks the crowd for reassurance and says 44OH is going to get murdered. Gage suggests his crew here, the Murder Death Kill Gang vs. 44OH in a War Games match on September 4th in Chicago where he ends saying he will murder every one of those motherfuckers as commentary confirms Team MDK vs. 44OH will happen.

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Thanks a lot for the reports, Siino!

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Thanks for the coverage. I don’t know if was smart but I just got my ticket to Art of War event. 4 wrestling shows in 5 days might be too much.


“Smart” Mark Sterling is great and Cardona has been great in this feud too. Teasing the name change to the Universal title is hilarious.

After watching this match though, you could not pay me to go to one of these shows. These fans are lunatics.

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