GCW Homecoming Part II - Nick Gage massacres Matt Cardona at wedding vow renewal

Originally published at GCW Homecoming Part II - Nick Gage massacres Matt Cardona at wedding vow renewal

GCW Homecoming Part II

Sunday, August 14, 2022, The Carousel Room, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Extreme Championship Scramble Match: Cole Radrick (champion) vs. Gringo Loco vs. Axton Ray vs. Alec Price vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Masha Slamovich

The match started with Gringo Loco taking on Axton Ray and Slamovich. Slamovich is able to hit a German suplex that sent Ray to the floor, and Masha was then left to try and take out Gringo Loco but that didn’t go her way. Cole Radrick returned to the ring and had an offensive sequence with Alec Price. Each man got their chance to shine with Alec Price making the most of his appearance in a GCW match. Gringo hit a Spanish fly with Axton Ray which sent them both through a door that Alec Price and Cole Radrick were holding in the center of the ring. A very impressive and innovative spot. Masha hit some ‘kicks’ to Cole Radrick’s head but still was sent to the floor by Radrick, Masha returned to the ring and hit a plancha to the floor which took out three of the members of the match. Radrick hit Lil’ Sebastians Curse on Alec Price for the victory.

Cole Radrick Retained his GCW Extreme Championship

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Maki Itoh

The match started with a slower pace with each competitor laying in some offense. Itoh did some of her signature spots, the singing, crying etc. The crowd liked it but it did nothing for me. While Maki was ‘crying’ Sheik caught her with a couple of strikes and locked her in the Pendulum hold and eventually dumped Maki on her face. Sheik hit her signature slingshot leg drop which was followed up with her slingshot senton which resulted in a two count. Itoh, no relation, fired back up with a series of headbutts and 10 punches in the corner. and hit her head drop for a two count. Maki fired back up after some offense from Sheik, she headbutted Sheik’s forearm and went to the top rope but nobody was home. There was a series of near-falls that got the crowd to buy into the match even more; Itoh went to the top rope but Sheik followed her, Itoh headbutted her and was able to hit a top rope DDT for a two count. She went for it again and this time Itoh was able to pin Dark Sheik.

Maki Itoh Defeated Dark Sheik

Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Ninja Mack

They started the match with some ground-based offense with Ninja Mack eventually gaining the advantage; from there they faced off in the center of the ring and started exchanging kicks and strikes to the face. Neither wrestler had the advantage until Ninja Mack kicked Blackwood in the face, it didn’t last long as NInja Mack went for one of his aerial moves and was met by Blackwood’s boot to his face. Mack sent Blackwood to the floor and he attempted the Ninja Mack special but Blackwood returned to the ring and caught Mack in mid-air and hit a deadlift German suplex which resulted in a two count. Blackwood followed that up with a series of strikes followed by a Tombstone and a double stomp off the top rope but Ninja Mack was still able to kick out, Blackwood got Mack up on his shoulders but Ninja reversed it into a crucifix bomb. Ninja Mack hit a beautiful Phoenix splash for the victory.

Ninja Mack Defeated Kevin Blackwood

6-Man Tag Team Match: Second Gear Crew vs. Jordan Oliver, Blake Christian, and Nick Wayne

Blake Christian received a similar reaction that he had last night as he was met with ‘Fuck you Blake’ and ‘No Heart’ chants. This is what happens when you suck at promos and force us to listen to them for months on end. Blake teased going to the back which got the biggest pop of the night. Manders and Blake started the match as the crowd continued booing Christian and chanted ‘Fuck’em up Manders.’ Blake hasn’t been the same since he cut his hair, it’s like when Jonah Hill lost all that weight. Christian tagged out which resulted in a major pop for Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne. Wayne took Justice off of his feet and hit a slingshot senton for a two count. Wayne and Oliver worked together to try and take out Justice but they were both taken out with a spear. Christian was tagged back in, Mance Warner grabbed two chairs and placed them in the center of the ring, and started trading fists. Manders and Mance both Sabu’d a chair into Christian’s head as the action spilled to the floor. Manders threw Nick Wayne which sent him crashing into the fourth row of chairs; Warner and Christian returned to the ring and continued his beatdown of Blake Christian. Jordan Oliver took the heat for a little bit until he tagged in Blake Christian who still received a negative reaction, he tried to go punch for punch with Mance Warner which didn’t work. Christian turned a doomsday device into a poisonrana but again the crowd didn’t care, Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne picked up the pace of the match with tandem high-flying moves which resulted in a near fall on Matthew Justice. Manders and Mance beat down Oliver and Christian which isolated Nick Wayne in the center of the ring, Justice soared off the top rope splashing Nick Wayne for the victory.

Second Gear Crew Defeated Blake Christian, Jordan Oliver, and Blake Christian

Thankfully there was no post-match promo from Blake Christian

Singles Match: Starboy Charlie vs. Mike Bailey

Starboy Charlie turned his back on Mike Bailey who took the advantage by kicking him in the back of the head. They started to tee off on each other with a series of punches followed by some brawling on the floor. Back in the ring, Mike Bailey continued his beatdown on Charlie which resulted in several near-falls for Bailey. Starboy was able to string some offense together but Bailey had an answer for everything which resulted in Charlie eating some more stiff kicks and punches. Bailey connected with a triangle moonsault which again took Charlie out on the floor; Bailey tombstoned Charlie through a door on the floor which resulted in some boos for Bailey. Bailey attempted another tombstone in the ring but Starboy Charlie was able to reverse it and hit a tombstone of his own. This evened the score as they started to exchange strikes in the center of the ring; they traded near falls as Charlie was able to hit another piledriver and sent Bailey’s face into the bottom turnbuckle followed by a running dropkick. Bailey caught Starboy Charlie trying to come off the top rope and hit his Flamingo Driver for the victory.

Mike Bailey Defeated Starboy Charlie

Tag Team Match: Charli Evans and Everett Connors vs. BUSSY

Evans and EFFY start the match, Charli piefaced EFFY twice as they started trading forearms in the center of the ring. EFFY got the best of Evans, EFFY tagged in Allie Katch who started flirting with Charli Evans, Everett Connors took issue with Katch’s offense and entered the ring to confront his fiance. Allie and Everett eventually kissed by accident which resulted in both of them facing off with Allie getting the best of the situation. EFFY was tagged in and started going to Everett with a couple of suplexes and a splash in the corner; EFFY went for the last ride but Connors was able to reverse it and hit a double stomp. Charli was tagged back in and started hitting BUSSY with repeated shots in the corner, Evans attempted to roll up Katch but Katch stopped her momentum. Connors went to kiss EFFY but EFFY stopped it and they were rolled up by their respective opponents. BUSSY hit the two gay powertrips followed by simultaneous submission holds, Charli ducked a double clothesline and managed to hit one of her own; while she was soaking in the crowd’s adulation, Charlie Mason ran in and took out Evans. Mason choked EFFY but EFFY reversed it with a Sack Ryder which allowed everyone to hit their finishers and double pinned him.

“The winner is everyone but Charles Mason”- Emil J

GCW Ultraviolent Championship Match: Rina Yamashita (Champion) vs. Sawyer Wreck

Sawyer has a massive height advantage over Rina, who tried to chest bump Sawyer but was unable to. They went for a test of strength but Rina was unable to reach Sawyers’s hands so she hit a leaping forearm to Sawyers’s face. Rina bodyslammed Sawyer which resulted in a one-count; Rina started forearming light tubes into Sawyers’s chest and started ‘eating’ the light tube which the crowd loved. Rina started to carve away at Sawyer’s forehead with the broken end of a light tube, the crowd chanted ‘over here’ which Rina politely obliged. Rina placed a tube on Sawyer’s back, kicked it then followed it up with a gusset plate to Sawyer’s arm. Rina fired the crowd up by slamming a gusset into her head, this gave Sawyer some time to recover and attack Rina with a gusset of her own. The match spilled to the floor with Sawyer firmly in control, Sawyer placed Rina on a chair and hit a running cannonball which sent both of them crashing through the second row of chairs. Rina regained control and kicked the same ‘fan’ in the stomach and set him up for another suplex, the ‘fan’ reversed it and hit a suplex of his own. Sawyer was recovering on the apron, Rina tried to attack her but Sawyer got Rina up on her shoulders and hit a DVD through a barbed wire net on the floor.

A brutal-looking bump that resulted in Rina having to be cut out of the barbed wire. Sawyer threw Rina back inside the ring along with a barbed wire chair and went for a cover but only registered a two count. Rina followed that up with a couple of light tube shots to the champion’s head but Rina was still able to get her shoulders up. Rina placed the barbed wire chair across the chest of Sawyer Wreck and hit a top rope splash onto the barbed wire chair. Rina hit her finishing move onto a barbed wire chair and light tube bundle.

Rina Yamashita retained the GCW Ultraviolent Championship

Tag Team Deathmatch: Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch vs. Los Mazisos

All four men grabbed tubes and ran into each other with them. Mazisos threw Murdoch and Colon to the floor and started beating each other down with various suplexes and punches. Extremo set up a door on the floor as Ciclope blasted Colon over the head with a tube as Extremo crushed a chair over the head of JWM’s head. Colon and Ciclope returned to the ring and started to hit each other with tubes, Ciclope tagged in Extremo who continued the beatdown as he hit a falcon arrow onto a pile of glass. Murdoch and Colon hit a combination stunner/suplex on Extremo and went for the pin but it was broken up by two tube shots from Ciclope. Mazisos hit a tube-assisted doomsday device onto Murdoch which should’ve spelled the end for Murdoch but Colon came to the rescue and broke up the pin. All four men stood in the center of the ring and started to break the remaining light tubes over their heads, Colon hit a double stomp followed by a tube-assisted tope suicida. Murdoch hit a piledriver onto Extremo but wasn’t able to seal the deal which resulted in Murdoch being sent to the floor. Extremo grounded Colon in the ring and placed a massive bundle of tubes across his chest and broke them over Colon’s chest with a top rope splash. Murdoch grabbed Extremo after a pin attempt and hit his deep south destroyer from the apron through a pane of glass and door on the floor. Ciclope placed Colon underneath a pane of glass and went to splash Colon through the glass but Colon moved and hit a frog splash followed by the camel clutch for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch and Alex Colon Defeated Los Mazisos

Post Match: EFFY and Katch cut a promo about how they’ve been overlooked ever since they lost the tag team championships and entered themselves in the War Games Tag Team Match. The Briscoe Brothers vs. Los Mazisos vs. BUSSY vs. Second Gear Crew vs. Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch.

The Cardona’s Renew their vows

Inside the ring there were two cakes and a poster of their wedding photo, Emil J introduces our officiant for tonight’s ceremony, Maven.

Maven cut a promo on the crowd about how they’ve been disrespecting him, the crowd chanted ‘fuck you Maven.’ Sheik was the flower girl for the occasion, the wedding party consisted of Charli Evans and Mike Chiapetta, Big Vin and Billie Starkz and Masha Slamovich, Mr. and Mrs. Cardona, the fans chanted ‘fuck the parents.’ Cardona came to the ring dressed as Randy Savage while Chelsea was wearing a wedding dress.

“Matthew, since the moment I met you I have loved you, from the moment I saw your perfectly quaffed beard and unbelievably tan biceps, I fell absolutely in love with you. Instead of telling you all the reasons why I love you, I thought I’d bring in a special guest to sing to you.” Maki Itoh is introduced who proceeded to sing Nat King Cole’s Love, which was tremendous.

🎤🎤ICYMI: @maki_itoh is available to sing at your next wedding ceremony.

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“But before I start my vows, there are a couple of people I want to thank, first of all, I want to thank each and everyone one of you, the GCW Universe, for coming to our wedding. Maven thank you for being the officiant, I voted for you on season 1 of Tough Enough. Chiapetta, my best friend from Kindergarten, Long Island Iced Chi baby, Big Vin, the unsung hero of GCW, Big Vin you are the Broski of the week! Last but certainly not least, my parents, Mom I love you, Dad I love you. crowd booing Show some fucking respect. Are you guys made that my dad did something that none of the back will ever have and have a god damn Wrestlemania moment! Last year at Homecoming in this very ring, I dethroned Nick Gage became the world champion and became the Deathmatch King! You know who nursed me back to health my beautiful soon-to-be wife Chelsea Green. Chelsea, you are the most beautiful girl in the world, Chelsea you are my soulmate, you are my Ms. Elizabeth. Roses are red, violets are blue, when I met you I said WOO WOO WOO, I hope you don’t move on and find another broski because you are my forever hoski.

Maven introduced the ringbearer, Jimmy Lloyd. Jimmy didn’t have the ring and the crowd chanted ‘you fucked up.’ “Is there anyone out there who rejects this perfect union” crowd started chanting MDK but Blake Christian’s music unfortunately hit. He gives Cardona a big hug, he hugged Chelsea but grabbed her butt. The crowd chanted asshole. Maven asked if there was anyone else who objected to this union, Allie Katch came out, and she complained about there not being an open bar, she presented the Cardona’s with a gift which was a bottle of rogain.

They say I do, they kiss, and then Nick Gage’s theme song hits. Cardona’s mom cleared the ring as the God Nick Gage stormed down the aisle. Dewey Donovan was clutching a gift for the lovely bride and groom. Nick Gage and Matt Cardona’s dad faced off and Gage hit him over the head with a tube and spinebustered Cardona. Chelsea got in Gage’s face, Gage told her to turn around Allie Katch hits her in the face with the cake and piledrives her. Gage grabbed a purple bundle of light tubes and broke them over Cardona’s head. Dewey Donovan handed Gage a present which turned out to be his pizza cutter and started to carve away at Cardona’s forehead. Cardona had a full crimson mask by this point. Nick sent the crowd home happy with the MDK call and response.

Such a beautiful day for a wedding 💒…@TheMattCardona 🖤 @ImChelseaGreen@GCWrestling_ #GCWHomecoming #tusslemania pic.twitter.com/2kSDVraKZn

— Roland Lugo (@tussle_mania) August 14, 2022