GCW Planet Death Report: Sadika vs. Jimmy Lloyd, Cole Radrick vs. AKIRA & hosted by Nick Gage

Originally published at GCW Planet Death: Sadika vs. Jimmy Lloyd, Cole Radrick vs. AKIRA

GCW Planet Death

Friday, April 1, 2022, Fair Park, Dallas Texas

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:
Sawyer Wreck vs. Brandon Kirk
Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Shane Mercer
Cole Radrick vs. AKIRA

Commentary: Kevin Gill and Nick Gage

Ring Announcer: Emil J

Nick Gage Promo:

Shut that fucking music off, WHERES MY FUCKING GANG AT? I SAID DALLAS WHERE’S MY FUCKING GANG AT? You know what time it is, its fucking midnight time and it’s time for some Deathmatch shit *crowd chants Deathmatch shit* These guys in the back wouldn’t be busting their asses if it wasnt for all you crazy fuckers. So you guys ready for some Deathmatch shit?”

Taipei Deathmatch: Bam Sullivan vs. SLADE

These two former teammates have competed once before in GCW when they fought to a No Contest but now things will get ultraviolent. Bam Sullivan is the inaugural H20 Danny Havoc Hardcore Champion. Both men swung wildly trying to connect with their glass-taped fists, Bam backed SLADE in the corner and started punching him in the head. Bam followed SLADE to the floor only to get caught with some stiff shots from SLADE, who started to grind his fist into Bam’s head who is now busted open. SLADE shoved a piece of glass into Bam’s nose and begged him to quit, Bam got out of that predicament and cut SLADE in half with a spear. The two men met in the center of the ring and traded some stiff punches, Bam was able to lock in a Boston Crab and transition into a crossface with his glass fist firmly planted on SLADE’S forehead. SLADE locked in a choke and won the match by submission.

SLADE Defeated Bam Sullivan

Thumbtack Kickpad Lightube Deathmatch: Cole Radrick vs. AKIRA

violence is a home. – Cole Radrick | #GCWDONTTELL

These two midwestern boys are very familiar with each other but have yet to meet each other in a death match. AKIRA was scheduled to make his GCW debut at last year’s Planet Death but those plans were thwarted after he contracted COVID. Since then AKIRA made his debut but has yet to claim a victory. Cole has the momentum after his star-making performance against Orin Vedit. The two started off the match showing off their technical wrestling prowess, AKIRA planted both of his kick pads right into Radrick’s back as the two struggled for the position on the mat. Radrick locked in a submission hold, broke a light tube over AKIRA’s head as the crowd chanted ‘you sick fuck.’ Radrick went for a tope but he was caught by AKIRA who threw him through a door; Cole Radrick placed AKIRA on a chair with a tube and hit a running cannonball. They returned to the ring and Cole attempted a springboard stunner but was met with a bundle of light tubes to his back, AKIRA started to carve away at Radrick’s head busting him wide open. “Straight tube workman”-Nick Gage. AKIRA was firmly in control of the match, hitting a snake eyes followed by a package suplex for a two count. AKIRA continued his onslaught with a knee strike, placed a bundle of tubes on Radrick, and kicked them into his chest. Cole came back with a light tube shard and went to stab AKIRA in the head but AKIRA started to eat the glass and spit the shards into Cole’s face. Cole broke a tube in the mouth of AKIRA and proceeded to cut open his own chest to the delight of the crowd. AKIRA hung Cole up in the tree of woe and again smashed a bundle of tubes into his chest for a two count, Cole fired up and broke a tube over AKIRA’s neck for a two count of his own. AKIRA set Cole up on a door bridge in the corner, AKIRA climbed to the top rope with a tube but Cole punched the tube into his face which sent the glass flying into the crowd. Cole landed a cutter and spiked AKIRA onto a bundle of tubes which secured the victory.

I have a hole in my back and it's gushing.

The water in my bath is totally red.

Love it.

See you all tomorrow. #murdermania

— AKIRA アキラ (@theakiraway) April 1, 2022

Cole Radrick Defeated AKIRA

Boards of Fuckery Deathmatch: Brandon Kirk vs. Sawyer Wreck

Sawyer Wreck has been a long-time standout in the Deathmatch world with star-making performances in No Peace Underground; she is making her debut tonight against one of the toughest and craftiest wrestlers in the Deathmatch scene, Brandon Kirk. This is Brandon’s first match back with GCW since his match at last year’s Planet Death where he was defeated by Gory and Jimmy Lloyd. Brandon is a coach at the H20 Wrestling Center, and he competes mostly for ICW No Holds Barred and H20 Wrestling. Sawyer started to slam gusset plates into Kirk’s arms and his head; she followed that up by driving the plates further into his head with a steel chair. Brandon Kirk is leaking, Sawyer brought in a razor board but she was cut off and slammed face-first into the board for a two count. Brandon returned the favor on Sawyer Wreck by slamming a gusset plate into her head which caused her to leak as well. Kirk grabbed a staple gun and stapled some money to her head along with his own elbow pad; Kirk crushed Sawyer on a chair with a piledriver for a two count while she was trying to recover. He brought in a light tube board only for Sawyer to chokeslam Kirk onto the board for the victory.

Sawyer Wreck Defeated Brandon Kirk

Deathmatch: Neil Diamond Cutter vs. Shane Mercer

Both of these competitors are crazy inside the ring, the power that Mercer brings is equally matched by Cutter’s pain threshold and speed. Cutter tried to take Mercer off his feet by running into him with two light tube bundles but it wasn’t successful as he was tossed across the ring from the freakishly strong Shane Mercer. Mercer blasted Cutter with a bundle of tubes to which Nick Gage exclaimed “yea fuck his ass up.” Shane Mercer is an absolute beast, he captured Cutter in a one-handed gorilla press tube combination but the strikes did not have any effect on Cutter who followed back up with a tube shot of his own followed by a cannonball in the corner. Cutter came off the top rope but he was caught and powerbombed onto a bundle of tubes for a two count; Cutter took control of the match blasting Mercer with tube bundles. While Mercer was recovering from the onslaught a giant ladder was set up in the corner of the ring, Cutter retrieved a staple gun and stapled Mercer’s knees and back which grounded him long enough to hit a beautiful lionsault for a two count. Cutter went off the top rope and was caught by Mercer who hit a press slam moonsault onto a bundle of tubes; instead of going for the pin, Shane Mercer climbed to the top of the ladder while holding Cutter and hit another press slam moonsault for the victory.

Shane Mercer Defeated Neil Diamond Cutter

Lightube Deathmatch: Mad Man Pondo vs. Hoodfoot

This matchup was supposed to be Reed Bentley taking on Hoodfoot for the first time but Reed is taking some time off so the living legend, Mad Man Pondo stepped in and took his place. Pondo is a veteran of the Deathmatch scene competing all over the world in three different decades. Hoodfoot had his breakout deathmatch against Mad Man Pondo at RPW Inked in Blood. Since then, Hoodfoot has gone on to face various deathmatch legends most notably getting a pinfall victory over ‘The Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont. Both men stood in the center of the ring trading fists, Hoodfoot went to the corner and broke a beer bottle over Pondo’s head which was followed up with a running cannonball in the corner onto a bloody Pondo. Hoodfoot went for another offensive maneuver but was hung up in the tree of woah, Pondo placed his trademark stop sign on Hoodfoot’s face and threw a cinder block at him. That is a sentence I never thought I’d type! Pondo hammerfisted a gusset plate into Hoodfoot’s skull which caused him to start bleeding profusely from his skull, Pondo grabbed a knife from his boot and started to carve away on Hoodfoot’s forehead. Hoodfoot returned the favor by slicing Pondo’s forehead with a piece of a broken beer bottle, Nick Gage is phenomenal in commentary, you can feel his excitement and passion. Hoodfoot connects with a Garvin stomp breaking a tube on the legend’s body after every stomp, however, this series of offence only secured a two count for Hoodfoot. Hoodfoot hit a Saito suplex through a door covered with light tubes for the victory, adding another win over a deathmatch legend to his resume.

Hoodfoot Defeated Mad Man Pondo

Singles Match: Sadika vs. Jimmy Lloyd

These two were originally set to face each other at GCW vs. LOKO Wrestling in a steel cage but were canceled, now they finally meet on the biggest GCW weekend. With barbed-wire doors set up in each corner, the two competitors started the match by trading fists and some counters only until Lloyd hit a Cactus Jack clothesline to the floor which was followed up with a tope. The action returned to the ring with Sadika hitting a headbutt followed by a dropkick that planted a steel chair into the back of Jimmy Lloyd’s head. Lloyd tore away at Sadika’s mask, grabbed something from his wrist tape, and started stabbing Sadika’s forehead; a barbed-wire door was set up outside the ring as the two battled on the ring apron. Sadika hit a twisting neckbreaker through the door, which pierced both of their bodies with the barbed wire. Sadika hit her twisting senton onto Jimmy Lloyd who was lying prone on a barbed-wire door for the victory.

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