GCW Ransom Report: New tag champions, steel cage main event

Originally published at GCW Ransom Report: New tag champions, steel cage main event

GCW: Ransom

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Showboat Hotel

Atlantic City, New Jersey 

Scramble Match: Jimmy Lloyd vs. Gringo Loco vs. Yoya vs. Alec Price vs. Gabriel Skye vs. Carlos Romo

Everyone attempted to hit a move, but no one was successful. Lloyd sent Price to the floor, but Skye quickly followed suit by sending him to the mat. Gringo Loco and Alec Price paired off, and Gringo sent Price to the floor with a military press that turned into a cutter. Romo took Yoya out with a leg lariat followed by a kick to the spine. Skye and Loco faced off in the center of the ring, and Loco took Skye off his feet, planted him on the mat with a suplex, and followed it up with a Vader Bomb. Loco went for another one, but Yoya took him out with a rana. Lloyd then planted Skye with a piledriver and attempted to pin him, but Yoya broke it up with a lariat to the back of Jimmy’s head. Price climbed the turnbuckles and was hit with a one-man Spanish Fly from Gringo Loco, but Loco was hit with a Frog Splash variation followed by a release Northern Lights Suplex for a two-count. Romo hit Jimmy with a huge springboard cutter, and Price nailed Skye with the Surprise Kick for the victory.

Alec Price won the Scramble

Singles Match: Shane Mercer vs. Mike Bailey

Drew Parker sustained an injury following his deathmatch last night and was unable to compete against Mike Bailey. Mercer used his impressive strength to his advantage at the beginning of the match before Bailey was able to fire up and evade a couple of Mercer’s attempted power moves. Mercer was able to use his power to block Bailey’s attempted offense again, and Bailey got frustrated and started to trade fists with Mercer in the center of the ring. Bailey took Mercer off his feet with a dropkick, and Mercer did the same, sending Bailey to the floor. Mercer got Bailey up in a Military Press and dropped him face-first on the ring apron. Bailey quickly recovered and started to work on Mercer’s legs with various kicks and submissions. However, something on the ring canvas cut Mercer’s shoulder, leftover glass from the previous night. Mercer tossed Bailey, but Bailey landed on his feet and connected with a series of kicks. Mercer once again used his strength to toss Bailey with a suplex. Mercer then attempted to Military Press Bailey into the crowd, but Bailey was able to escape and connected with a beautiful springboard moonsault. They climbed to the top rope, and Mercer attempted a Moonsault and Batter, but Bailey pulled his legs out from under him and connected with a top rope double knee. Mercer was able to connect with the Moonsault and Battery, but he was slow on the pin attempt due to his previously injured knee. Bailey kicked out and hit Mercer with the Ultimate Weapon for the victory.

Mike Bailey defeated Shane Mercer.

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Los Macizos (Champions) vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

The champions took the fight to the floor, Ciclope ran Shelley into the wall a couple of times while Sabin and Miedo brawled around ringside. MCMG’s connected with a pair of clotheslines and sent the champs crashing into each other with a spear. Ciclope helped his partner out by hitting Sabin with a spine buster followed by a Gord Buster Splash. Ciclope hit Sabin with a Shinning Wizard, Shelley made the save for his tag team partner who leveled Ciclope with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. The Machine Guns tied up the champions on the mat, and Ciclope was able to fight out of the hold only to be dropped again and locked in a double submission. Miedo had Shelley up in the Romero Special and Chris Sabin took advantage of Miedo’s positioning and went for a cover. They traded forearms in the center of the ring and the champs were leveled with a double dropkick that sent Ciclope to the floor, they attempted another double-team move but Miedo cut them off with a tope. Sabin sent Ciclope through a door in the corner and hit him with a double-team maneuver for the victory. 

Motor City Machine Guns are the New GCW Tag Team Champions

Deathmatch: John Wayne Murdoch vs. Masha Slamovich 

Masha attacked Murdoch right off the bat with a flying knee to the Duke’s head and followed that up with a series of tubes to his head. Murdoch flipped her off as she smashed some more tubes across the Duke’s head. Masha placed a bundle of tubes behind Murdoch’s back only for him to move out of the way after she came off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Murdoch used the broken tubes to carve away on her back and hit her across the head with a bundle for good measure. Masha went to the floor but she couldn’t escape as Murdoch threw a bundle at her from the ring. Masha returned to the ring and started to get worked over with the broken bits of tubes, Murdoch went for a powerbomb but Masha blocked it and sent Murdoch through a pane of glass with an Air Raid Crash for a near fall. Masha took Murdoch out of the floor with a twisting tope, she rolled him back into the ring and leveled him with a Shinning Wizar for another nearfall. Murdoch threw some glass in Masha’s face but she was still able to kick out at 2, Murdoch set up some chairs on their sides and proceeded to put a pane of glass on top. Masha slammed Murdoch through the chairs at a very awkward angle and picked up the pinfall victory. 

Six-Woman Tag Team Match: Maki Itoh, Rina Yamashita, and VENY vs. Billie Starkz, Janai Kai, and Sawyer Wreck 

Billie and Rina started the match off for their respective teams, they had a stiff lock up, Billie took Rina off her feet and attempted to lock in a submission hold but she worked her way out of it. They locked up again, Rina kicked Billie in the ribs and took her off her feet with a shoulder tackle. Kai and VENY were in next, they attempted to throw kicks at each other but they kept reversing each other until they wrestle to a stalemate, Maki and Sawyer were in next and they tried to do a test of strength spot but Maki was unsuccessful every time. She went onto VENY’s shoulders, Sawyer and Billie did the same as they exchanged forearm strikes, and Maki was able to take Sawyer off Billie’s shoulders with a headbutt. Maki was isolated in the corner, Billie, Janai, and Sawyer worked her over with Rina occasionally making the save only to be sent out of the ring by the ref. Itoh fired herself up by hitting her head against the turnbuckle and proceeded to take Sawyer down and connected with her diving headbutt, VENY hit Janai and Billie off their feet only to be leveled by a big boot from Sawyer Wreck. Starkz fired up and hit VENY with a Gory Bomb but she was kicked out. VENY and Starkz each hit dives to the outside, they met back in the center of the ring where Starkz was taken off her feet with a dropkick. Rina got the hot tag and hit a big DDT on Billie Strakz followed big overhand chops. Billie responded with some of her own followed by a German Suplex combination but Rina was still able to kick out. Janai connected with some stiff kicks to Rina’s head but Rina fired up and opened her back up twice to Janai’s kicks. Rina connected with a big splash on Kai, Billie broke up the pin with a Swanton and VENY broke up the pin on Rina with a Shooting Star Press. Rina scored the pin after she hit Janai with a Splash Mountain. 

VENY, Maki Itoh, and Rina Yamashita Defeated Sawyer Wreck, Billie Starkz, and Janai Kai 

JCW Championship Match: Jordan Oliver (Champion) vs. Blake Christian

Blake Christian wasted no time and attacked Jordan Oliver before the bell. He started to choke Jordan Oliver with his shirt. Christian got caught with a right hand, and Oliver took him out on the floor with a diving crossbody. Oliver started to work over Christian’s chest with a series of chops. Oliver got caught with a 619 followed by a twisting springboard crossbody, and a high-angle backdrop suplex for a near fall. They engaged in a chop battle in the center of the ring. Christian was nailed with a knee followed by a boot to the face but still managed to send Oliver to the floor. Christian hit a beautiful Fosbury Flop that took Jordan out on the floor. Oliver attempted a cloutcutter, but Blake blocked it and pushed Oliver into the ref, which gave him the chance to hit Oliver in the balls.

Jordan Oliver defeated Blake Christian via DQ

Nick Gage and Masha had a pull-apart brawl. Nick Gage promised to beat Masha into the ground in front of her whole family.

GCW Extreme Championship Match: Joey Janela (Champion) vs. Brandon Kirk

Joey grabbed a headlock and tried to take Brandon off his feet with a shoulder tackle, but Kirk used his size to hip-toss Janela a couple of times before Joey went to the floor and grabbed a door. They sent each other into the door a couple of times, but the door didn’t break, so they teamed up together and broke the door themselves. They used the ends of the broken door to beat each other over the head. Joey grabbed a chair from underneath the ring and placed it in the center of the ring. Joey grounded Brandon with a backdrop and hit him across the back with a steel chair. The match spilled to the floor. Joey pushed a shopping cart into Brandon, placed him in it, and ran him into the ring post. Joey set up a door bridge in the center of the ring and sent Brandon through it with a superplex. Kirk still kicked out at 2. Joey was planted on a couple of chairs with a Psycho Driver but managed to kick out. Joey hit Brandon with an avalanche Splash Mountain through a couple of chairs for the victory.

Joey Janela retained the GCW Extreme Championship.

Four-Way Tag Team Match: Bang Bros vs. Young Dumb N Broke vs. Second Gear Creww vs. Wasted Youth 

SGC started brawling right away. The match spilled to the floor, and they beat down all of the teams with steel chairs. They brought a bunch of doors into the ring and set them up in the corner. SGC brought Ellis Taylor back into the ring and choke slammed him through one of the doors. The Bang Bros speared SGC through a door, which gave them a chance to take out Young Dumb and Broke with a dive to the floor. Dylan McKay took everyone out on the floor with a twisting press. Mathers tried to do the same, but Charlie Tiger cut him off. Davey Bang was nailed with a spinning piledriver, but August Matthews broke up the pin attempt with a kick to Taylor’s head. August and Mathers traded forearms and kicks in the center of the ring before they both flew out of the ring, taking out SGC. Mathers flew in with a missile dropkick and took out Taylor. Everyone hit a 450 splash, and SGC returned to the ring and put McKay through a door. They went for a pin attempt, but they were attacked from behind by members of IWS in Montreal. Bailey turned on the GCW locker room and aligned with his home promotion.

No Contest 

Steel Cage Match: Allie Katch vs. Charles Mason 

Katch spat water in Mason’s face and started to beat him down in the corner, Katch continued her onslaught with a knee strike followed by a tornado DDT. Mason was able to create some separation which allowed him to drive Katch into the cage head first, he teased leaving the cage but he jumped back in and went to town on the open wound on Katch’s head followed by a belly-to-back suplex. Mason continued to beat her down but Katch was able to turn the tables when she hit Mason with a Code Red followed by her running hip attack combination; Katch connected with a Northern Lights Suplex for another nearfall. Katch placed Mason up on the top turnbuckle but Mason reversed it into a rolling Death Valley Driver but Katch was able to kick out. Parrow slid a pair of handcuffs into the ring, Katch hit Mason with a low blow and cuffed Mason to the cage. She retrieved a knife from her boot, Mason was able to kick it out of her hand and Parrow cut the chains which freed Mason, Parrow tried to climb the cage but EFFY made the save and brawled with Parrow to the back. Katch hit Mason with a piledriver but Mason again kicked out. They brawled on the top rope, Mason drove Katch’s head into the cage which sent her crashing to the mat. Mason hit a top rope elbow for a close nearfall on Katch. They traded near falls, Mason grabbed the knife, but Katch jumped on his back and choked him out for the victory. 

Allie Katch Defeated Charles Mason