GCW: Rock-N-Roll Forever: The Rock 'N Roll Express say goodbye to the Evansville Coliseum

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GCW: Rock-N-Roll Forever

Sunday, July 3, 2022, Evansville, Indiana

Evansville Coliseum

Spoiler Free Match Recommendations:

Tony Deppen vs. Kerry Morton
Nick Wayne vs. Axton Ray
Second Gear Crew vs. AKIRA, Dale Patricks, and Alex Colon
Billie Starkz vs. Dark Sheik

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Singles Match: Konosuke Takeshita vs. Cole Radrick
Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Alec Price
Three-Way Match: Lindsay Snow vs. Masha Slamovich vs. Janai Kai
Bunkhouse Stampede Match: Brandon Kirk vs. Bam Sullivan vs. 1 Called Manders vs. Hoodfoot vs. SLADE vs. AKIRA
GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY (Champions) vs. Delirious and Edith Surreal
Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Axton Ray
Tag Team Match: Dragon Lee and Dralistico vs. ASF and Gringo Loco

GCW: The Settlement Series- Part 1
Sunday, July 10, 2022, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey
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GCW No Singal in The Hills 2
Friday, July 15, 2022, Los Angeles, California
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Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Kevin Blackwood
GCW Tag Team Championship Match: BUSSY (Champions) vs. Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas
Singles Match: Johnny Game Changer vs. Gringo Loco
Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Komander
Singles Match: Alex Zayne vs. Titus Alexander

LA Fights Volume 5:
Saturday, July 16, 2022, Baldwin Park, California
American Legion Post #241

Singles Match: Titus Alexander vs. Jai Vidal
Tag Team Match: Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. B-Boy and Lil Cholo
Singles Match: Lucas Riley vs. Starboy Charlie
Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Sandra Moone
Singles Match: Jordan Cruz vs. Jack Cartwheel

GCW: Back to The Bay
Sunday, July 17, 2022, San Francisco, California
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Singles Match: Kevin Blackwood vs. Nick Wayne
Singles Match: Blake Christian vs. Titus Alexander
Singles Match: Mike Bailey vs. Jack Cartwheel
Tag Team Match: Los Mazisos vs. Journey Fatu and Juicy Finau

Rock-N-Roll Forever Results:
Commentary: Kevin Gill, Dave Prazak, Nick Maniwa, Allie Katch, Nick Gage
Ring Announcer: Emil J

Singles Match: Calvin Tankman vs. Jordan Oliver

Calvin Tankman used his strength advantage to shove Jordan out of the ring and onto the mat a couple of times and started to box Oliver’s ears. With Oliver backed into the corner, Calvin Tankman unloaded on Jordan Oliver with a straight right hand followed by a powerbomb attempt that Oliver was able to escape out of. Oliver drop kicked Tankman’s leg and grounded him with a big cross body off the top, Oliver went for the clout cutter but Tankman blocked it; Tankman turned Oliver inside out with a stiff lariat that also got him a two count. Oliver escaped to the floor but Tankman pursued him and struck Oliver with a series of chops, Oliver went back inside the ring and was all but knocked out from an elbow strike from Tankman. Oliver slapped Tankman across the face which was met with a ‘you fucked up’ chant from the crowd, Tankman was able to land one strike but on the second attempt, Oliver kneed him in the face, followed by the Acid Kick for a great near fall. Oliver attempted a Tiger Driver but Tankman hit him with an Alabama Slam followed by a vicious hidden blade but Oliver kicked out at two. Oliver tried to fight back but Tankman kept knocking him off his feet with his heavy-handed chops and strikes; Oliver ducked a back fist followed by a double-armed DDT for a 2.5 count. Oliver attempted the clout cutter but Tankman hit him with a back breaker and a lariat but Oliver again kicked out, there were some phenomenal near falls in this match. Tankman climbed to the top turnbuckle and attempted to drive Oliver onto the mat but Oliver reversed it and hit 2 consecutive clout cutters for the victory. This was an incredible hard-hitting opening contest that set a great tone for the rest of the show.

Jordan Oliver Defeated Calvin Tankman

Singles Match: Tony Deppen vs. Kerry Morton

The two locked up a couple of times with neither man getting the advantage over the other, Deppen got annoyed so he blew a snot rocket into the third-generation wrestler’s face. The pace of the match picked up, Morton went for a dropkick but Deppen blocked it and struck him in the face. Deppen bailed to the floor and was hit with an ax handle from Morton who came off the apron. The two stalked each other around the ring as they chopped each other to the delight of the crowd; Morton hit a modified 619 to Deppen which further staggered the former Ring of Honor Television Champion. Morton hit a beautiful snapping powerslam for the first near fall of the match, Deppen begged off, suckered Morton in, and smashed his face into the second turnbuckle. With Morton staggered, Deppen was able to fully take control of the match, Deppen shot Morton off the ropes and sent him chest-first into the opposite turnbuckle. Ricky Morton appeared on the stage which distracted Tony Deppen but Kerry Morton was still unable to shift the momentum; Morton placed Deppen on the second turnbuckle and attempted to hit him with a German suplex, instead he hit Deppen with a powerbomb/delayed deadlift suplex combo for a very close near fall.

This pic of @RealRickyMorton cheering on @RealKerryMorton from the stage of the Evansville Veterans Memorial Coliseum gives me life. Much love to @GCWrestling_! pic.twitter.com/cEqLTd2weE

— #ProWrestlingsBFF (@nickmaniwa) July 4, 2022

Morton fired back up as he hit a knee lift followed by a super atomic bulldog for another near fall; Deppen was caught with a release German suplex followed by a series of uppercuts. Morton went for a big boot but Deppen sidestepped him and rolled Morton up with his feet on the ropes for the victory.

Tony Deppen Defeated Kerry Morton

Singles Match: Axton Ray vs. Nick Wayne

Due to the injury sustained on Friday night, Allie Katch was unable to compete tonight. The two started off the match with a showcase of their aerial-based offensive moves and evasions as they wrestled to a stalemate. Wayne sent Ray to the floor but Ray caught him with a fist to the face, though it didn’t phase Wayne who popped back into the ring and took out Ray with a tope. Wayne attempted a cutter back inside the ring but Ray just shoved his knee into the head of Nick Wayne which swung the momentum his way.

Axton Ray catches Nick Wayne out of the air with a big knee! #GCWRNR pic.twitter.com/HGCdrRxYRD

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) July 3, 2022

Axton Ray worked Wayne over with a headlock as the crowd clapped along to try and inspire Wayne’s revival; Ray has Wayne scouted pretty well as he can counter all of Wayne’s offense at this junction of the match. Wayne was able to cut Ray off and hit a beautiful bridging northern lights suplex, Wayne climbed to the top rope but he took too much time as Ray exploded off the mat and kicked Wayne in the side of the head. Ray went for a dragon suplex but ended up hitting Wayne with a springboard knee strike for a near fall. Ray muscled Wayne up and tried to DVD him but Wayne escaped, hit a knee lift, and attempted a clout cutter but it was blocked, Wayne climbed on Ray’s back and was locked in a modified sleeper hold. These are two incredibly talented and creative wrestlers, both third generation. NIck Wayne was kicked out of a Doctor Bomb, Ray didn’t know what to do at this point, so he placed Wayne in a seated position on the top turnbuckle. From there he put Wayne up on his shoulders, Wayne was able to slink off and headbutted Ray until he fell off the turnbuckle, Wayne went for a Swanton bomb but no one was home, and Ray slid to the floor but Wayne took him out with a massive flip dive. Wayne rolled Ray back into the ring and hit a Swanton followed by a massive clout cutter for the victory.

Nick Wayne Defeated Axton Ray

Singles Match: Shane Mercer vs. Blake Christian

Nick Maniwa on Commentary

There was a sign of mutual respect to start the match off as the crowd was solidly behind both men, Mercer used his size and strength to his advantage but he still was able to keep up with the much quicker Blake Christian. When Christian gets going, I don’t think there is anyone faster inside in the ring. Mercer had his shoulder taped up pretty heavily from his match-up earlier in the weekend, Blake went for a tope suicida but Mercer caught him with ease and threw him back over the top rope. Mercer’s shoulder has been busted open once again, this time from one of Blake Christian’s kicks; Mercer laid into Christian with some heavy chops but Christian was able to swing the momentum back into his favor with a series of knee strikes and Assaults to the injured shoulder. Christian hit a top rope inverted DDT from the ring to the floor on Shane Mercer, back in the ring, Christian climbed to the top rope but Mercer recovered and climbed up, but was hit with the poisonrana, Mercer flipped and landed on his feet. The crowd came unglued at this spot.

Mercer tried to continue his onslaught on Christian but Christian was able to swing the momentum in his direction, he briefly stomped on Mercer’s head and followed that up with a poisonrana/frog splash combination for another very close near-fall. The near falls tonight have been great, the crowd was biting on every single one of them. Christian connected with a knee strike followed by a butterfly DDT in the ropes, Christian went to the floor and retrieved the first door of the evening. The reveal of the door got a GCW chant. Bix got a shoutout from the commentary team as Christian took his time setting up a door bridge in the corner of the ring. Mercer was able to recover as he hit Christian with the tour of the islands, he brought Christian to the second turnbuckle, Christian was able to reverse Mercer’s momentum hit him with a poisonrana, ‘somehow’ Mercer found his way to the door, Blake Christian curb-stomped Mercer for the victory.

Blake Christian stomps Shane Mercers head through the door for the win! #GCWRNR pic.twitter.com/b6cWTbjQHw

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) July 3, 2022

Blake Christian Defeated Shane Mercer

Six-Man Tag Team Match: AKIRA, Alex Colon, and Hoodfoot vs. The Second Gear Crew

Nick Gage on Commentary

Before Emil can finish his introduction the match got underway and in typical SGC fashion, it’s a brawl throughout the arena. Colon and Justice paired off while Manders and Mance took on the other two members, as I said last night the pure joy you can hear in Nick Gage’s voice as he’s doing commentary is awesome and infectious. All of the competitors took turns beating the crap out of each other, Matthew Justice and Dale Patricks brawled to the second floor of the venue while Manders continually Sabu’d everyone else with chairs. Colon and Mance Warner also climbed up to the second floor of the venue as well. All 6 men were brawling up on the balcony, 5 of the competitors went back down to the floor as Matthew Justice dove off of the 25ft balcony and took out everyone. He grabbed a chair and struck AKIRA in the skull as the crowd was going nuts.

Matthew Justice dives off the balcony (of course) of the Evansville Coliseum! #GCWRNR pic.twitter.com/IVKziPfR9F

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) July 3, 2022

Back in the ring, SGC set up three doors in the corners of the ring and drove all three members of the opposing team through the doors.


— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) July 3, 2022

They all kicked out at 1 and grabbed pieces of the broken doors and started to beat SGC up with the broken ends of the doors. Nick Gage was loving every second of this match. Dale Patricks is an underrated Deathmatch talent and I hope we get to see him on more GCW shows. Alex Colon brought back the Drywall saw from his match with Cole Radrick and started to carve away on Mance Warner’s head. Colon and AKIRA took out Justice and Manders with tope’s, Patrick’s Sabu’d a chair onto Mance’s head; Colon hit a chair assisted double stomp onto Mance followed by a chokeslam through chairs from Dale Patricks. Colon reversed a doomsday device into a one-man Spanish fly, got a near fall then was brained with a chair from Mance Warner. AKIRA hit Kowada kicks to Mance Warner, and Warner eye-poked AKIRA followed by a splash from Justice and tandem powerslam by Manders and Mance Warner for the victory. This match was an absolute sprint and a complete car crash.

Second Gear Crew Defeated AKIRA, Alex Colon, and Dale Patricks

Scramble Match: Spyder Nate Webb vs. Alec Price vs. Carter Gray vs. Larry D vs. Yoya vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Dave Prazak noted that the last time Nate Webb was in this building he was fighting Beautiful Bobby Eaton and Juicy Joe. Alec Price jumped out of the ring right away as the rest of the competitors faced off in the center of the ring, Carter Gray challenged Larry D to a strike battle and lost right away. Yoya was caught in Larry’s arms and was used as a weapon, eventually, they were able to get Larry out of the match, which allowed Price and Yoya to exchange an offensive sequence and near falls. It’s great to see both Yoya and Alec Price on the touring schedule for GCW shows, Carter Gray was in the match next as he started to work over Yoya with a series of backbreakers and a side slam. With Yoya grounded Gray hit a trifecta of kicks followed by a twisting press across his back; this sent Yoya to the floor and Jimmy Lloyd into the match, Lloyd got the advantage of Gray who he hit with a super kick and attempted a pin but Larry D entered the match and sent Lloyd to the floor. Larry D hit Alec Price with a pop-up powerbomb, and Yoya hit Larry D with an Asai DDT for a two-count. Lloyd attempted a pin on Alec Price but Yoya hit a splash which broke up the count, Nate Webb speared Price into the corner, which left Larry D, Yoya, and Alec Price. Carter Ray hit a twisting plancha from the top rope to the floor which took out the rest of the competitors. The action continued as expected with each member of the match getting a chance to shine and hit their finishing moves. Nate Webb set Yoya up on the mat and hit the chairsault.

Chairsault!! #GCWRnR @SpyderNateWebb@GCWrestling_https://t.co/oEfto74zxK pic.twitter.com/DoHEGPehGF

— SirLARIATO (@SirLARIATO) July 4, 2022

Nate Webb pinned Yoya to win the Scramble Match.

Nate Webb won the Scramble Match

Singles Match: Joey Janela vs. Cole Radrick

Nick Maniwa on Commentary

Even after he lacerated his arm this past Friday, Cole Radrick isn’t one to miss an opportunity when one presents itself. The match started with the two men exchanging various holds and engaging in different counters until they wrestled to a stalemate. Cole picked up the pace of the match as he hit a step-up-Rana, he attempted a tope but Joey cut him off with a palm strike, he then picked Radrick up in a vertical suplex position and took a lap around the ring then finally dropped Cole on the hardwood floor. Cole’s wounds started to bleed after the impact on the floor as Joey continued to beat him down inside the ring. Joey connected with a vicious chop across the chest that staggered Cole Radrick he then sent Radrick head over heels into the corner. Cole is bleeding from the head and his taped-up arm as Joey continued to target the injuries. Cole was able to stun Janela with a strike, the two men got to their knees and started to slap each other back and forth with Joey getting the advantage. Radrick took Joey off of his feet with a missile drop kick followed by a rope-assisted senton, Joey took a powder on the floor and was taken out by a flying Cole Radrick. They are once again in the kneeling position as this time they traded fists instead of open-handed chops, neither man was able to get an advantage until they got back up to their feet. Joey rushed in and Cole sidestepped him; Cole hit a 619 followed by a frog splash for a two count. Cole was stuffed with a Death Valley Driver but was able to kick out, they traded near falls and did the fish out of water spot which brought the crowd to their feet. Cole hit Janela with a stunner, Joey’s sell put Austin Theory to shame.

.@ColeRadrick with a springboard stunner!#GCWRnR @GCWrestling_
▶️https://t.co/5PSwKwbrY4 pic.twitter.com/JAPxYz559c

— Rob (@HeyyImRob) July 4, 2022

At this point of the match, Cole’s bandages had been fully removed which only fired him up even more as he laid in stiff kicks and strikes to the front and chest of Joey Janela. Joey caught Cole with a pump knee strike, followed by a big running clothesline and superkick; Cole returned the favor by hitting a hook kick, but it only registered a two-count.

Raddy air raid crashes Janela onto a chair! #GCWRNR pic.twitter.com/TjTYuXDeuT

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) July 4, 2022

Joey creamed Cole with another uppercut, dropped him on his head with a brainbuster, and piledriver and again Cole was able to kick out. Cole Radrick hit a literal step-up enzugiri as Joey held open a chair. Cole went for a triple jump moonsault but Joey got his knees up and planted him with a german suplex. Radrick climbed to the top turnbuckle, Joey threw a chair into his head and superplexed Cole, who again kicked out. The crowd was chanting ‘this is awesome,’ and ‘GCW’ as the ref counted to 9. The men once again fired away at each other with strikes, Cole leveled Janela which staggered him for a little bit but again was met with a vicious strike from the bad boy. Cole hit the Lil’ Sebastian’s Curse for the victory.

SEBASTIANS CURSE! Cole Radrick just upset Joey Janela!!!! #GCWRNR pic.twitter.com/BwtVUdf5z7

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) July 4, 2022

Joey Janela Defeated Cole Radrick

Post Match: They played Happy Birthday over the PA for Joey Janela

Singles Match: Dark Sheik vs. Billie Starkz

Allie Katch on Commentary

Billie wasn’t taking her competition lightly as she went on the attack right away, taking Sheik out with a series of dives to the floor. Billie rolled Sheik back into the ring and looked to go for a Swanton but Sheik rolled to the apron, Starkz went for a senton and splattered onto the apron and floor. Sheik gained control of the matchup as Starkz was selling her back, Sheik locked Billie into the camel clutch; Billie escaped and was able to connect with a couple of forearms but Sheik once again grounded her with a backbreaker. Sheik dragged Billie back into the center of the ring and locked the Billy Goat’s Curse and turned it into a pendulum hold.

Katch called this hold a veteran humiliation tool as Sheik continued to pursue the injured Billie Starkz; Sheik started to get frustrated with Starkz’s resilience as Starkz fired back up with a handful of forearms followed by a head kick. Starkz ate a German suplex, fired back up, and dumped Sheik on the back of her head with a German of her own.

Gory Bomb from Billie Starkz! #GCWRNR pic.twitter.com/15gVHhbPya

— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) July 4, 2022

Starkz connected with a head kick and again, Sheik blocked it and hit Starkz with a codebreaker which further injured Starkz’s back. Sheik climbed to the top rope but Billie was able to fire up and german her off of the top rope; Billie rolled Sheik up for the surprise victory. The crowd went crazy for this teenage phenom; this was a great match that showcased Billie’s versatility.

Billie Starkz Defeated Dark Sheik

Tag Team Match: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. The Rejects (John Wayne Murdoch and Reed Bentley)

Kevin Gill, Dave Prazak, and Nick Gage on Commentary

John Wayne Murdoch was coming off an incredible American Deathmatch Championship match the night prior; he came up short against Joel Bateman. Reed has been taking some time off, it was great to see him back in action. Before The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express came out, the Rejects cut a heel promo on both Evansville and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express are as infamous a duo as Affirmed and Alydar. I get the novelty of Ricky and Robert still wrestling but at the same time, they are old men, go enjoy retirement and your family. JWM did the Tracey Smothers and said if he heard another chant of Rock ‘N’ Roll they would leave the building; the crowd broke into a Rock ‘n’ Roll, chant the Rejects went to the back and stormed back out with a steel thing and a ladder. The Rejects made it back to the ring where Emil J did the official ring introductions; Emil introduced The Rejects as “Ian Rotten’s personal accountants.” A good bit.

Reed and Robert locked up to start the match off, they had a clean break as Reed got backed into the corner, and they traded full nelsons. Ricky and Murdoch tagged into the match, Ricky punched Murdoch straight in the mouth a couple of times which grounded John Wayne Murdoch. Morton connected with a kick that grounded Murdoch; Murdoch begged off and was able to pull Morton into the ropes which swung the momentum into the Rejects’ favor. Robert got the hot tag and ‘ran’ wild on both members of the Rejects; Morton recovered and helped with the beatdown for a little but Murdoch was able to punch Robert in the face. Murdoch retrieved a bundle of tubes, Morton grabbed it out of his hands threw it out at Murdoch’s head, and hit a destroyer on Reed Bentley for the victory.


— I Gif All The Wrestling (@Aregularindyfan) July 4, 2022

The crowd came unglued for the finishing sequences of this match.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express Defeated The Rejects

Post-match Promo: the entire locker room surrounded the ring as the legends soaked in the adulation of the area.

Ricky Morton said the following:

“Now do you all understand, I love GCW, give it to me *GCW chant*, God guys, what a, what a great, I don’t know I’m speechless for the first time in my life. For those who remember, 40 years ago, every Wednesday night, right here at the coliseum. That’s when we started taking the yellow brick road, you understand me? Then it was off to Mid South, everything that we’ve ever done if it wasn’t for your fans. You’re the one that puts up with all the bullshit, you’re the ones that put up with all the good shit like right here, you understand what I’m saying. Thank you for all the years. It ain’t what we have done, it is what you have done for us, thank you, guys. *Rock ‘n’ Roll chant* Did you ever think these young boys would go on to be 9-time tag team champions? Someone told me yall couldn’t do it, you know what, I told him to suck my dick. Not only for me but for everyone in here, as long as you can sell you can’t take no shit. *Morton calls Janela into the ring* We can’t have GCW without Joey Janela. Brett thank you, my friend, he brings you GCW all over the world! Evansville, Robert, and I love you and so does GCW, Thank you.”