GCW Til Infinity: Speedball vs. 2 Cold Scorpio, Hijo del Vikingo vs. Joey Janela

Originally published at GCW Til Infinity: Speedball vs. 2 Cold Scorpio, Hijo del Vikingo vs. Joey Janela

GCW Til Infinity 

Saturday, December 31, 2022

Atlantic City, New Jersey

East West Express (Nick Wayne and Jordan Oliver) vs. Wasted Youth (Marcus Mathers and Dyln McKay)

Mathers and Oliver started off the match. Oliver threw some errant strikes that didn’t land before the two exchanged waist kick reversals. The two continued battling for control with an impressive sequence of moves before eventually ending the exchange in a stalemate. Wayne and Mathers had a great sequence of impressive offense before Mathers eventually gained control of the match and tagged in Dylan but their advantage didn’t last long as Oliver and Wayne took out both members of wasted youth with their tag team offense. Oliver started to work over McKay which slowed down the pace of the match; Mathers and McKay eventually got their chance to shine, collecting a series of near falls on the crowd favorites. Wayne eventually made the hit tag to Oliver who ran wild in Wasted Youth, he was eventually cut off when McKay dumped him in the corner with a vicious suplex. Both teams continued to put their impressive offense on display as they reacted in the latter stages of the match. All four men stood face to face in the center of the ring and started to exchange forearms. McKay sent Oliver to the floor while Mathers hit Esther with a 450 for an extremely close near fall. Oliver and Wayne hit a cloutcutter on McKay for the victory. This was a fantastic match, all four of the guys killed it and the crowd was hot throughout the over 15min match. 

East West Express Defeated Wasted Youth 

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: Kerry Morton (Champion) vs. Jimmy Lloyd 

Jimmy Lloyd should be the one to take the belt off Gage. 

There was a very loud new champ chant before the match began, Kerry had his work cut out for him. The two had a very stiff lock-up and then went into a feeling-out process which saw Jimmy getting the advantage. The crowd was very vocal in their support for Jimmy Lloyd; as Kerry went to work on Jimmy Lloyd he was met with “Kerry, Kerry, Kerry fucking sucks” chants and a brief “we want Robert” chant. Jimmy stacked Kerry up on the top rope and gut gun with a suplex, he tried to go for a brainbuster but Kerry reversed ur into a cutter. Jimmy fired back up and hit Kerry with two suplexes followed by a neck breaker for a two count. Kerry caught Jimmy with a high knee and pinned Jimmy to retain his title. That was a great match that the crowd ate up. 

Kerry Morton retained the NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship 

EFFY vs. Blake Christian 

Another very polarized crowd for this match as Atlantic City continued the tradition of booing Blake Christian. Blake immediately dumped EFFY to the floor but was met with “Wack ass haircut” chants. Blake showed off his impressive quickness as he and EFFY ran a series of offense spits that culminated with EFFY smashing Blake’s head in the corner. Blake quickly regained control of the match and started to inflict punishment on EFFY. Blake sent EFFY to the floor and took him out with a rope and started to beat EFFY up on the floor. Back inside the ring, Blake continued his beat down of EFFY, EFFY was able to turn the tide after he twisted Blake’s bios and clubbed gun in the back of the head with a forearm and connected with a curb stomp for a near fall. EFFY went for the SackRyder but Blake caught him with a pair of super kicks followed by a springboard 450 for another near fall. Blake Christian skinned the cat but EFFY rolled him up for the victory. 

EFFY defeated Blake Christian 

Leon Slater vs. Tony Deppen 

The match started off with Leon running wild on Deppen but he was eventually stopped by a dropkick. Tony took the fight to the floor where he continued to dominate Leon Slater, Tony didn’t take too kindly Leon’s cockiness and laid into him with a series of kicks and strikes. The two exchanged overhand chops in the center of the ring, and Leon started to run wild on Tony with his intense high-impact offense. Tony fired back up and was able to connect with a couple of firearms but Leon proved to be too quick and ended Tony’s momentum. He sent Tony to the floor and connected with a stiff kick to his head followed by a tope suicida, followed by a dive over the corner ring post which again wiped out Deppen. Leon gave Tony all he had but it still wasn’t enough to put Tony away. Slater hit a Swanyon 450 splash for a near fall but was eventually caught with a knee strike which secured the victory for Deppen. Another impressive outing for Leon Slater as he was met with another please come back chant from the GCW audience. 

Tony Deppen Defeated Leon Slater 

Nick Gage: 

The champion came out with a massive reaction and cut a great promo but he was interrupted by Maki Itoh. Maki yelled where’s gang at and all the other catchphrases. Gage asked Maki if she wanted to be gang affiliated. Gage said beat Katch and you’ll be down with the MDK gang 

Allie Katch vs Maki Itoh 

The match started out with your usual feeling-out process, the two went back and forth for most of the match with Katch using her size and strength advantage on the much smaller Maki Itoh. Maki flipped Katch off but Katch used it to work over Maki’s arm and hand. Katch tried to run Maki’s head until the corner but it didn’t do any damage to Maki who eventually hit her with a headbutt followed by a boot scrape that elicited an MDK chant. The two fought in the apron which saw Maki dump Katch on her face. Maki went to the floor and grabbed the pizza cutter and started to carve away at Katch’s head. Maki went to the top rope but Katch met her up there and brought her back into the ring with a suplex. They traded some headbutts, Katch was able to connect with her patented running hip attacks that resulted in a near fall. Maki went to the floor and brought out a light tube and unloaded it on Katch’s head and hit a swinging DDT for the victory. 

Maki Itoh Defeated Allie Katch 

GCW Tag Team Championship Match: Los Macizos vs. AKIRA and Masha Slamovich 

The match started with all four competitors breaking tubes over each other’s heads, The champs went to the floor but they were taken out by Masha and AKIRA. Ciclope ran Masha’s head into the corner post and then broke a tube over her head for good measure. Ciclope used the other end of the broken Tube to start to carve away at Masha’s head, Meido did the same thing to AKIRA. Ciclope started to carve away at Sakura s exposed back which drew a “you sick fuck” chant from three audiences. Masha brought a ladder from underneath the ring and proceeded to hit muesli over the head with it a couple of times before using some glass to cut Ciclope up. They continued the fight on the floor, Masha put herself in a shopping cart as AKIRA pushed it into the champs with a ladder. They brought Ciclope back into the ring where they continued to beat him down with a pair of hesitation dropkicks followed by some tube shots on Miedo. Ciclope dumped Masha in her head with an ex louder suplex and took AKIRA out with a tube-assisted drop kick. Miedo was knocked off the apron with a pump kick from Masha which went gun crashing through a door on the floor. AKIRA retrieved a weedwhacker and hit Ciclope in the head with it. Masha was hit with a couple of quick fists to the head by Miedo but she was still able to set up a glass bridge in the center of the ring. Miedo and Masha were sent crashing through the panes, AKIRA came off the top rope with a bundle of tubes to break up the pin. Miedo sent Masha to the floor through a door while Skira and the gang continued to fight inside the ring, Miedo spiked AKIRA in his head with a sit-out piledriver for the victory. 

Los Macizos retained the GCW Tag Team Championships 

Joey Janela vs. Vikingo 

The two men shook hands before they started to exchange holds for control of the match, they eventually wrestled to a stalemate after an impressive run of counters and reversals. Joey took the fight to Vikingo but the quickness and agility of the AAA Megaheaftweight champion proved to be too much as Joey was sent to the floor and was taken out with a springboard tornillo. Joey was able to recover quickly and got the advantage on Vikingo planting him in his head with a stiff brain buster. He placed Vikingo up on the top rope and hit an inverted one-man Spanish fly followed by a neck breaker for a close near fall. Vikingo cut Joey off with a tornado kick followed by a poisonrana and a deadlift German. Joey sent Vikingo to the floor and took him out with a tope suicida, Vikingo got back into the ring first and took Joey out with a moonsault followed by a springboard Canadian destroyer for a near fall.  The two men traded fists in the center of the ring with Vikingo getting the best of the situation and hitting Joey with the move that sent the internet ablaze last week. Vikingo capped that off with a shooting star press office the apron to a prone Joey Janela. Joey was able to turn the tide when he caught Vikingo with a suplex in the apron, followed by a package piledriver and a top rope double stink for a near fall. Vikingo pinned Joey Janela after an inverted 630. Vikingo is truly something else and even more spectacular in person. 

Vikingo Defeated Joey Janela 

Shitheads (Sam Stackhouse, Shane Mercer, Axton Ray, Rob Shit) vs. SC*NT (Manders, Cole Radrick, Mance Warner, Dark Shiek) 

Everyone started brawling right away, Ray took out everyone with a dive followed by Dark Sheik. Stackhouse press slammed Rob shit over the top into everyone on the floor. Then the big man, not Clarence Clemons, took everyone out on the floor with a dive. Mance Warner broke a monitor over Ray’s head while everyone else was brawling around ringside. Cole and Mance set up a couple of doors in the corners, Mander our Rob Shit yo in his shoulders and poweslamEd him through a door. Mercer showed off his strength when he got Manders up on his shoulder and the military pressed him a couple of times. Everyone hit all of their power moves on each other, Stackhouse ate two brutal chair shots from Mance Warner that definitely rocked Stackhouse. Mercer was chokeslammed to the floor through a door by Mancer and Manders. Sam Stackhouse set up a door bridge and placed Dark Sheik on it. Stackhouse climbed to the top but was caught by Manders and Radrick who sent him through the door and stack-pinned him for the victory. 

SC*NT defeated Shitheads 

Mike Bailey vs. 2 Cold Scorpio 

The two men traded arm wringers as they slowly fit more comfortably with each other in the ring. Bailey landed a couple of quick kicks which backed Scorpio up in the corner. Scorpio fired yo and landed a series of offensive maneuvers that slowed down Bailey’s pursuit, his advantage didn’t last long as Speedball was able to connect with a flurry of kicks followed by a pump kick in the corner. Scorpio sent Bailey to the floor and took him out with a dive followed by a stiff forearm. Bailey climbed into one of the counters and took Scorpio out with a dive followed by a series of kicks. He proceeded to bring Scorpio around the rest of the Carousel room, wailing him with kicks along the way. Back inside the ring speedball continued to beat down Scorpio but the legend kept kicking out. Scorpio was able to get some separation and landed some kicks followed by a second rope legsault and then a moonsault but Bailey still kicked out. Bailey connected with a flurry of kicks followed by the ultimate weapon for the victory. 

Mike Bailey Defeated 2 Cold Scorpio 

Starboy Charlie vs Willie Mack 

The two locked up for a bit which gave Willie the chance to showcase his strength. Charlie slapped Willie in the face and then hit him with a couple of chops. Willie chopped Starboy so hard, the thud was incredible. The pace of the match picked up and saw Starboy run wild on Mack with a bunch of kicks and takeovers, Charlie tried to continue his momentum but he was sent flying across the ring with a vicious shoulder tackle. Mack backed Charlie up in the corner and unloaded on him with a couple more thudding chops. Charlie regained control of the match until Mack took him off his feet with a stiff lariat for a close near fall.   Mack popped Charlie up and delivered a nasty elbow but he still kicked out at 2, Charlie came back with a dropkick followed by a twisting press for a close near fall on Willie Mack. Mack hit two stunners followed by a massive frog splash for the victory. 

Willie Mack Defeated Starboy Charlie 

John Wayne Murdoch vs Sawyer Wreck

Final Deathmatch of 2022. Murdoch broke two bundles over Sawyer’s head and then sent her into a pane of glass. Sawyer got Murdoch up and slammed him on a bunch of tubes. JWM  went for a pin but Sawyer kicked out, John proceeded to smash a bundle of tubes over Sawyers’ head. Sawyer fired back up and hit Murdoch over the head with 4 tubes followed by a bundle to his back. Murdoch hit Sawyer across the arm with a gusset plate bat which opened her right up but she came back even stronger with a series of tubes to JWMs head. Murdoch was leaking from his arm, Wreck pushed him off the top rope into a pile of chairs. She set up a glass bridge but Murdoch caught her and sent her crashing through the pane of glass for the victory.

John Wayne Murdoch defeated Sawyer Wreck 

Glad you got to see Hijo del Vikingo live.

I signed up for FITE+ last month and am only really making use of it now, watching the last LA show from the 16th last weekend and catching this show live last night. Vikingo vs. Janela taking place when it did made sense of the extra long intermission on FITE+. I liked a few of these matches, especially Mike Bailey vs. 2 Cold Scorpio, with Scorpio moving incredibly well for his age. I also liked not being there in person as light tubes were being smashed over people, spreading the spooky dust around.

After Murdoch vs. Wreck, the rest of the locker room came out to ring in the new year, and then a few minutes after that was the impromptu main event and first GCW match of 2023, where Yoya & Janai Kai (YoKai) beat Billie Starkz & Brogan Finlay (another son of Fit).