Giulia opens up about NJPW x STARDOM Historic X-Over, explains why it was difficult to just 'be happy' about it

Originally published at Giulia opens up about NJPW x STARDOM Historic X-Over, explains why it was difficult to just 'be happy' about it

Giulia shares her thoughts about the STARDOM x NJPW joint show. 

Leading up to STARDOM’s Dream Queendom event, Tokyo Sports released portions of their interview with Giulia. 

In the final two parts of the interview, Giulia spoke candidly about NJPW x STARDOM Historic X-Over that took place in November. She started off by saying women’s wrestling is often viewed as beneath men’s wrestling, but the event turned out to be a success. 

She added that it was difficult to just be happy with it because depending on how one looks at it, she thinks it looked like STARDOM wrestlers were being kept company by New Japan talents. 

Women’s wrestling is often seen as being beneath men’s wrestling. But I guess you could say that this joint event ended up being a success. Before the event started, there were a lot of comments, but now that it has actually taken place, it was like a festival, and the fans seemed to be happy. I thought it would be nice to have something like this at least once a year…

I thought it was hard to let go and be happy. Depending on how you look at it, I think it looked like the STARDOM wrestlers were being ‘kept company’ by the New Japan wrestlers. Wrestling is interesting, and just because a person has good moves or is strong does not mean that they are a great or good wrestler. You can simply be strong, but you can also compete with your aura. A legendary wrestler who is physically past their prime can sometimes overpower their opponents with their aura. In that respect, I thought we still lacked something.

Giulia tagged with Zack Sabre Jr. on the show and it was mentioned that she had a strong presence. She joked that she looks cool no matter what she does. She would go on to state that no STARDOM wrestler should be taken for granted by the male wrestlers or have the mindset of just being happy to be there. 

Well, yes, Giulia is cool no matter what she does (laughs)… I wondered what the audience thought of that [her pairing with Zack Sabre Jr]. I was glad that some people were happy, but I don’t think I should be underestimated. I don’t think we should be taken for granted by the male wrestlers. If we were just being spoiled, why not go to Miho Abe or Peter? I thought, as long as we stand in the same ring, we are not divas. I don’t think that the wrestlers of STARDOM should just say, it was fun to be on that stage or, I was happy to compete in a venue full of people.

I wonder how many of them realize that. If STARDOM is like, I’m happy to be able to get along with the New Japan wrestlers! Then the fans watching wouldn’t be thrilled. Even if they can’t match him physically, if they don’t see that he is willing to go the extra mile, then it is really just a show-and-tell event.

She closed on that topic by saying there is a lot to think about regarding the joint show and the IWGP Women’s Championship will only strengthen the connection with NJPW. 

Anyway, I think we have to think a lot about the joint show with New Japan, and I think the connection with New Japan will become stronger because of the IWGP Women’s Title.

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