Global Force Wrestling Status

I had thought that Global Force Wrestling was defunct, but my local college football team just put out a highlight video of a private show done for them. It was just a quick highlight video, but from what I could tell, the main event was a tag match with Jarrett doing his guitar spot on Jeremiah Plunkett, and Jarrett’s team with James Storm and Crimson coming out victors over Plunkett, Jax Dane, and Crazy Steve. Also, there were a couple other matches. One had Nigel Sherrod & Tony Lucassio, and one looked to be Andrew Everett v. Lance Hoyt maybe. You can check it out here:

Wonder if Jarrett is bringing the company back? Also, Karen was on the show with one of our local players. In any case, a fun show to go with the bowl game in Nashville.

Clearly Jarrett is off the wagon already if he thinks sinking more money into pro wrestling is a good idea at this point in his life.

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Just found out Jerry Lawler was also on the show, and delivered a dropkick!

Here is story in the Miami Herald today …

Tying a GFW show in with a college football bowl game … GFW will not die. GFW will go on like one of those “outlaw” wrestling promotions from back in the 70’s and 80’s until Jeff Jarrett finally hangs up his guitar.

How the hell does Jarrett still have money to support GFW?

I assume GFW is a front for some illegal operation.

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The cash-for-gold scheme was the first indication of that :wink:

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Kudos to Jarrett for still trying but this thing is pretty dead in the water.

Maybe it’s time to, I don’t know? Try something that isn’t pro wrestling?