GLOW Season 2 Review with John Pollock & Wai Ting

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Wai Ting and John Pollock provide an extensive review of the second season of the “Emmy nominated” series GLOW.

We go through the many character changes throughout the season, the continuation of Debbie and Ruth’s problems, Ruth’s relationship with Sam, the show’s handling of the #MeToo movement, addressing the negative stereotypes presented by the Welfare Queen character, “The Good Twin” episode, the best scenes of the season, the characters that came out more developed and what was set up for a potential third season.

Plus, we take lots of your feedback and questions from the POST Wrestling Forum.


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I know you guys asked about how, in the series, they are allowed to take GLOW to Vegas. My take away is that when the executive was telling them they couldn’t sell the show he did say they could continue to run wrestling shows in the gym, so I’ve taken that as they can continue to hold the shows with those characters but they can’t record and put it out on a TV network.

The real question for me is when they get to Vegas are they going to do the same show every day, or different show. I ask cause most shows in Vegas run the same show for a run of months what eve that might be.

Hey I’m posting here because in their Extreme Rules review, John and Wai mentioned they felt that their GLOW review has been overlooked compared to the G1 shows.

I just want to go on the record to say that this review is what got me to sign up as a new Patron last Friday. I listen to so many free podcasts that it was hard to justify paying for more wrestling content, but having John and Wai (two personalities I’ve gotten to know over many years of consuming their content) talk about more non-wrestling stuff (GLOW and the Marvel movie reviews) is what really got me to spend the money. While it’s nice to support them for all the free content they’ve been producing, I hope they keep diversifying while maintaining a focus on wrestling to make the paid content even more attractive, as I enjoy listening to them talk about pretty much anything.

Great job with the review, by the way - was a good almost 2 hours listen as I did my errands on Friday evening. In addition to just reviewing the season, there were some interesting details sprinkled in about the production that I hadn’t heard about before, which I appreciated. The only thing I disagreed about is I felt that episode 8 (the full GLOW episode) was near unwatchable. Such cringe. But accurate for the time and internally consistent, so I can’t complain too much.


I think typically what you described is the case with Vegas shows, but I doubt it’s a hard rule. As long as you find ways to keep the show accessible and entertaining to newcomers so there’s not TOO much dependence on show-to-show continuity e.g. show a video package summarizing ‘the story so far’, or having promos introduce your matches, alluding or summarizing what had happened before, you could probably get away with having a different (or slightly different) show every night. Could be they run mostly the same show every night for a week, then do the next chapter.

Maybe in the 80s where kayfabe was more alive, it would be harder to get away with running the same show in the same venue multiple times.