GLOW Season 2

After the great success of season 1.
What things are you most excited for season 2?
What things did you enjoy the most about season 1? Mine was Marc Maron as Sam, the cinematography and seeing some of the cameos from the different wrestlers to name a few.

I enjoyed Marc Maron but I was only able to binge through the first six episodes of Season 1 before I gave up. The show just wasn’t my cup of tea; I think it didn’t strike the right balance, for me, of wrestling and melodrama. It was also difficult for me to be invested in Ruth as a protagonist when so many of her scenes made me cringe.

However, that said, I think it does well to serve the greater Netflix audience who isn’t as familiar with wrestling. I have quite a few friends who loved it and went on to casually watch more modern women’s wrestling because of it, so it certainly had a positive side effect.

More of the same and I’ll be happy. Really enjoyed GLOW and looking forward to what they do with everyone.

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I just saw this, and it’s pretty fun, also watching the cast watch a Vertabreaker is top shelf.


Loved season 2. Can’t wait for the review

I ended up watching the scenes that were Wrestling orientated, for me the biggest issue was the fact that all the episodes were released at once therefore felt the urge to go through them all in case of running into any spoilers.

Granted I’m probably one of the very few that likes episodes to be spread out in order to avoid the need of binge watching.


You are not I am that way also

You sped through the series by only watching the wrestling oriented scenes? Those are typically the least important aspect of the show. Its a workplace drama/comedy. The show is about the challenges of making the show in the 1980’s, workplace harassment and workplace romances, wacky characters, etc. What happens in the ring is only a small piece of all that.

I don’t think this is a show that’s really “spoilerable” like some others. I highly recommend going back and re-watching it at whatever pace you want.

I thought season 2 was great. Some terrific acting from the cast. Kia Stevens is again a standout. Lots of drama. And it embraces the campiness of the original GLOW even more to highlight what a ridiculous endeavor the original show was.

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I also posted some good links to articles about it including a great Kia Stevens piece on the official feedback thread