Going back to the cinema, what are you going to see?

I’m going to be seeing Black Widow next Thursday night, so that indeed looks to be my first theater experience since early last March. Unless Werewolves Within opens somewhere close to home, which seems unlikely (will likely catch it at home).

The theater I’m seeing it at has assigned seating (like pretty much every theater around me), and it’s attached to a mall that was being used as a vaccine mega-site, so I imagine everything will be safe.

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This is has been the one “and when ______ opens up” thing that I’ve been waiting for. Don’t get me wrong, I miss my family and being able to sleep without a dream where I forget my mask, but being able to go back to the movies is number one on my AV (after Vax) checklist.

I’m not exactly edging for any movie in particular either. I’ll see a classic in my local revival theatre or watch Baby Geniuses 3: They Have Guns Now at the multiplex, I do not give a shit. I’ll take whatever you got, ha ha!

If F9 is still in theatres I’ll definitely be springing for that with all the ridiculous 4DX fixings. I want a big, loud ridiculous spectacle that seems completely detached from the real world.

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