Going to Japan... Need your insights!

My partner and I are visiting Tokyo in late December and early January. I appreciate your insights, seeing as y’all are a great community of cool folks! So, I am soliciting recommendations for places to visit, accommodations and other interesting things :slight_smile:

I am looking into Wrestle Kingdom as well, despite her not liking the Warssles that much :slight_smile:

Aside from that… I am looking

I haven’t been as well… yet but I know the Ribera Steakhouse is a popular destination especially with those in the wrestling community.

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If you can swing it, I believe there is a ramen museum. Though the entire bottom half is all different ramen restaurants from around the world.

Akihabara was my favourite spot.

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I’m awful at remembering names of places but it’s all amazing.
Food wise there’s so much good stuff. The cheap sushi bars are some of the best I’ve ever had-you don’t need to spend a fortune.
There’s soon cool back street restaurants with about room for 4 people near Shinjuku which were incredible.
Even the ham and cheese sandwich from the mini-mart are pretty special.

There’s some amazing record shops and anime places to get lost in.

Visit a few shrines, they can be found all over the city like searching for Pokémon (I imagine).

Enjoy mate. It’s a very special place.

If you were going else where I’d suggest the Kumano Kodo but you can do that next time!

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