Goldberg further addresses Bret Hart, says he can only apologize so many times & be remorseful for so long

Originally published at Goldberg further addresses Bret Hart, says he can only apologize so many times & be remorseful for so long

Goldberg feels there’s only so many times he can apologize for his situation with Bret. 

In a multitude of media appearances, Bret Hart has spoken about Bill Goldberg and the kick that put an end to his in-ring career during their match in WCW. Hart consistently takes verbal jabs at Goldberg in said appearances. 

In the past, Goldberg opened up about Hart’s feelings towards him and he did so again on Tim Green’s Nothing Left Unsaid show. He said he’s been hearing about it for the last 15 years and he’ll never live down injuring Bret.

He added that he’s heard Hart ‘b*tching and moaning’ about it. Goldberg feels he can only apologize so many times and be remorseful for so long. 

They put us (Bret Hart & I) together and I did learn from the guy. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Then we had a match and unfortunately, during the match, something went wrong and I kicked him in the head and it was very stiff and it was an accident. I never maliciously would try to hurt anyone… Let me rephrase that. I would never hurt anyone in a situation like that where they give me their trust, because wrestling is like a dance. You can’t perform properly if both people aren’t doing their thing and I didn’t do the thing right and he caught it in the end and it ended his career and I’ve never lived it down, and I suppose Tim (Green), you could probably speak on this more than anybody. You know me. You’ve known me in situations to where I had to fight (Bill) Fralic just about every day to survive and I’m not a malicious person and I would never take advantage of anybody, especially in a physical sense like that and so it was a complete accident but to this day, he thought — he thinks that I either did it on purpose or I was so horrible at what I did that it just happened. So, that’s the Bret Hart story. I’ve heard it for 15 years and I’ve heard about him b*tching and moaning about me kicking him in the head and you know, I can only say I’m sorry so many times and I can only be remorseful for so long. So, that’s where we are. I still wanna kill him (he joked).

Speaking about his venture into wrestling, Goldberg recounted having an offer from WWF/E before he agreed to sign on with WCW. 

He stated that WWE’s offer was only available for 24 hours. It was then that he made a phone call to Eric Bischoff to lay out what he envisioned his future looking like. 

I specifically remember the phone call where I picked up the phone, I had an offer on the table from the WWE. It expired within 24 hours and I called Eric Bischoff and I said — and I knew Eric and I said, ‘Listen Eric, I don’t wanna be cocky, I don’t wanna be an asshole but, if I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna make a difference and I’m gonna be somebody and I’m not gonna be one of those $500 throw-around-the-ring dudes that you forget about’ and that was my statement and then the door opened and hopefully it’ll be just like Gage’s entrance into Colorado. All I needed was a door open and then I did my work. I applied everything that him (Tim Green) taught me, I applied everything that Pierce Holt taught me, I applied everything that Mike Gann taught me and I did it in the world of professional wrestling as opposed to doing it in the NFL.

Hart’s latest comments about Goldberg came during a February interview to promote Starrcast in Australia. To read that, click here

Goldberg’s last match took place at WWE Elimination Chamber in 2022 where he fell in defeat to Roman Reigns in a Universal Title match. 

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While I agree with Bret, guy really needs to let it go. This happened almost 25 years ago at this point, and it was truly was an accident. For Bret’s own mental health, he needs to move on.