Google play music feed not being updated

I use Google Play Music to listen to your podcast but noticed that no podcasts have been updated there since last Monday. Is that a mistake or do you guys plan on no longer submitting your shows to that feed?

We upload our shows to our main source and Google Play and all the other directories pull from that. I’ve specifically sent Google messages about our feed and upNXT not updating since Monday but they’ve yet to directly respond to me.

However, a listener did mention the POST feed updating recently. Checking our status on the backend seems to indicate that our feed has been recently updated as well.

The difference between Google Play and most other podcast apps is that Google specifically downloads copies of each podcast onto their servers instead of simply streaming from our main source. The shows usually take longer to appear, and I’m sure a delay like this has something to do with that as well.

So basically, I’d recommend having another option for yourself on Android:

UPDATE: All of our shows appear to have been recently refreshed.