Great Puro matches

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Wanted to get your opinions and recommendations on some great Puro matches. I am on a binge of Japanese matches, ones that can be found without digging deep into some Russian Torrent Tracker, and YouTube has been a great source of entertainment. Unfortunately, they have removed two of the greatest DVD they had on there: Muta: Birth of Monster and Muta vs Monster, but I’ve been able to find the gems that are Kenta Kobashi’s insanely long compilations:


I had watched some of these matches already, but having them curated in such way gives a clear perspective on the man’s deep mark on Puro as a whole.

With that said, one of the matches on Pro-Wrestling NOAH compilation (the second link) is the last time NJPW managed to sell out the Tokyo Dome, and part of the reason is having Kobashi and Chono in a match for the GHC Heavyweight Title (NOAH’s title). It is just crazy to hear the constant electricity of 30,000, something that you rarely hear in Japan, yes they clap and pop when they are supposed to, but just the constant noise makes the match bigger than it is.

So, any of you guys have any recommendations?



Here’s a channel where some great matches are posted. You can find Kawada vs. Misawa, Kobashi vs. Misawa and more on there.


Nice, thanks for the link. I know the channel, actually watched Giant Baba vs Bruiser Brody yesterday.

I like women’s wrestling so any Manami Toyota match. Versus Aja Kong or Lioness Asuka preferably.

Thanks for the links! This is great stuff!

Here’s two great ones. Some may have seen them, if you haven’t then watch them.

This one is the infamous chop battle match. The crowd is bonkers in this match.

The phantom “6 star match”. Incredible heat throughout with a finish that has the fans just absolutely losing their shit, smaller venue than the first match posted but a no less important match in puro history.

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Found this gem, if someone tells you that its impossible to have an incredible match in under 10 minutes. Well they are simply wrong. Also, don’t fuck with Dangerous K.

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That someone is an idiot. Some of the best matches I’ve ever seen are under 10 minutes. For example;

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This one was ducking awesome! Thanks!

One of my favorite KENTA matches, he was the ultimate badass in NOAH. If it was not for KENTA CM Punk and Bryan Danielson would have had no movesets

I don’t know about that. Danielson took inspiration from many, many different styles and wrestlers, and most of the moves you see Punk doing in 2013, he was doing in 2002 IWA-MS.