Guess the wrestler by entrance theme.

I missed about 5. Being a non-stop fan for 40+years; I’m okay with it.

This one should be a piece of cake for me.

Ughhh I got 39/40. I blanked on Sgt Slaughter.

One thing you can’t help but notice is how distinct every song is. Not like now a days when 80% of the themes are simply bands.

Think I got 4 wrong.
Didn’t know the Godfather (after my time), Sgt Slaughter, Ken shamrock and really annoyingly Mr Perfect.
I knew the tune and remembered it of the Gameboy game but couldn’t pin it…I’ll be thinking about that one all day :pensive:

Got them all, from my avid fandom.

Blanked on Goldust but got it in time.

Why Vader and The Rock’s theme songs were on I don’t know because the names are mentioned.

Sgt Slaughter’s theme was on Wrestlemania X7, that’s how I got that.

Giving myself Syd because that was his Sycho Syd Theme not Sid Justice and Edge because that was his theme originally as a solo act.

If it was modern day, then I’d definitely not have got them all.

39 for me. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that Slaughter theme before. I just remember the super long drum roll from Survivor Series 1990.


There’s a part 2, still from the 80’s and 90’s but with some harder ones.

As a wCw kid growing up I did better than I thought I would. Only missed 3, Jake and Sid i knew I knew the themes but I just couldn’t place them quick enough……but Bushwackers? I had absolutely no clue lol

Drop the link! Lets see how we get on with that one


This one is much much harder. I got 39/40 on the first one, but 20/30 on this one.

I know but I’m claiming Slick and Bret Hart as correct.

To my recollection, Andre The Giant never had any WWF music and never heard Greg Valentine’s.

Koko B Ware’s was a different one as well.

I could have heard Adam Bomb’s one in full and never have got it

That’s what I thought regarding Andre, I never remember him coming out to music. Greg, Koko, Adam Bomb are all ones I got wrong as well.

Andre never had music in WWF except DiBiase’s theme. It’s been in video games and possibly dubbed onto some Coliseum/Network releases, but that’s it.

Oh, and I got 28. I missed Koko (would’ve got the bird theme… wasn’t thinking Piledriver) and the Andre one.

Only got Giant Gonzales because they’d already done Papa Shango, I probably would’ve said Shango for either of those.

And I only got Valentine and Bomb because they started at the beginning, never would’ve got them without the sound effects.

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I don’t like how they reveal it after I had already typed Razor Ramon :frowning: