Hangman and Omega need a teamname

I will put forward The hung lovers

The Hung Angles
The Hung Winged Angle

I assume this is just one of your usual quirky threads, but angle wise this would be a great idea. With the way their Revolution match played out and the implied new found unity, a good segment would be openly discussing naming themselves with The Young Bucks present.

The did tease in BTE two weeks ago they didnt have one.

The finisher combo is the Buck-Shot-V-Trigger

Saw someone online suggest The Golden Horseshoe which I liked.

I literally typed this out @Chicago_Mike

and DELETED it because Golden is from Golden Star and that’s not Kenny, that is Kota.

I also liked The Golden Cowboys for Kota/Hangman when the eventually become a team against Kenny

How about Golden Cowboy shit

The Omega Hung?

Rope and Wing Connection, Homega, Hamega, Hangmega?

~Cowboy Angels-


One-Winged Cowboys


Cowboy Lovers (or maybe “Brokeback”)