Heath explains why he was unable to film for WWE's Nexus documentary, says Ryback was not asked

Originally published at https://www.postwrestling.com/2022/11/03/heath-explains-why-he-was-unable-to-film-for-wwes-nexus-documentary-says-ryback-was-not-asked/

Heath chats WWE’s Nexus documentary and being a tag champion in IMPACT.

In May of 2021, NJPW STRONG Openweight Champion Fred Rosser shared an image on social media of himself being interviewed by WWE for a documentary about The Nexus. Several months later, it was reported by PWInsider that the documentary was shelved.

Heath spoke about the documentary on episode #159 of Cultaholic’s Desert Island Graps. He shared that there is a Nexus group chat and they catch up here and there.

Heath mentioned that they conversed about the documentary and added that he was unable to film for it due to obligations with IMPACT Wrestling. Bryan Danielson was with AEW, Michael Tarver did not film for it and WWE did not ask Ryback to participate.

Brother, honestly, it’s one of those things where we have the group was with AEW so it was like, all right, well it ain’t gonna happen. But what gets me is like, damn, it’s been 12 years ago maybe, that people still talk about it bro. That was one of those moments that when people said, ‘What the hell?’ I mean we might not have won that many matches, how it was planned out and all the bullcrap and how they did it. SummerSlam still pisses me off, but it’s one of those things to where they should have had us dominate SummerSlam, go to Mania, let the whole supergroup of WWE beat us. But there was so much they could have done but there was so many egos flying at the time where they just didn’t wanna see a group of rookies take a step forward I’m guessing.

On the 10/20 edition of IMPACT on AXS, Heath and Rhino became IMPACT World Tag Team Champions. Heath dove into he and Rhino’s real-life friendship and how that has carried over to television.

It’s a beautiful thing, I love that guy. He’s one of my best friends in the world inside the ring and outside the ring. We’re buddies. I never in my life thought, me and Rhino, the ECW crazy man-beast, we’re gonna be best buds one day. Never in my life thought it but damn it, it came with a tear. My kids literally call him uncle Rhino. Legit call him, ‘Uncle Rhino, how’s he been?’ It’s one of the things to where man, I love him to death. This was actually a goal two years ago . Soon as we got into IMPACT — well me personally, with Slammiversary two years ago and then I got to Bound For Glory, got hurt, all the bullcrap happened with that, my goodness, it was a pain. But, this was a goal for me and him years ago in IMPACT because it was one of those things where hell man, we got gold here, let’s get some gold here. Let’s have some fun with it and then, two years pretty much later, it finally happened. Woo.

They defeated Mike Bennett and Matt Taven for the titles. Taven and Bennett were ‘fired’ on the latest IMPACT on AXS. The duo, alongside Maria Kanellis-Bennett, debuted for AEW prior their on-screen exit from IMPACT.

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