Help Brent Chittenden Win a Radio Show

Hey PostMarks!

As many of you may have heard on the Marvel Endgame review, I’m currently in the running to win my own radio show local to me in Orillia, Ontario.

And I need your help.

About 20 years ago, I studied radio broadcasting but due to youthful stupidity, I never ended up in the industry. I’ve worked around it a lot with guys like Alan Cross and Jeff Woods, but never in it.

While I have no illusions of this becoming a full time, this would kind of put a cap on one of the few “what might have been” pieces of my life.

If you got a minute, please click on the link below and vote for The Darkside. There’s nothing to sign up for, just click on the show and that’s it.


Voted! I hope you win!

Thumbs Up Ernie

I voted for your show but almost wanted to vote for that Chris Sheppard show. :grin: Only because i grew up with him on the radio and he was a part of BKS and Love Ink.

Voted mate, best of luck.

Voted. Hope you win Brent

Voted… even though I liked Sisters of Mercy better when they changed gimmicks.

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Voted and spammed my friends to vote for you. Good Luck!

Good luck Brent, gave you the big val-vote-ski.

Thanks for your help everyone!


Switching on all of my chorus pedals to send you goth rock energy, and lighting a black candle for the goddess Siouxsie Sioux; may she look favourably upon your quest.

Done! I appreciate all of your podcasts Brent. Good luck!

Voted! Good luck!

Voted! Happy to support a fellow goth/industrial DJ/broadcaster. :wink:

The leading vote is currently on 44%, while Brent’s vote is currently on 43%.

So close.


Brent’s taken the lead!


I can’t find any rules against this, so FYI: you can vote a second time in incognito mode.


As of this writing, with help from you guys and a couple of other sources, I’m back in the lead!

Thank you so much for all the help so far. I’ve got a week and a half to go but right now, it’s looking pretty good.


Genuinely like the music on display.

Just voted for you… glad I caught the AEW podcast shoutout from John and Wai before it was too late to vote haha. Good luck!

It was tough not to vote for Rockin’ Randy:

Presumably not this guy


But I hope you win.

Best of Luck :slightly_smiling_face: