Hey Canada,you can keep Harry and Meghan

We will take Trish Stratus and Chris Jericho in return plus we will chuck in a boat load of cash to make it fair.


This post is amazing. Well done sir

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So, you get le champion, and a milf; and we get a c-level actress and a prince? Hardly seems fair… how about you take Justin Bieber instead?

Looks like someone loves the Daily Mail…


Can they also agree to take Trudeau, and Nickelback?

Gotta love Brits being mad over a black woman getting her husband to move out his grandmother’s house and get a real job.


It’s only the nationalists that are mad. Most sane people don’t even care about the Royal Family. Harry seems like the most normal one.


Like brexit supporters?

Europe is costing us money…but let’s support an outdated monarchy that lives free off our dimes.

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I’ll tackle this.

My issue is that £350k was spent on house alterations, £100k on a baby shower and millions were spent on a fairytale wedding, before they decided that they wanted to be ‘financially indpendent.’ That’s easy to do once the wedding, honeymoon, house alterations and baby shower have been taken care of.

Moreover, I want to hear the justification for Meghan lecturing the nation about our carbon footprint before deciding to hop back and forth between two different continents.

Alert me when Harry does something of merit for his ‘real job’. These two represent the worst kind of entitlement. Take the money, run, and then be sanctimonious and try and tell us they’re doing it for some sort of higher moral purpose?

They can both fuck right off.


How much have you spent on the entire royal family?

I’d be more pissed about that…bunch of inbred welfare bums.

Poking double standards is a dangerous game. Just accept that we’re mad at them for taking money before because they need to continue taking money now… I genuinely don’t know why people are upset by this story at all. Psychos.

I’m reading stories the main reason was the press coverage and opinions of the people leaning towards the dreaded “racist” category.

But maybe my internet algorithm is broken again.

This is what they are using as the reasoning.

More realistic though - shes that girl that takes your ginger mate away from the boys. He is there for every wrestlemania year in and year out. But he meets his first girlfriend and suddenly ‘he cant make it’.

In all honesty - no one under the age of 40 really gives a shit. Good on him I say.

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Teddy Long about to make a tag match out of this thread.


I’d rather take the guys from The Grand Tour (Top Gear) off your hands.

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I like Canada. I like Harry. I like Meghan.

Charlton Athletic FC can fuck off though.


I have neither a strong opinion nor enough knowledge of the situation to form one, but this one thing stuck with me from the little coverage I’ve read:

Does it really count as “financial independence” when you’re just cashing in on the fame you got from associating with the people you now want “independence” from? That ranks right up there with Kylie Jenner being tabbed as a “self-made billionaire”.

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Normally I would agree with you but in this case the term is obviously being used to mean that they will be taking less or no money from the british taxpayer.

While the move seems to have upset the Crown and it is a very complicated system in place, they should be looking at this as a positive. That Harry and Meghan are trying to create a model for the future because I don’t see how the Royals continue on in the system there in once the Queen dies. It’s going to have to change. It’s really amazing it’s lasted as long as it has in the 21st century.


The argument is that they bring in a lot of tourism and play a part in international relations just by leaders of other nations being able to meet them…

Anyway, I’ll always choose Rachel Zane above these elitist bastards.