'High Flying 4-20 Elimination 4-Way' added to AEW Rampage

Originally published at 'High Flying 4-20 Elimination 4-Way' added to AEW Rampage

AEW has announced several matches for Saturday’s three-hour block of programming on TNT.

Due to coverage of the NBA playoffs, Rampage will be airing immediately after Collision on Saturday night.

The Rampage portion on 4/20 will include the return of Rob Van Dam as he will take part in a ‘High Flying 4-20 Elimination 4-Way’ with Komander, Lee Johnson & Isiah Kassidy.

Van Dam last wrestled for the promotion in February.

AEW has also added a match between Yuka Sakazaki and Emi Sakura to Rampage this Saturday night.

Below is the lineup for both shows:

AEW Collision:
*Bunkhouse Brawl: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Konosuke Takeshita & Kyle Fletcher
*Kazuchika Okada & Young Bucks vs. FTR & PAC
*The Acclaimed vs. The Gunns
*Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe vs. Top Flight & Action Andretti

AEW Rampage
* High Flying 4-20 Elimination 4-Way: Rob Van Dam vs. Isiah Kassidy vs. Lee Johnson vs. Komander
*Yuka Sakazaki vs. Emi Sakura

John Siino & Kate from Montreal will have a review of AEW Collision & Rampage on Saturday night on the POST Wrestling Café

It’s 4/20 and you have RVD, so I guess I get it. But that’s one of those “I hope a non-fan doesn’t catch me watching this shit” moments if you’re a grown adult. Not quite “Meat Madness” but in the neighborhood.

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100%. Marketing gimmicks like this definitely help inform and reassert any perception of wrestling as a “lower” or looked-down upon form of entertainment, rather than the art form it is.

While I’m not sure gimmicks like this will help create new viewers or grow the company, if it works for your current paying audience, it works.

Is marijuana use in 2024 really looked upon as that “low brow”?

This is being aired on a Saturday night at 10PM. It’s just a silly name for match as a nod to RVD and the date.

I don’t think it’s something that’s going to keep anybody from tuning in simply because of this match.

I don’t think it’s affecting ratings (the most important measure of fan reaction), I just think 4/20 jokes are lame. That’s what my original comment is about.

69 jokes, however, will always be funny. And no, I can’t explain why there’s a difference.


LOL. It’s not marijuana use that’s low-brow, it’s 420 jokes that are low-brow: they’re low-hanging, tired, played-out, and tacky weed comedy for juvenile stoners. It’s groan-inducing.

Edit: No hate on cannabis here, I’m a fan of the flower. :bouquet: LOL

Fair enough!

I don’t really have an opinion, but if anybody can get a pass for for a goofy 420 joke, it’s RVD, Snoop, or Seth Rogan.

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Honestly would be funnier if TK started leaning into the adderall jokes instead. Like if we got “Tony Khan’s Adderall Apocalypse 54-Man No-Sleep Deathmatch,” with no match stoppages due to being unconscious, I’m watching.

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