Holidead opens up about injury she suffered in late 2021, thought she'd be permanently sidelined

Originally published at Holidead opens up about injury she suffered in late 2021, thought she'd be permanently sidelined

Holidead wants to make the most out of every opportunity going forward.

Nine-year veteran Holidead has competed for PROGRESS Wrestling, Women’s Wrestling Army and was part of the match to crown the first-ever MLW Featherweight Champion all in the last several months.

In late 2021, Holidead suffered an injury and she told Taylor Wilde on the ‘Wilde On’ podcast that the injury was severe enough to the point where she thought she might be permanently put on the shelf. She did not disclose the exact details of the injury, but mentioned that it is reoccurring.

Holidead is back in the swing of her in-ring career and said she’s trying to enjoy every opportunity that she has.

Again, like I said, the end of last year, I had a really bad injury and it took me out for a while and it’s something that’s kind of reoccurring. It is something that it could put me on the shelf forever so it’s like, so I’m trying to make it through the year, not die. At the beginning of this year, I thought I might not be wrestling. The beginning of this year was very f*cking hard. I took like two, three months off and that was extremely hard financially, because I do actually pay my bills with wrestling so those of you indie wrestling haters out there who y’all think make 40 bucks and a hotdog, some people do make a living off of this and I realized how quick my bank account — how much money I do make off wrestling, and mentally just not being able to be out there and do what I love and just having to sit, sit, sit and wait, like, that was a very big mind f*ck so when I got OK’d, one of the first things I did was go to Europe this year and Thunder Rosa was like, ‘Hey, I want you to relax and f*cking enjoy this time while you’re out there. Take in the moment’ so, that’s just something I’m trying to do with every opportunity I have and just all these platforms that I’m still provided. I’m just trying to enjoy the moment with the good people that are there and soak it all in because it could be gone tomorrow.

Holidead is the booker for Thunder Rosa’s Mission Pro Wrestling promotion. She is the promotion’s reigning MPW Champion.

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