Honor Rising Night 1 LIVE Discussion

Anyone catching Night 1 of ROH/NJPW Honor Rising?

Watching what I can now before heading to work, the 3 way With Flip, Hiromu and Kushida was a good match.

I’d enjoy Flip to do BOSJ

Given how the audience was taking to him in his first match in Japan, I wouldn’t be surprised if ROH lends him to New Japan for the BOSJ, it could be a very good experience for him.

Fun enough card but felt more like the NJPW equivalent of a TV show building to a major card than a stand-alone event in and of itself. Still, that’s just fine as you want the BC split to be done with a slow boil, IMO.

The last three matches were good. Wasn’t expecting Flat Earth Gordon to get the win. Also, is Finlay on the way out? He got next to no offence in his tag match against the Bucks.

I only watched the triple threat and the main event. I don;t get the hype around Flip Gordon since the only cool thing he did in the match was the handstand spot.