House hardy Halloween.

Just wondering if anybody saw this special after evolution and what you guys thought of it.

Personally I just loved the whole thing I couldn’t stop laughing. This was just plain entertainment from beginning to end and I would love to see them do more of them for other holidays.


Jeff Hardy can’t sing…I now know why Orton was trying to rip his ear off…he’s obviously not using it.

Papa Shango cameo was the highlight.


It was fun and lighthearted. There were lots of nostalgic moments. I hope they do a House of Hardy Christmas special.

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Wanted to see Kama but Shango was great

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I thought it was stupid and tapped out.

I enjoyed it fun and funny

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Loved this!
This should be a regular thing for holidays.

Found this more entertaining than an episode of total divas.

I’m gonna have to watch that soon enough. I loved the House Hardy skits back in TNA

Any-time I see Matt hardy vs smoking joe Frazier I’m a happy viewer.

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I liked it. There were corny parts like with the zoo animals. 8/10