How do you consume wrestling?

In East Van, Canada.

When I was watching it was AEW plus on Fite TV, with a VPN from day one, and NJPW World.

I don’t understand why more Canadian wrestling fans don’t just go the AEW plus/VPN route. It’s so much more convenient and watching without the commercials and the commentary they used to do was worth the price of admission back in the day.

Anything else I’d find interesting (i.e. Stardom, GCW), I’d intentionally seek out on a one-off purchase.

I second (third? Fifth?) the motion of "I don’t understand how anyone watches all this wrestling AND has a life to live. Godspeed to those brave people.

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This didn’t actually work for me unless it doesn’t show up in purchases until the day of in the US. If I set the VPN to any other country it’s there. Anyways I can just mirror my screen to my tv I guess.

Okay, so I’m realizing now you’re an American. In Canada, where Fite is our provider for AEW PPVs, they’re always available. But since you’re American, I guess BR Live is the online platform, which means there is no AEW PPV section in your home setting.

Hopefully it’s not a struggle to be able to watch and enjoy. It’s still probably the easiest and cheapest option still for you.

Oh yeah. It’ll be fine. Thanks again.

I consume wrestling while drinking a Heineken or whiskey. I live on Maui. I have Peacock for the WWE stuff and I’ll buy the AEW PPV’s on BR live. The All in ppv is crazy though, which is definitely cool. The Buy In starts at 5 am here and I think the main show starts at 6.


Sometimes with a sauce, and nice wine pairing. Other times like spicy wings and warm cans of beer.


I had some German wheat beers yesterday with the show. Was great

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So anybody doing the Fite, with VPN method - Wrestledream is $19.99.