How do you consume wrestling?

After recent discussions I thought it may be interesting to see how we all consume wrestling today. There’s so much I literally don’t know how John and Wai watch so much while having a family, a job and a life.

I watch all AEW but it’s just on the iPad while I work. I may watch the main event properly but not much.
I watch pretty much all PPVs via the Fite website and will sit down and watch them properly.

My WWE watching is much more sporadic. We get free highlights in the UK which I’ll watch if I hear somethings worth the watch. I’m mainly a Royal Rumble - WM viewer though and just listen to POST the rest of the time.

I’ve never watched a NJPW event, saw GCW Bloodsport for the first time this year. Use to watch Impact but haven’t since AJ left. I would love to know how some of you watch as much as you do. Is it all free to air in the US and Canada?

Most of it is free to air in Canada (AEW and WWE). Not the PPVs and NJPW.

I don’t watch most on DVR. Fast forward though stuff I don’t want and usually just cut to the ending of most matches apart from those that look great.

Ah that’s cool. For reference the most recent Smackdown I’m able to watch without a subscription is the 28/July edition of Smackdown. Were well behind here unless you pay for WWE Network or TNT sport which was BT sport…and thats pretty garbage.

I watch AEW on Fite TV with AEW+ and a VPN. Order the PPVs the same way for a lower rate.
I also follow stuff on IWTV, and seek out shows on there.

Haven’t sat down to watch a full WWE show in about six or seven years. Will seek out Mania and Rumble highlights, and that’s about it.

I had seen others mention this before. How much are the ppv’s usually?
Also if I don’t watch until an hour in or the next day can i start at the beginning/is on demand after purchase?

I watch WWE on Sportsnet and the WWE Network.

AEW I watch on TSN, and the PPV’s I either order or find a stream depending on if I want to watch the entire show or not. $50 a show is a much bigger commitment then $15 which is why I am a bit more picky.

So I just swapped regions to Taiwan on the VPN, and ordered both All In and All Out for 19.99 and 24.99 respectively.

And then I can swap back to my normal region and watch them on the Roku Fite app on my TV, without issue. And yes, with Fite you can start anytime and jump in live or start at the beginning. I rarely am able to start live. Plus you can pause or whatever.

AEW+ doesn’t work unless you’re connected to the VPN. So for Dynamite or Collison, I watch via my phone or laptop. I’m sure I could cast to my TV if I bothered to figure that out.

This is an interesting update to the Poll from a couple of years ago about how much wrestling people watched. Which at the time was mostly 2-4 hours per week. How much wrestling do you watch a week? (Poll) - #30 by Roger_D_Almon

I watch either Collision or Dynamite once a week. I usually plan on watching both but for some reason (kids, work, spouse, connection issues) it never works out. And then I order 1-2 PPV’s a year depending on how interested I am in the card.

WWE pretty much puts their whole show up on YouTube after its aired. So I will watch at least an hour of their best segments/matches each week. But I don’t usually sit through an entire episode of Raw or SmackDown. I’ve only watched 1 episode of NXT in the last year. But I have Peacock so I will watch all the PLE’s.

NordVPN is truly a life changer.

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Only thing I watch live (occasionally) are WWE PLEs because I have Peacock on my TV. Only purchased a couple of AEW pay-per-views for live viewing, and a few more at my brother’s house that he ordered. But I usually see them (at least key matches) within the week they air via one method or another.

Even when I had cable, I would just DVR weekly TV (WWE and AEW) and see what I could get to. These days, I just see what I ends up on YouTube, unless there’s something very highly recommended, in which case I’ll seek it out through other means.

Absolutely. Co-signed.

Wow that’s a great price!

PPVs on FiteTV are $19.99 in the UK. Seems fair enough for a PPV. The WWE network is only £9.99 a month which is mad cheap for all the content you get

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So if you have the vpn on your phone or laptop, you are able to login to Fite on your Roku while on your normal network?

To watch the discounted PPVs? Yes.

To watch AEW+ streams of Dynamite / Collison / Rampage? No - or at least I’m not sure.

But go on the VPN to order the PPV in a different country, and it shows up purchased on your Fite account regardless of country.

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All In will be on YouTube (I assume for free) in other international markets. So use a VPN, set it to UK and save $50 bucks.


Thanks everybody! Appreciate the help.

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Doesn’t matter what everyone else says about you, I always knew you were a good guy. :facepunch:


Its true. Dont listen to the haters

That’s crazy. For free!

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