How do you solve a problem like Ziggler?

In the last few years he’s gone from one of the more interesting to performers to (IMHO) the least. Personally I don’t know what can be done with him, I used to think he was let down by creative but dolph himself seems unwilling to change.

If he is unwilling to change, then he is in the exact spot he deserves to be. He could have left like Cody and made a big move with his career, he chose not to.

The same way Cody solved his own problems.

Ziggler parading around the other wrestling universe as a true “Superstar” would be very good heat IMO

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He definitely needs to go indy.

The thing is with Ziggler is that he more passionate about his outside projects then being a wrestlers these days. That’s why he resign with WWE when he could have just easily done what cody did and start touring the indy’s and have great matches. Right Now he’s happy being a part timer and getting a big check for putting other wrestler over so that’s his choice. So right now, if that’s what he’S happy with, just let him be happy with what he decided.

He’s not been given anything that interesting to do and the bigger issue is that everything he has been given he’s not been able to make it work. A great performer can make pretty much anything work if they are motivated to do so. I think he believes WWE have given up on him as a possible top guy and so he’s given up as well. He has become so meaningless to me, I groaned when he was number 30 I really couldn’t care less that he was back.

Didn’t know a guy enjoying job security was a “problem”…some people accept their position in life.

Not everyone is meant for mainevent. He’s in that Christian role as a helluva hand and thats bot exactly a bad spot to be in.

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good point - if he does not mind being in his spot on the card, good for him! He’s making a guarantee and has job security (and a somewhat easier schedule work wise). But they present him as this disgruntled guy on the card so it is very off-putting.

It’s a problem when a character acts like heel but wrestled like a babyface. It’s a problem when the majority of your fan base is no longer interested in the character.

Put him in a tag team? Seems to have worked for Cesaro and Sheamus.

Ziggler and Zack Ryder…they can play grizzled vets.

That’s very true. His goal is to be a stand up comedian.

Ziggler’s problem is Ziggler. He complained about not getting utilised correctly by the bookers and then promptly re-signed his contract even though he said he’d be happy to go elsewhere and do other, non-wrestling related things. I’d say his position on the card right now is actually better than he deserves; he slides in and out of the main event as and when they decide to use him yet he’s not done anything to deserve that spot in years. I’d have future-endeavoured his ass by now.

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Is it really a “problem”?. There’s a roster of over 100 guys and he’s been on it for like a decade. Keep him at the bottom, who cares?

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If we push EVERYBODY on the roster…who puts them over?

Release him. He’s clearly just happy getting a paycheque.

Honestly instead of doing what he’s been doing the last year, I think I might’ve given him a run in NXT as the bitter vet who’s sick of the buzz the young pups are getting.

Have him win the title, really antagonize the NXT hardcore fans, and set it up so a guy like Black or Gargano best him & restore balance to the brand.

Then I’d bring him back up to the main roster on the post-Mania Raw. That might not solve the Ziggler “problem”, but aside from a name/character change; that’s all I got! :100:

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