How does everyone feel about WWE Network / Peacock these days?

How does everyone feel about the way you’re consuming WWE content these days? Here in the U.S, it’s on Peacock but I know the original WWE Network is still there around the world. For me, I wasn’t a huge fan of the navigation of Peacock at first but two years later, it has somewhat grown on me. I can find my favorite shows and past archives pretty easily now. There was a Black Friday sale when I re-subscribed last year and I’m only paying 99 cents a month which is a huge bargain.

I know Australia got a deal with Foxtel to be integrated with their streaming service, how is that going about over there? But I’m pretty sure Canada still has the original and people don’t need to have cable anymore. How are the prices for everyone else?

Peacock is fine except that the shows dont have chapters so you cant easily skip to the match or segment you want like you could on the network.

Also peacock doesnt have a way to remove what you watched from its continue watching list unless you go to the very last episode and fast forward to the end. Its pretty annoying.

I only have Peacock because it’s free with my cable. I rarely use it for anything other than PLEs, but that’s mostly because of my schedule/life more than anything to do with the app.

Still a lot of good stuff I’ve yet to get to in the archives, maybe in 20 years or so when both of my kids are grown and out of the house.

Yeah, and the search navigation is still very wonky. For example, you have to just type ‘WrestleMania’ by itself and can’t just type in the exact number of WrestleMania you’re finding.

I don’t use Peacock, in Canada on Cogeco there is a WWE channel that has On Demand as well. So I just watch the PLV’s like I would any other show. I rarely watch the On Demand outside of maybe the Stone Cold interviews.

How much is it for you guys these days?

I believe I pay $14.99 Canadian a month, which is like 10 pounds, 10.35 Euros or $11 US.

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Oh wow, that’s pretty good. There’s like two tiers for Peacock. $4.99 and then a $9.99 USD without advertising.

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On one hand I’d rather have peacock as there is obviously much more you get, on the other hand with it being a cable channel I’ve never had an issue with the feed, not even for a second.

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Hardly ever use it, last year the only PLVs I even watched was Rumble, EC, Mania, and Summerslam. I mostly just have it for the library. But I’m in Canada so it’s just a cable channel

Also, shoutout Cogeco where Jason Agnew works at now. :laughing:

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Comparing them as app’s the WWE Network even though it hadn’t had a significant update to its interface since 2019 worked SO MUCH BETTER than the Peacock app in 2023. In fact the WWE Network app worked better than a lot of streaming apps today including Peacock, Paramount, HBO, etc. It had a much easier to use interface and better search functions.

Peacock is terrible at streaming the WWE live events. If I start a show late and try to rewind it back to the beginning the app crashes most of the time. After the event is finished it takes Peacock forever to upload it as its own event but it was practically instantaneous on WWE network.

I’ve watched a few other things like Yellowstone re-runs on Peacock. But overall its a poor streaming service. I see why Universal wanted WWE on there to get some more signups. If it didn’t have WWE I would cancel it.


Rocking the vanilla OTT WWE network here in Ireland and the service feels like a bit of an afterthought in 2023. For example, when you go to cancel, it still shows Hell in a Cell 2022 as upcoming/reason to stay subscribed — gives off a bit of a neglected vibe.


I signed up for the Network for the first time since Mania last year for the Rumble and was looking forward to checking out some WWE 24, Untold, 365, etc.

Have they just stopped producing their own programming altogether now?


It sure does seem like it. The only ‘new’ stuff I see is some countdowns-type stuff, the A&E shows and the occasional Steve Austin podcast.

Uh oh – is it really that bad now everywhere else?

Haven’t logged in, in a long long time lol

Yeah the network in Canada is pathetic. Not worth buying at all, especially if you don’t have a traditional cable package


I guess if you’re using it online, I add it to my Cogeco and it’s essentially a 24 hour wrestling channel with on demand. Couldn’t be easier to use.

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For those of you around the world who still have the WWE Network. Now that it will pretty much phase out by the beginning of next year and everything will move to Netflix outside of the US, Will you miss the original Network? What are some of your favorite memories and shows that you enjoyed throughout these past ten years of the WWE Network? I always enjoy watching shows like Table for 3 and the Legends of Wrestling roundtable shows. Obviously my favorite is Austin’s podcast interviews on the Network as well. I’m certainly gonna miss it.