How into wrestling is your significant other ?

Hi all

Thought it would be cool to see how into wrestling your partner is given all we see about people per household that watch shows and attendance etc. after all happy wife/husband is happy life they say lol

So how into wrestling is your SO?

For me, my wife really didn’t know wrestling before I met her. She thought it meant Hulk Hogan and macho man. Since then she’ll watch and she especially likes some of the good women’s stuff (ie Asuka) also she’s more likely to watch UFC. She’s come to some WWE shows with me and while she tolerates it I wouldn’t say she enjoys it. She especially detest any stupid stuff that looks overly fake as she doesn’t understand why it when it looks fake people still watch it.

You guys/gals?

  • They love it more than me!
  • Just as much
  • Casual fan - will watch sometimes and keeps up to date but not every week
  • Doesn’t hate it if it’s on TV. Will watch it and accompany to shows
  • Will make me change the channel if it’s on
  • They don’t know I like wrestling and never will
  • What’s a significant other? Single for life!

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My answer really isn’t on here. She doesn’t watch, but doesn’t care that I do. That is what multiple devices for watching are for.


Same here. Doesn’t care either way, as long as she doesn’t have to be involved.


She isn’t that into it and often asks “Since when do they have wrestling on [whatever day of the week it happens to be]?”

She did attend SummerSlam with me a couple years back and seemed to enjoy the live show. She will occasionally pop in and watch the TV programs depending who is on screen. She seems particularly fond of Becky Lynch and her promos (I remember her getting a kick out of the “You can be a fan, or you can be the Man” line a couple weeks ago), and she enjoys The New Day’s entrance, in particular Xavier Woods’s trombone work.

I don’t think she cares for the matches in the ring whatsoever.

There’s a reason why im single. I want my significant other to be a fan like I am. If not, no thank you. :laughing:

Mine is very casual, I’ve dragged her to a handful of live events (Impact, ROH, Mania and double or nothing) and I think she enjoys the live aspect but stuff on TV isn’t all that interesting to her - especially corny WWE material.

She at one point was a big AJ Styles fan but now that he’s booked like a joke she has lost interest in him. One thing she absolutely hates is the “diva” style people like Carmella or Eva Marie. She’s also a little scared of guys like Bray Wyatt and Malaki Black lol.

But it’s interesting the guys she likes - Jericho, Punk, Moxley, Danielson, Guevara and MJF are some of the AEW talents she seems to pay attention to. The rest she turns away lol