Hype video for Devlin vs. Starr at OTT


Shaun Ryan from Crooked Gentlemen has produced another stunning hype video, this time building up the grudge match between Jordan Devlin and David Starr at OTT Homecoming 2 in Tallaght on February 17th, with the winner challenging WALTER for the OTT World Title at ScrapperMania V in Dublin on March 16th.

This video shows you how both became friends, and how their drive to defeat WALTER tore them apart. Never seen a hype video produced as well as this, not even in the big promotions.


Devlin/Walter, Walter/Ospreay, and now this. All 3 are some of the greatest video packages I’ve ever seen. But this has to be my favourite, and is a must watch for any fan of independent wrestling. I’ve been keeping up with OTT through YouTube for probably a year, and this is the video that finally made me decide to put money down and watch a show. Beyond Incredible.


Wow, just wow. That is incredible