I want to order NJPW World...Have a question

I find it works fine using the Safari browser. The option to change from Japanese to English is easy right at the top of the page.

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You can also stream via Chrome on iOS.


I got New Japan World yesterday. Watched a few things. I’m enjoying the content. The website can be a bit confusing at first. Thankfully Google translate really helps. Seems I need to watch via an app on my Samsung phone, I can’t use the browser. On my iPad i can watch in the browser though. Bit weird. I have a Google Chromecast I haven’t used in a long time, that I actually forgot I had. I have an apple tv too which I’ll use for Airplay from my iPad to my television at some point for sure. Will watch Wrestle Kingdom live via the service from here in the UK. Not sure currently what kind of time that’ll be over here. In the early hours of the morning I guess.

Should start at 7AM for you.


A couple things about NJPW World:

Signup Steps are as follows:

1.) Switch to English by clicking on the EN tab at the top of njpwworld.com:

2.) Click “Sign Up” to register your e-mail address. This creates a “Provisional” account (Basically you havn’t entered any credit card info in yet or signed up for the monthly service at this point)

3.) Verify your e-mail address via e-mail, at this point you will go to the payment screen.

4.) You can either enter your credit card directly into njpwworld.com, or use paypal to pay. I prefer paypal because the conversion to Yen is smoother, as I don’t have to pay any currency fees.

Here is the translated Credit Card screen into English, because it switches back to Japanese by default:

Next, here are the devices supported by NJPW World:

The Yen to US Dollar conversion (Using PayPal) comes out to $9.22 USD (Sorry Canada, no idea your conversion rate, lol)



I’ve been subbed to NJPWorld since WK last year. You can auto subscribe with Paypal (which is what I do) as far as viewing goes, I watch through FireTV or on the PC. Both work well.

Usually costs about $12 CAD, but I use a credit card and not PayPal.

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Great post @jtaylor9449

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I’ve never seen New Japan, but i plan on watching WK to see Jericho wrestle. If i enjoy it i might subscribe to NJ World. Everyone says great things about this promotion.

I know it’ll be a far way off, but being able to watch offline is a big thing for me. I do a lot of my viewing on my hour-plus commute each way. With neither NJPW or WWE offering it, I dont end up staying subscribed for long stretches. I’d be fine to pay for offline viewing through YouTube or Amazon if that was an option.

I found the best way to watch for me. I woke up at 530am for WK. Made it through the 4 man, Tanahashi, and Jericho match before falling asleep. So when i listened to the podcasts i determined the matches that were really worth going back to. Which would be a total of 6. Just ensure that i watch those. Then i listened to the Dash podcasts. And focus on the matches and angles that they pointed out as highlights. With so much content this seems the easiest way to digest it. Although i do lose the surprise of who will win. I do think this method will help greatly during the G1.