If you could book one angle for the summer....

Like most, I think that the WWE really needs a big angle for the summer. Seems like we get the same thing every week, while some of it is good, a lot of it is not so good. So if you could book one angle for the summer that would keep you watching Raw and Smackdown every week, what would it be? I do feel the need to put down a general rule though, It needs to be something that is actually possible.

Here is mine, and in fact the ground work can be laid when Hunter teams with Gallow and Anderson in Japan at the end of that match, the club turns on Hunter just to use that footage later on…
So as we are seeing I would have AJ turn heel fully recreating the Club. I would have them feud with the New Day. Leading to AJ vs Kofi for the title. AJ wins the match with the huge surprize of Finn turning heel and joining the Club. So the four of them reek havoc until Hunter decides to bring in some help in the form of Undisputed Era to feud with the Club. I think the matches with these two groups would just be awesome to watch, and fresh.

Lets hear yours!

How about a NXT faction, led by Triple H, vs. The WWE lifers, led by Vinny mac? The best stories are built upon truth, and the story just naturally writes itself.

They already did an NXT invasion. It was called Nexus.

I think a big angle to culminate at WM would be around the women.

Have Bayley get beat by Alexa and Nikki and announce her and a partner at WM against Alexa and Nikki. Have Sasha come back as her partner and turn on Bayley. Next day cuts a real life promo about how she has been misused and was sitting at home to have her contract run out when Bayley called her again for help. So she beat up Bayley because she just wants to be left alone. Have Bayley attack her as she leaves.

Then have Alexa vs Bayley that night on RAW and Sasha costs Bayley the title and leaves. Alexa is happy she’s champ and tells Nikki that she didn’t need Sasha’s help if Nikki would do her job. Nikki apologies.

Have a build to Rumble with Bayley calling out Sasha but her not appearing. Have her challenge Sasha at the Rumble for a match but then have her no show so Bayley challenges anyone. Out comes Becky but she loses title bc Charlottee costs her Match.

In the Rumble have Bayley and Alexa sit ringside when Becky comes down and kills Charlottee on the ramp and takes her spot like last year. Have Nikki be one of the final 3 with Becky and have Alexa walk around and get hit after Becky tosses out someone leaving her and Nikki. Have Alexa cost Becky the match when she yells at her and Nikki win.

Alexa tells Nikki she only won the Rumble bc of her and berates her again. Becky comes down and is angry with Alexa but is killed by Charlotte. Nikki says she won’t fight Alexa and wants Bayley so No 1 match is set with Becky vs Charlotte.

EC is setup to have a match between Charlotte and Becky for no 1 contenders match with winner facing Alexa at WM. Bayley and Nikki are at ringside and Have Sasha make her return and beat up Bayley at ringside and have Becky win after Nikki is distracted by the fight and accidentally helps Becky win.

Alexa is furious with Nikki the next day who snaps and hits her saying she challenges
Alexa for the title

Sasha announces next day that while she was sitting at home her contract ran out and she was all ready to leave when Stephanie McMahon came and begged her to stay. Offended her what she wanted. Main even of WM vs Bayley.

WM is setup as Alexa vs Nikki vs Becky and Bayley vs Sasha.

I would book Kurt. :neutral_face:

The problem I see with an invasion angle like this would be the end game…You do not want to bury the NXT guys and have them lose, but at the same time I do not think Vince would have it any other way.

I think that that they will revert back to The Attitude Era soon.

Regarding Bray Wyatt, I believe he’s coming back as an heel and as he’s looking like a cult leader, I’d have him brainwashing other wrestlers children.

Something along the lines of Raven and Sandman, I think he would have a great feud with Kevin Owens

Oh, in reality, Vince would probably book John Cena to single handedly beat the entire NXT locker room. But if we’re gonna have fantasy booking, let’s have fantasy booking

Probably Kane and Big Show best-of-seven series, leading to the seventh and final match occurring at Summerslam.

That match is then interrupted when the lights go out and Undertaker appears when the lights come back on. All three men then have a dance-off because it’s all about having fun and putting smiles on faces.

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This probably wouldn’t be a huge angle but I would love to see a Kofi Vs Big E. feud, that would start off friendly with Big E having a strong singles run.

But it would eventually turn bitter leading to a match at Summerslam for the title.

I think Woods as the third party not knowing who to side with would also be an interesting side story.

The Kofi vs Big E could happen, On Raw this week Kofi said something along the lines of the New Day is a bond that will never be broken, felt kind of like an Easter egg stuffed in that comment.

Bring back Sasha for Summerslam and have her cut a Women’s pipebomb. And have her call out Bayley for being a good company girl while she stood up for what she believed inand that’s herself. Then do the proper Sasha v Bayley match on the Main Roster.

I want Sasha v Bayley and Becky v Charlotte at Summerslam.

No one wants Becky and Charlotte again do they? Haven’t we seen this a million times. Can’t we get something new like Becky vs Kairi or Ember or something ?

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Give the 24/7 Championship to Evolve for a few weeks.

Reigns Big E Kofi? I like triple threats ok… Big Balor fan, personally a heel Balor vs Kofi I’d enjoy as well.