I'm taking tomorrow off work so I can watch WK12 tonight.

A first for me. I originally wasn’t going to stay up (WK Rumble starts at midnight my time), but all the hype and the preview show, and the fact I signed up for New Japan world, I decided what the hell. Who else out there is “Calling in sick” tomorrow, if you will?


Have fun and good luck! I’ve stayed up for a couple NJPW live streams. It’s an interesting experience haha. My roommate recently moved out with our TV, so I’ve got to go pick up a new one tomorrow, and actually can’t watch WK12 until Saturday morning (I’m going on radio silence online until then).

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I would love to but there’s no way I can miss work tomorrow. Will probably get up early and watch the main events before leaving.

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I actually lucked out and work is cancelled due to inclement weather. So I think I will try to catch it live if I can stay awake. I’ve also been under the weather so I’m a bit medicated and drowsy.

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I like NJPW but you’re all way more courageous than I am! Hope you’ll have fun watching though! :slight_smile:

I am actually working starts here at 1 am. So will watch here at work

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Woke up at 6.30 in the UK to watch The whole thing. On the flip side to all our US pals at least you don’t have to do this for every ppv ever like we do ha ha


I’m a stay at home dad who also takes care pf my elderly mother. Theres no miss I g work for me tomorrow, but I’m gonna ride this through. First NJPW event and super stoned.

Edit: *stoked, but the misspell is also accurate.

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haha, Freudian slip I see.

I seem to have come down with a “sickness” as well lol

I work at 8:30 EST so I thought it would be a good idea to wake up at 4 to catch most of the event. 'Twas a bad idea and I’ll be booking the day off next year (it’s a Friday anyway, long weekend!)

The show ended at 6am my time, I fell asleep pretty quickly, slept until 1pm, been lazing around at home all day, kind of in a WK12 hangover, lol

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Was able to work from home given all the snow here. I must say that watching the final hour of the card as it was getting brighter outside and I could see the snow falling was something of a euphoric experience. I’m way more tired now than I had been this morning and I’ve napped twice!

I will say after the first nap, when I woke up to log on to work at 10am I was very amped still and mostly disappointed there was no more matches to watch