IMPACT: Jay White recruits new Bullet Club member

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IMPACT! Wrestling

July 22nd, 2021

By: John Siino

Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Commentary: Matt Striker & D’Lo Brown

Before the IMPACT! – Petey Williams & Trey Miguel def. Kal Herro & Tony Gunn by submission at 9:49

Chris Bey vs. Rohit Raju (w/ Shera)

The venue is packed with fans for the first time on an episode of IMPACT TV since the pandemic. Before the match we cut to footage from after their match at Slammiversary where Bey and Raju argue over a shirt they thought belonged to each other, only for Bey to look at it and reveal it’s a Bullet Club shirt. The crowd is strongly behind Bey, as they trade offense back and forth until they seem to come to a truce that Raju quickly breaks. Bey ducks and dodges Raju, only to get swept up by Raju who takes that time to tease the crowd. As Raju distracts the referee, Shera takes a cheap shot at Bey who was on the ropes, followed by multiple pin attempts by Raju. Bey is able to dodge out of a running cannonball in the corner and take Raju down with a Famouser followed by a flying clothesline from the top rope for a 2 count. Raju counters the Art of Finesse with a Russian Leg Sweep into the crossface, but Bey is able to roll out. Bey slips out with a leapfrog and connects with the Art of Finesse for the pin.

Winner: Chris Bey by pinfall at 7:46

Bullet Club Invitation

After the match, Jay White bumps into Chris Bey and introduces himself and asks if he got his message. White says they are always looking for guys that could be something and fit in, but Bey says that he is already something and they should know that he walks alone. White asks how that worked out for Chris Bey at Slammiversary and to think about it, but this offer will expire.

Bullet Club 3.5

Gia Miller is outside the locker room of Kenny Omega, but Don Callis answers the door. Callis asks Tommy Dreamer and Scott D’Amore how it feels, and even though he got fired, holding the IMPACT title makes them more powerful. Callis says Omega got injured and had to get stitches, and that cost them money. Gia asks for their thoughts on Jay White showing up and Callis is upset because nobody told them that “Bullet Club 3.5” was going to be there, and maybe he wants to join the Super Elite with himself, Omega, Good Brothers, and the Young Bucks. Or maybe he’s there to stab people behind their back as the work environment here sucks. Callis says they still have the world title, so if anybody wants to deal with Omega, they have to deal with the Invisible Hand.

Deonna is EmPowerrred

Mickie James heads to the ring as she gets a big ‘Welcome Back’ chant. James says it’s good to be back and hear that song one more time. It also felt good to kick a champion in the mouth at Slammiversary. James said she came here not only to deal business but to change the business so she’s here today to finish up that business as she calls out Deonna Purrazzo.

James thanks her for coming out and says it wasn’t her intention for things to get physical and says she really has an honest desire to have her at NWA EmPowerrr as she considers her one of the very best, so as she’s sitting at the head of the table, she asks Purrazzo one more time to sit with her. Purrazzo says she thought James would rectify her disrespectful actions at Slammiversary and give her the chance to do the right thing. Purrazzo says James isn’t out there for her, but for herself, and she knows she’s the greatest and thinks James is only saying this to get what she wants because she wants EmPowerrr to be the greatest PPV in history. And because of that, she needs the Virtuosa, as every company in the world wants a piece of her. Before they go any further, Purrazzo wants James to grovel at her feet and apologize to her. Purrazzo says if she’s not willing to do that, then maybe she’ll slap James into next week.

As they go face to face, Gail Kim makes her way to the ring. Kim said it was her idea for James to come to invite Purrazzo to EmPowerrr, as she shouldn’t miss this opportunity and says she hasn’t heard Deonna say ‘no’ and asks if she’s actually considering it. James says she gets her as she’s been just like Deonna but asks doesn’t she want to cement her legacy, she’s going to do so much and this is only the first step, so asks her again to please come to NWA EmPowerrr as she extends her hand, Deonna shakes it and seems to agree.

Long Live the Drama King?

We see another vignette for the former Aiden English as he’s seen lighting candles, as he paints Long Live the Drama King on a pallet only to paint all over it in a rage of anger.

Brian Myers, Tenille Dashwood & Sam Beale (w/ Kaleb with a K) vs. Matt Cardona, Chelsea Green & Jake Something

Something and Beale start the match as Myers instructs his ‘young boy’ to do so, but Something quickly goes to work. Cardona and Myers go at it, but Cardona gets distracted in the corner by Tenille, as Myers trips up Cardona off the top rope. Beale tags in as he and Myers try to suplex Cardona, but Cardona escapes out and hits a double neckbreaker. Tenille and Chelsea tag in as Chelsea takes down Tenille with a number of clotheslines and a lung blower. Chelsea hits a curb stomp in the corner, but Myers stops the pin. Cardona and Something come in but they end up outside with Myers. Chelsea tries to go for the Unprettier, but Kaleb distracts her. As Kaleb is on the apron, Taylor Wilde returns and takes out Kaleb. Beale tries to take out Chelsea, but Chelsea escapes, uses Beale to take Tenille off the apron and hit the Unprettier on Beale for the pin.

After the match, Taylor Wilde is seen on stage clapping for the winners.

Winners: Matt Cardona, Chelsea Green & Jake Something by pinfall at 4:05

Let’s Take it to the Parking Lot

We go backstage where Eddie Edwards says he sees how W. Morrissey is walking around like a man who is still undefeated, but they both know at Slammiversary he had him beat until Morrissey busted out the chain. And if Morrissey wants to fight, he is down to fight, but not in the ring, he says to take it to the parking lot right now, as he is seen heading out there.

When we come back from the commercial, W. Morrissey has joined Edwards outside as they start brawling and tossing items at each other. Morrissey throws Edwards against the production truck and goes and grabs a trash can and starts smashing it against the back of Edwards as we see a crowd of fans has surrounded them. Morrissey goes and grabs cables from the truck and starts choking Edwards out. Morrissey starts attacking Edwards with an ice chest as the fans start chanting for Eddie. Nice shot is shown as Eddie backs up and you see Morrissey’s looming shadow engulfing Eddie. Edwards is able to find two Kendo sticks and goes on the attack, landing both of them multiple times all over Morrissey, as Morrissey retreats back inside. Edwards cheers in victory, with a bloody face as the fans chant ‘Eddie’ once again.

Way to Go, Sam

Gia Miller stops Brian Myers, Sam Beale, Tenille & Kaleb and asks if Myers and Tenille are reevaluating their team now going into the Homecoming Tournament. Tenille says after tonight, there is no way she is going to Homecoming with him now and says Wilde is accusing her of stuff but doesn’t know what, as Beale asks what she could possibly accuse her of. Tenille and Kaleb walk away, and Myers says, ‘Way to go Sam, now I lost my partner’. Beale says he will find him a new partner, and this gives him an opportunity to talk to a girl, Myers walks away as Sam smiles at Gia and says, “Hi Gia!”

Bullet Proof & The Real Belt Collector

Jay White comes to the ring with his NEVER Openweight Championship as the crowd chants ‘Switchblade!’ White says where his manners are as he hasn’t even introduced himself yet and calls himself the number one asset in all of pro wrestling, the last Rock ‘n Roller, and the man that single handedly sold-out Madison Square Garden. He continues to name his accolades and calls himself the real belt collector and says he’s here for one man, and that is David Finlay. White says he thinks Finlay can come to IMPACT and hide, but their date is set for August 14th at NJPW Resurgence. White says the Finlay name was once respected but now it’s simply laughed at and ‘daddy’ must be disappointed in his son. White says Finlay’s career peaked when he beat him at the New Japan Cup, but he will never beat him again especially for the NEVER Openweight title. And even though he is here for Finlay, he couldn’t pass up saying hello to Bullet Club’s biggest fans. The fans chant ‘too sweet’, White appreciates that but says he doesn’t mean the fans he means the guys who are throwing up ‘too sweet’ like it’s 2013, as they are the true fans of Bullet Club and Jay White. White understands why they do that, as Good Brothers have only been relevant when they can tie their name to Bullet Club. White sees why Good Brothers are so desperate to rejoin, but this is a new era of Bullet Club, this is his era of Bullet Club and they have standards, and the Good Brothers are simply not good enough anymore. After thinking about it, as far as their application to rejoin goes, it’ll have to be a no. Since he’s such a nice guy, if they want to appeal the decision, but before he can continue, Kenny Omega’s music hits.

Omega slowly comes out last, all bandaged up behind Don Callis, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson. The crowd starts chanting ‘You got fired’ at Callis, as Callis takes off his jacket and Omega says they have done it now and tells Callis to calm down. Callis says he’s really happy as Jay White has always been one of his favorite talents when he was in NJPW. Callis heard White talk about The New Bullet Club, but he remembers what the real Bullet Club used to be like because it had Gallows, Anderson, and Omega. Callis says while Jay White was doing Young Boy duties, they were selling out the Tokyo Dome, and now the new Bullet Club is filled with midcarders and selling about a dozen t-shirts and White should be asking permission to join The Elite. White states that Callis doesn’t even work here anymore as the crowd continues to chant ‘You got fired’. White says if he’s going to talk about the old days, he shouldn’t forget about the last day that White and Omega fought one on one and White beat Omega as the crowd chants ‘You beat Kenny’. Omega says that he and Callis have to really talk about this and they’ll get back to them as they start to leave, the Good Brothers say they’ll take care of this.

Karl Anderson says Jay White has been unthankful and every time that Bullet Club hits and it gets a reaction, they should say you’re welcome. Gallows says their thank you letters must’ve gotten lost in the mail that after they left, White and his buddies could live on a livable wage. Anderson says this is about White being a bit more thankful to the boys and the OGs and White sees their mansions on Instagram and is jealous his little house isn’t as good. Anderson states since there is Bullet Club leadership and royalty in the ring, this is the perfect time for Jay White to just say thank you. White says it never changed with them as all they do is talk and we all know Anderson’s career peaked when he lost the G1 Final in 2012 and they wish they could be everything White is. The Good Brothers start attacking White and take him out. As they go for the Magic Killer, Chris Bey runs out for the save and starts attacking the Good Brothers and takes them out.

The Face of IMPACT

Backstage, Gia Miller is with Josh Alexander congratulating him for his X Division retaining at Slammiversary and asks what’s next. Alexander says not much is going to change for him, but IMPACT needs a champion they can be proud of as Kenny Omega and Don Callis bump into him. Omega says he heard him say he wants to be the face of the company, but Callis pulls him away as Omega apologizes and says it won’t happen again.

More Bullets in the Chamber

The Good Brothers are backstage angry and say White should be down on his knees and thanking them for giving him the life that he has and tell Chris Bey to calm down and shouldn’t put his hands on them. Gallows says that gratitude card never showed up and hopes he enjoys that home in Florida he can never sleep in, and if he wants to bring his young boy Chris Bey into this, how about next week, it’s the Good Brothers vs. Jay White and Chris Bey.

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson)

Austin and Finlay start the match as Robinson quickly comes in and hits an impressive stalled suplex. Austin is able to dodge a senton from Robinson and tag Fulton in. Fulton goes for an Irish whip as they head to commercial.

When we come back Austin and Fulton are keeping Finlay in their corner, as Finlay tries to fight back and fail. Finlay escapes and hits a back body drop before Juice gets the hot tag. Juice comes in as he and Finlay take out Fulton with a cannonball and dive to the outside. Back inside, Juice delivers a bunch of punches to Austin taking him out of the ring. Fulton comes back in and Juice attempts a cross body but gets caught, as Fulton tries to hit a move, Robinson reverses into a sunset flip for the pin.

Winners: FinJuice (David Finlay & Juice Robinson) by pinfall at 8:14

After the match, Austin and Fulton keep attacking FinJuice, but Finlay is able to take Fulton to the outside. Robinson puts Austin up for a Doomsday Device, but before Finlay can hit it, Rohit Raju and Madman Fulton come out and start attacking FinJuice. All four men take out FinJuice including Austin hitting The Fold on Juice Robinson.

We Found You, We’ll End You

Rich Swann and Willie Mack are backstage and address Violent by Design for saying they have a target on their back only because VBD lost their titles. The only difference between them and VBD is that they don’t blame others for their loss. Swann says they know what it’s like to lose, but if they want to prove something, come and see them as they aren’t hide to find. Mack says matter of fact they’ll make it easy and they’ll be in the ring. As he continues, the lights start to flicker, when they come back, Eric Young is standing behind them and Joe Doering, Deaner and Rhino come out and start attacking Swann and Mack with the lights going off and on. Eric Young says ‘We found out, and next week, we will end you’.

Gia Miller is backstage and tries to get a word with Moose, but Moose keeps walking and bangs on Scott D’Amore’s door and when he answers he says he knows that Chris Sabin got lucky at Slammiversary and he has to give him a rematch. Before D’Amore gives an answer, Sabin walks in and says they don’t need Scott’s permission and if they want a rematch they can do it. D’Amore says they can do it next week in the main event, if they want it, they got it, but not now. Sabin says he can’t wait to beat Moose again next week.

Next Week

· Before the IMPACT – Steve Maclin vs. Trey Miguel

· Violent By Design (Deaner & Rhino) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack

· Jay White & Chris Bey vs. The Good Brothers (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson)

IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Decay (Rosemary & Havok) (c) (w/ Crazzy Steve & Black Taurus) vs. Fire ‘N Flava (Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz)

Kiera and Rosemary start the match as Kiera starts yelling at Decay and right away rolls her up for a pin attempt. Kiera continues to yap away as the crowd chants ‘Rosemary’. Havok tags in as they double team Kiera. Tasha tags in and tries to bulldog Havok but gets dropped on her back. Rosemary and Havok exchange tags and keep Tasha in their corner. Rosemary goes for the Upside Down, but Kiera distracts her and Tasha hits a cutter on Rosemary. Kiera tags in and starts pounding down Rosemary with strikes as she goes for the pin attempt. Tasha comes in all fired up and twerks in Rosemary’s face as the boos reign in. Tasha starts striking Rosemary, but Rosemary no sells them and starts to hulk up in her own way. Rosemary rises and they start trading strikes and take each other out with a double cross body. They both crawl over and tag in Havok and Kiera. Havok takes out both Tasha and Kiera, slamming and splashing them in the corners. Havok goes to boot wash Steelz, but she escapes to the outside. As Havok talks trash to Tasha, Kiera jumps on Havok’s back but Havok tags in Rosemary. Rosemary hits an inverted DDT but only gets a two count. Rosemary teases hitting her finisher, but Tasha comes in to hold Rosemary, Rosemary moves, and Kiera hits a superkick on Tasha. Havok and Rosemary hold Kiera and hit her with a spear, as Havok gets the pin.

Winners: Decay (Rosemary & Havok) by pinfall at 10:34, to retain