IMPACT REPORT: MCMG vs. Austin & Fulton, Heath's Contract

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IMPACT Wrestling

October 6th, 2020

Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

By: Davie Portman

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

Tommy Dreamer vs Brian Myers

Following his loss to Brian Myers at Victory Road, Tommy Dreamer kicks off IMPACT with a rematch against his protege. Myers Sucker Punches Dreamer to start off the match however, Dreamer soon gets the advantage and takes him to the outside. Dreamer goes for a Chop to the chest, however, Myers ducks and Dreamer Chops the ring post. Myers follows up with a Suplex to the entrance ramp and goes into the ring forcing the referee to start a count. Dreamer makes it back to the ring just before the ten-count but Myers is able to continue the beat down. Myers yells “Most professional wrestler!” as he is delivering Stomps and Elbows to Myers. Dreamer catches Myers in the corner and delivers an Alabama Slam to get back into the match. Dreamer delivers the Bionic Elbow followed by a Cutter to pick up a two count. Myers hits an Enziguri followed by a Michinoku Driver to pick up a two count. Myers climbs to the top rope and delivers an Elbow Drop but Dreamer is able to move out the way. Dreamer follows up with a DDT to pick up another two count. This time Dreamer climbs to the top and misses with a horrible-looking Elbow Drop of his own. Myers capitalizes with the Myers DDT but this time Dreamer is able to kick out. Myers is now looking really frustrated that he is unable to put Dreamer away, so he goes to the outside and gets a Kendo Stick from under the ring. Myers swings at Dreamer but Tommy ducks and delivers a Side Russian Leg Sweep using the Kendo Stick. Dreamer goes to use the Kendo Stick on Myers however, Myers pleads for forgiveness. Dreamer shows compassion and doesn’t use the stick allowing Myers to take advantage by poking Dreamer in the eye and attacking him with the Kendo Stick causing the disqualification.

Tommy Dreamer defeats Brian Myers via Pinfall in 9 mins 19 secs

After the match, Myers continues to attack Dreamer with the Kendo Stick until security and referees run down to pull him off. Scott D’Amore then comes down and tells Myers to stop.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was a good back and forth match with some good storytelling. Unfortunately, this kind of match really suffers in this empty arena setting as neither wrestler works a particularly flashy style and would greatly benefit from a crowd getting behind Tommy Dreamer and booing Myers for his antics. It looks like this feud is going to continue and I can’t say I’m too interested in seeing another rematch.

Bound For Glory

Eric Young vs Rich Swann (IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship)

The Motor City Machine Guns vs Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs The Good Brothers vs The North (IMPACT Tag Team Championship)

Deonna Purrazzo vs Kylie Rae (IMPACT Knockouts Championship)

Moose On The Hunt

Moose is searching for his TNA World Heavyweight Championship. He’s looking at a spa, at a swimming pool, at a gym, and at a car park, however, he still can’t find it!

John E Bravo’s Groomsmen

John E Bravo enters the locker room telling his Groomsmen that the wedding is costing a fortune so they all need to give some of their own money. Fallah Bahh says that as the Best Man he will sort this out and he knows where to get some money from. Johnny Bravo is still jealous that Bahh is the Best Man and insults him. Cody Deaner stands up for Fallah Bahh and the two begin to argue. Swinger breaks them up and tells them that they can fight another time but right now there is too much work to be done and asks who is going to order the fondue fountain.

The Defeat Rohit Open Challenge

Rohit Raju comes to the ring and asks everyone to gather around the tv to witness him give another opportunity in the “Defeat Rohit Open Challenge”. He says that he has given out more opportunities than certain wrestlers have been giving excuses. Rohit says that he is the champion because he started to learn how to play the chess game and that he went from last resort to number one draft pick. Rohit issues the challenge and his opponent from Victory Road, Willie Mack, accepts.

Rohit tells Mack that he already had his opportunity and he lost the match and therefore his opportunity is gone. Rohit issues the challenge again and wants to face someone new. To everyone’s surprise, Rohit’s new challenger is…Jordynne Grace!

X Division Championship
Rohit Raju vs Jordynne Grace

Rohit Raju is stalling by telling the referee that he is the champion and he will start the match on his time as he slowly takes off his championship belt. It is clear that Rohit really doesn’t want to face Grace. Willie Mack then grabs the title from Rohit and they play tug of war. Jordynne Grace sneaks up from behind and rolls up Rohit for the win.

Jordynne Grace defeats Rohit Raju via Pinfall and is NEW X Division Champion in 1 min 11 secs

Rohit Raju starts complaining to the referee and David Penzer announces that the title was not on the line and therefore Rohit is still the Champion. Rohit gets on the microphone and starts gloating that he is still the Champion. As Rohit goes backstage, Scott D’Amore is applauding him for being Champion. D’Amore is mocking being proud of him for being so giving as a Champion and tells him that he should be giving even more opportunities. He says that as Rohit is so giving he will defend the X Division Title at Bound For Glory against Willie Mack, TJP, Trey Miguel, Chris Bey, and Jordynne Grace in a Six-Way Scramble Match.

Davie’s thoughts: I think Rohit Raju has been really entertaining since becoming X Division Champion. As Jordynne Grace has finished her Knockouts Championship reign and feud with Tennille Dashwood, I was worried that she may get lost in the shuffle. I think putting her in the X Division mix is actually a great idea and I think that this could be an excellent match at Bound For Glory.

Fallah Bahh Approaches Hernandez

Fallah Bahh approaches Hernandez and challenges him to another Arm Wrestling Match. Fallah Bahh accidentally knocks into Hernandez, spilling his coffee on him as he thought Hernandez’s locker room was the other way. The segment ends with Hernandez looking very angry.

XXXL vs The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz)

In another rematch from Victory Road, XXXL take on The Rascalz. The Rascalz are posing during their entrance, XXXL jumps the bell and attacks them. Larry D and Acie Romero grab Dez by the arms and legs and stretch him before throwing him up in the air, slamming him against the mat. After the commercial break, Romero is continuing to beat down on Dez. This plays off of their Victory Road match, where despite winning, Dez took a lot of damage. Larry D gets tagged in and continues the attack on Dez. Dez manages to get a little bit of offense but Larry D promptly comes back with a knee to the ribs. Dez manages to break out of a submission with some stiff kicks to Larry D and eventually makes the tag to Wentz. Wentz delivers a series of Palm Strikes, Kicks, and a Gamengiri before following up with a Dropkick and a Running Shooting Star Press for a two count. Wentz immediately transitions out of the pin attempt to a Sleeper Hold. Dez comes back to help Wentz and they double team Larry D with a series of Kicks. Acey Romero runs in and goes to hit Wentz with a Discus Clothesline but misses and takes out Larry D. The Rascalz follow up with Hot Fire Flame to pick up the win.

The Rascalz defeat XXXL via Pinfall in 6 mins 26 secs (plus commercials)

Davie’s thoughts: I like this newfound edge from XXXL but I don’t think it’s a good idea losing both matches after a character change. The Rascalz are clearly a more protected team and deserve to be moving up the card so this maybe wasn’t the best idea for a feud. I did, however, enjoy the match. I think Dez plays the babyface in peril really well and Wentz always showcases a lot of fire so always makes for a great hot tag. I would definitely like to see The Rascalz in the title picture again soon.

Fallah Bahh Steals From Hernandez

Fallah Bahh sneaks into the shower room as Hernandez is cleaning himself from the spilled coffee. As Hernandez is in the shower, Fallah Bahh goes through his clothes and steals the Arm Wrestling money.

Eric Young Attacks Rich Swann…Again

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Rich Swann’s Doctor from the physiotherapy clinic. The Doctor says that Rich Swann has been training all day every day and that he isn’t just ready for Bound For Glory, but he is ready to wrestle today. Rich Swann talks to Jimmy Jacobs and says that he feels one hundred percent. Out of nowhere, Eric Young attacks him dressed as a nurse. Young wraps Swann’s ankle around one of the machines and continues to attack it.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this feud started off really well with the attack at Slammiversary followed by the attack on Rich Swann when he “retired”. However, now I feel they need to find something else to make this feud interesting. I find it hard to believe that Swann has gone from a career-ending injury to a title match in just a matter of the weeks and the attacks from Young have become very stale very quickly.

The Motor City Machine Guns Interview

Gia Miller is backstage with The Motor City Machine Guns. Alex Shelley says that they are in the crosshairs of all the other tag teams but tonight they have to focus on Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. Shelley says that Austin reminds him a lot of himself when he was 23 years old and Sabin says that Fulton looks like he is from the Borderlands video game series. The Good Brothers then interrupt and immediately plug their new hats. The Good Brothers say that they have some tips for The MCMG when facing Austin & Fulton however, Shelley says they don’t need their advice. Gallows says that although they have a target on the Machine Guns, they will be watching out for them tonight as they want to beat them when they are fully healthy.

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie vs Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz

Taya immediately slams Kiera to the mat and begins to deliver right hands. Taya then delivers a series of Chops, Back Elbows, and Clotheslines to Hogan in the corner and hits a Meteora before picking up a two count. Rosemary gets tagged in and is Irish Whipped into Hogan before following up with an Exploder Suplex. Kiera manages to tag in Tasha Steelz who is immediately hit with a Sidewalk Slam. Rosemary applies the Upside Down but Kiera breaks the hold. Kiera Hogan is tagged back in and hits a Drop Toe Hold to Rosemary sending her face-first into the turnbuckle. Hogan and Tasha are now on top and have Rosemary isolated in their corner as they continue to make quick tags. As Steelz goes for a Running Dropkick, Rosemary sits back up and scares Tasha out of the ring. Rosemary makes the tag to Taya who fires up and takes out both Kiera and Tasha. Taya hits a Blue Thunder Bomb followed by a Stomp to Kiera. Tasha comes in to break up a Submission but Taya hits her with a great-looking Suplex. Rosemary gets tagged back in and hits a German Suplex to Kiera. Tasha Steelz hits a Codebreaker to Rosemary but Rosemary promptly comes back with a big Spear followed by the Wing Clipper for the win.

Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie defeated Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz via Pinfall in 9 mins 14 secs

After the match we see Havok and Nevaeh watching on from backstage.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this match was excellent and so far easily the best thing on the show. All four of these women have very clearly defined characters played confidently and have the wrestling skills to back it up. This created a really exciting tag match with great back and forth action and some awesome hot tags. This match proved why IMPACT Wrestling has one of the best women’s divisions in the world.

The Deaners vs Crazzy Steve & Johnny Swinger

Cousin Jake starts the match by offering Crazzy Steve a beer. Steve takes the beer and feeds it to his pet monkey before Swinger tags himself in. Cousin Jake very quickly takes down Swinger and tags in Cody. Swinger mounts Cody in the corner and asks Crazzy Steve to give him something. Steve offers him a spoon and a fork but it wasn’t what Swinger wanted. Swinger seems visibly frustrated by his partner. Swinger goes to his fanny pack and can’t find what he’s looking for and yells at Steve. In frustration, Swinger throws Crazzy Steve’s pet monkey and turns into a DDT from Cody Deaner.

The Deaners defeat Crazzy Steve & Johnny Swinger via pinfall in 3 mins 1 sec

Davie’s thoughts: This was a very quick comedy match that was meant to create tension between Johnny Swinger and Crazzy Steve. I can’t say that it was particularly entertaining, funny or have any wrestling to actually comment on but at least it didn’t outstay it’s welcome.

Kylie Rae Interview

We see a recap from Victory Road where Deonna Purrazzo breaks the arm of Susie. Immediately after we go to Gia Miller backstage with Kylie Rae for an interview. Kylie is mad because she has now seen Susie have her arm broken by Deonna Purrazzo, twice. She doesn’t understand why anyone would do anything to Susie because she is so nice to everyone. Kimber Lee interrupts Kylie and mocks her for being sad. Kimber Lee says that she shouldn’t be worried about Susie but be worried about herself as she is going to get her arm broken too. Lee says that she clearly doesn’t know Susie too well because Susie is “bad”. Kylie attacks Kimber Lee and then looks shocked at what she did.

Heath Doesn’t Sign

Scott D’Amore is sat down with Heath and is telling him how he was wrong about him and how he is the right fit for IMPACT Wrestling. Heath thanks D’Amore for the opportunity and apologizes for sneaking in all those times. D’Amore says that they clearly both want the same thing and it’s time to sign a contract. Heath tells D’Amore that he has actually already written up a contract and hands it over. D’Amore is reading through it and is put off by how many pages there are and how much money Heath is looking for. D’Amore calls him a great talent but they will have to change a lot before he is willing to sign it, especially the price. Heath starts to get angry and says that he has missed months of work and paid for all the adverts and has already put money into the company and therefore feels that he is owed that money. D’Amore responds by saying that he doesn’t want to disrespect him but he has to do something first before he deserves that money and says “it’s not like you’ve won an Olympic gold medal”. D’Amore hands him his version of the contract and tells him to sign that version of the contract and then work towards Heath’s version of the contract. Heath says that he might not be an Olympic Gold Medalist but he’s not a Sunday morning jobber either to which D’Amore replies that he was a jobber on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. D’Amore also takes a jab at WWE’s PPV pay structure as he says that Slammiversary was the first actual PPV Heath was part of for a long time. The two get heated and D’Amore throws Heath’s contact in the air and tells him to clean it up.

Heath leaves the office and is approached by Rhino who asks if he signed the contract. Heath says that it all went bad and says that when he last appeared on Raw to face McIntyre he was actually offered a contract there but Rhino talked him out of it to come to IMPACT. Heath says that he has a family and now no job and blames Rhino by saying “Thanks, Terry!”

Davie’s thoughts: I haven’t been a fan of Heath retreading the “I Got Kids” character but I thought this segment was excellent. Heath finally showed a bit more of a serious side to him and proved that he is a great actor when he needs to be. This seems to be the start of a character change for Heath and I am all for it!

The Funeral of the TNA Championship

EC3 congratulates Moose for discovering the funeral of the century but tells him that he has failed in breaking his attachment with the TNA Championship. EC3 drops the title in a river, then looks at the camera, and says “Free Moose”.

The Old Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock is backstage looking upset about what he did to Eddie Edwards last week. Sami Callihan tells him that the video got 45 million likes and retweets and that it is a good thing that he has become the old Ken Shamrock. A random person walks past and Callihan instructs him to “Beat his ass”. Shamrock then flips out and beats up the passerby.

Next Week

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs Taya & Rosemary vs Havok & Nevaeh

Kimber Lee vs Kylie Rae

Madman Fulton vs DOC Gallows

Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs The Motor City Machine Guns

Ace Austin and Chris Sabin start off the match. Both are pretty even for the first part of the match until Sabin is able to make the tag to Shelley and both deliver double team kicks. Sabin drags Austin’s arm over the top rope and The Motor City Machine Guns make quick tags to each other continuously targeting the left arm. Austin manages to escape from Shelley and makes the tag to Fulton who destroys Shelley with a Big Boot. Fulton calls himself a “Damn Bazooka” before driving Shelley’s head into the turnbuckle. Fulton gets Shelley up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex but Shelley tries to fight back with some Knees to the head. Fulton manages to deliver a Backbreaker and tags in Fulton who hits an assisted Springboard Leg Drop across the throat of Shelley. Fulton and Austin continue to make quick tags so that they can double team Shelley. Austin and Fulton try to use the playing card on Shelley but the referee stops them. Austin and Fulton then have a bit of confusion and Austin shouts at Fulton to stay on the apron. Shelley makes the tag to Sabin who delivers a Dropkick to Austin for a two count. Sabin and Shelley send Fulton out of the ring and go to double team Austin, but he breaks free. The Guns hit a Double Team Chokeslam to Fulton and go for the pin but move out the way as Austin tries to break the pin and ends up hitting his own partner. Fulton hits a Double Suplex to Shelley and Sabin when The North comes out with a steel chair. The Good Brothers then comer out and take out The North. The Guns hit a Double Superkick followed by an Assisted Top Rope Crossbody to Fulton to pick up the win.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeat Ace Austin & Madman Fulton via Pinfall in 12 mins 59 secs

Davie’s thoughts: Strong match but unfortunately Fulton brings down the quality for me. The most exciting parts of the match for me are when Sabin and Shelley hit their awesome looking tag moves and often their most exciting matches are against guys who work a similar style. Fulton has definitely improved in the big man role but unfortunately still loses my interest when he is the focus of the match. Although I thought a couple of weeks ago that The North has turned babyface and The Good Brothers are leaning more towards heels, this didn’t seem to be the case here during the melee on the outside. I think the match at Bound For Glory will be pretty good but I kind of wish that The Rascalz were taking the place of Fulton and Austin.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty weak show with a lot of filler and rematches from Victory Road but was boosted by one excellent match. The women’s tag match completely stole the show for me and I would love to see these kinds of matches happen more often on IMPACT as opposed to throwaway Johnny Swinger segments. Rohit and Heath both stood out as excellent performers this week with strong segments. I especially hope they stay on the same route with Heath and I feel like we will get Rhino vs Heath pretty soon. Considering they built up the “Funeral For The TNA Title” this was a complete letdown and was extremely forgettable. I was picturing an actual burial and sermon, instead, we just got EC3 throwing the title off a fake bridge with a water splash sound effect added. Although this was a weaker episode, I think the build to Bound For Glory has been strong for all the advertised matches so far and I feel like it has the potential to be a really strong PPV.

5 Heath Contracts Out Of 10