IMPACT REPORT: Slammiversary Fallout, EC3 Speaks, The North vs. MCMG

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IMPACT Wrestling

July 21st, 2020

Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee

By: Davie Portman

Commentary by: Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne

EC3 Issues A Warning

The show opens with a video sent in by EC3 telling us that we have been controlled our whole lives by politicians, media, entertainment and even love. He questions whether we want the world to walk all over us and conform. He tells us to find our purpose and control our narrative. EC3 closes his promo by saying that he is living in this moment and that we have been warned.

During this video there are black and white clips of dictatorships, armies, the media, and people expressing freedom of speech.

Davie’s thoughts: I thought this was a great way to start the show. EC3 was revealed as the big surprise at Slammiversary and closed the show; he is the first thing we see tonight to capitalize off the buzz. It’s clear that EC3 has been thinking about what he wants to do and how he wants to present himself for quite a long time. It’s not difficult to make the connection between what he is saying here and how he was treated in WWE. I’m intrigued by this character but from first looks it, it does have similarities to the Dark Order on AEW. I really hope that is not the kind of direction they go with it.

New Opening Sequence

Impact now has a brand new opening title sequence featuring all the new talent who appeared at Slammiversary. I wasn’t able to find the new song but it appears to be called “We Own The Night”. I think it’s a good update and a fresh opening video is a great way to start off this new era of Impact Wrestling.

X Division Championship

Willie Mack vs Chris Bey

The opening match of the night is a rematch from Slammiversary with Willie Mack invoking his rematch clause and challenging new X Division Champ, Chris Bey for the title. Early in the match Chris Bey attempts a Diving Crossbody to the outside but gets caught and slammed on to the floor. Mack attempts a Running Elbow in the corner but misses and gets hit by a Draping Neckbreaker from Chris Bey for a two count. Bey takes out the knee of Mack, follows up with a Double Stomp to the back and raps before attempting a Standing Moonsault but misses. Mack is angered by Bey stealing his move and hits a Standing Moonsault of his own, a Pop Up Uppercut and goes for the Six Star Frog Splash but Bey gets his knees up. Bey hits a Springboard Cutter and retains the championship.

Chris Bey defeats Willie Mack via Pinfall in 5mins 37secs

Davie’s thoughts: Good match but no where near as good as their Slammiversary match. They clearly see a lot in Chris Bey giving him two strong, clean wins. I’m surprised to see them put him over so cleanly considering how he had been cheating with Johnny Swinger in his corner for the last few weeks on TV. I wonder what is next for Willie Mack after taking these two losses.

The Good Brothers

“The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson and “The Big LG” Doc Gallows make their way to the ring. Karl Anderson talks about all the rumours about where they will end up and confirm that they are signed with Impact Wrestling. He jokes about the amount of protein Gallows has had during quarantine as he is huge. Anderson calls them the best tag team in the world. He says that Gallows is the best big man in the business and he is the best wrestler is in the business. Gallows plugs Talk ’N Shop A Mania. They go to celebrate signing by drinking some beers when Ace Austin and Madman Fulton interrupt.

Ace Austin demands an apology from what happened at Slammiversary and says that Madman Fulton is the best big man in the business. Austin slaps the beer out of their hand and the four men start to fight. The Good Brothers throw Fulton and Austin out of the ring and stand tall.

Just Heath

Heath is trying to get in the building and is talking to security to check the list. The security guard asks if he has a last name and Heath informs him that he used to but he can’t use it any more so now he is just Heath. He tries to call Rhino to help him get in but Rhino is in an argument with Hernandez (who is combing his brand new moustache) over the Arm Wrestling Winnings. The two leave for a Winner Takes All match as the phone is still ringing.

Davie’s thoughts: Im really hoping that they aren’t just going to be using Heath as a comedy character like he was in WWE. I hope that this is all just to swerve us and he will actually be considered a serious competitor in a few weeks.

Rohit Has Bey’s Back

Chris Bey is celebrating with two ladies whilst drinking champagne. Roihit Raju comes in to congratulate Bey and tells him that he has his back and will do a much better job than Johnny Swinger.

Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs Havok & Nevaeh

Nevaeh and Havok double team Steelz until she is able to make the tag to Kiera Hogan. Hogan runs right into a Big Boot. Hogan ducks a second Boot and follows up with a Dropkick but is unable to knock Havok down. Steelz and Hogan are able to isolate Nevaeh into their corner and are making quick counts. Steelz hits a Big Boot to Nevaeh for a two count. Steelz is eventually able to make a tag to Havok, however Hogan is distracting the referee and he doesn’t see the tag. Nevaeh hits a Swinging Neckbreaker and makes the tag to Havok. Havok hits running Boots to opposite corners to both Hogan and Steelz. On the outside Steelz takes Nevaeh off the apron. Havok goes to hit Hogan with a Tombstone but Steelz runs in and hits her in the back with a chair causing the DQ. The chair shot barely effected Havok and she drops Hogan with the Tombstone anyway.

Havok & Nevaeh defeated Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz via DQ in 6mins 3secs

Davie’s thoughts: Im a big fan of the Knockouts Division, especially Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan however, I am really tired of this feud and I didn’t think the match delivered. The DQ finish was very lazy and the fact that the chair shot, which looked very weak, didn’t even effect Havok seemed pointless. I really hope to see this feud end soon and have Kiera Hogan move on to something bigger.

Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week

This week’s Impact Plus Flashback Moment of the Week is from the October 6th 2016 edition of Impact where Eddie Edwards defeats Lashley for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship after delivering the Boston Knee Party.

Shamrock & Callihan

Sami Callihan is angry backstage looking for Ken Shamrock. He starts shouting at Shamrock and blames blames him for the loss at Slammiversary against The North. Shamrock says that he knows it was his fault and that he is harder on himself than anyone else. Shamrock says that he will see Sami next week and leaves. Callihan is left looking confused.

Rob Van Dam and Katy Forbes

Rob Van Dam is backstage with Katy Forbes and talks about all the changes that have happened in Impact Wrestling recently. Katy Forbes talks about how she was covering up her body to punish the fans but was actually punishing herself. She then talks about her website where you can see her sexy pictures and next week there will be a discount. The segment ends with the two making out.

Davie’s thoughts: This seemed to be the closest acknowledgment of Joey Ryan that we are going to get on TV. It felt like Rob Van Dam and Katy Forbes were essentially saying that #CancelCulture is no more and they are now going in a new direction.

Hernandez vs Rhino

The bell rings and Hernandez turns to the referee to hand him the “winnings” and make sure it is all there. He turns around and gets hit by the Gore and pinned.

Rhino wins via Pinfall in 21secs

Davie’s thoughts: This was exactly what it needed to be. I didn’t enjoy the cinematic match these two had last week and I wasn’t particularly interested in their match tonight. I’m absolutely fine with a quick squash when it comes to these two.

The North Promo

Josh Alexander and Ethan Page are backstage cutting a promo about how they are the best tag team in Impact and have beaten everyone there is to beat…until The Motor City Machine Guns showed up. Page talks about how great a team MCMG are but if they are going to prove that they are the best, they need to beat them for the titles.

Brian Myers Vignette

There’s a vignette of a wrestler in a ring and we hear a voice over saying “Close your mouth, know your boundaries, trust the process”. We get a zoom in on the face and it appears to be Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) in a blue and orange mask with an M on it.

Slammiversary Winners Video

Next up is a video package featuring brief promos from all the winners from Slammiversary. Moose says that the TNA title has evolved him. Kylie Rae says that she likes being an underdog and that’s what helps her win. Chris Bey says that he has always dreamed about being an X Division Champion and now he is the first Finesse Division Champion. The North talk about their record breaking title reign and say that they are better than the Motor City Machine Guns. Motor City Machine Guns praise The North but say that their title reign will come to arrange. Deonna Purrazzo says that she prophecies her win and that when she is in the ring she plays chess. The video ends with everyone celebrating Eddie Edwards win.

Davie’s thoughts: I really enjoyed this video. I felt it was a great way to showcase who all the main players right now are in Impact Wrestling. The promos were short and sweet and everyone sounded good.

Deonna Purrazzo Interview

Gia Miller is backstage and gets an interview with Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo comes out of her dressing room wearing sunglasses and carrying the title. Miller asks what her plan is and Deonna says that she isn’t going to divulge that. She calls herself the greatest technical women’s wrestler in the world and with Jordynne Grace’s shoulder being separated there is no one to face. Kylie Rae approaches and says that she won the Gauntlet Match and is the number one contender and can’t wait to have a match with Deonna. Purrazzo says that she is looking forward to it and offers her hand out to shake. Kylie Rae shakes it but is caught in the Fujiwara Armbar. The two brawl and members of the Knockouts locker room come out to separate them

Eddie Edwards Championship Celebration

Eddie Edwards comes out and says that “this feels right” and he can finally call himself Impact Champion. He talks about all the ups and downs in his career and how that journey has brought him to the championship. He says that that journey is over and now it is time for another journey to begin. He says that over the years Impact Wrestling has lacked stability and now he wants to be a Champion that the locker room and the fans can be proud of. Edwards says that over the last couple of years the title has barely been defended. The last time the championship was defended was five months ago. Edwards declares himself a fighting champion and will defend his championship every week. He wants to bring stability and credibility to the Impact World Heavyweight Championship.

Eric Young comes out to interrupt the celebration. Edwards calls Young out for what he did to Rich Swann at celebration and says that he may never walk again. Eric Young calls Eddie Pathetic for thinking that he can defend his championship every week. He says that Edwards should be thanking him for targeting Rich Swann and not him. Edwards hits a Tope Suicida and start attacking Young. Officials run out to pull the two men apart.

Davie’s thoughts: I was surprised to see Eddie Edwards win at Slammiversary but after this promo I think it makes a lot of sense. He talks about the instability at Impact and I feel that he is someone that the office can trust being their champion and wont let them down. I’m a big fan of open challenges. I thought it really worked a few years ago when John Cena did it with the US Title and it’s working now with Cody defending the TNT Title. Having Edwards defend the Impact Championship every week is going to give lots of guys an opportunity, have a match to look forward to every week and bring some credibility back to the title.

Eric Young being the first feud seems like a good direction. The two can have some great promos and will no doubt have a solid match when the time comes.

Moose Interview

Gia Miller is backstage with Moose and asks if Moose considers defending his Championship every week. Moose says that it is a dumb question as the TNA Championship is the most prestigious championship in all of wrestling and the only way to get a shot is to be invited by Moose. Gia asks if he will consider offering the invitation out to former TNA Champions such as Chris Sabin, Eric Young or EC3. Moose says that EC3 is too busy trying to control his narrative and says that he invites Fallah Bahh for a title match.

Davie’s thoughts: I like the idea of every week Eddie Edwards lets someone challenge him, whereas Moose selects his opponent. It seems like we will be having both titles defended every week and I am ok with that.

Trey Challenges Edwards

Gia Miller asks Eddie Edwards if he has an idea of who he wants to defend it against. Edwards says that Impact Wrestling has the best wrestlers in the world and he is open for anyone challenging him. Trey approaches and challenges Edwards to a championship match net week and Edwards accepts.

“TNA Championship”

Moose vs Fallah Bahh w/ TJP

Moose shouts at Bahh that he is the “best wrestler run the world”. Fallah Bahh is able to roll out off the way from a Running Elbow and manages to get a few strikes in before Moose takes the advantage. Moose hits a Shoulder Tackle and follows up by rubbing his boot across the face of Fallah Bahh. Fallah Bahh comes back with a series of Running Splashes into the corner followed by a Running Hip Attack. Bahh goes to hit a Samoan Drop but Moose rakes his eyes and follows up with the Spear for the win.

Moose defeats Fallah Bahh via Pinfall in 3mins 44secs

After the match EC3 comes into the ring and hits Moose with the Falling Inverted DDT.

Davie’s thoughts: This was a very quick match with not a whole load to say about it. I like going with Moose for EC3’s first feud. I think they could both do some entertaining promos and this will be a good way for EC3 to end Moose’s fake title reign.

The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers are in the parking lot talking about how much fun they’ve had at their first appearance on Impact. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton pull up in their car and talk trash. Adam Thornstowe and Luster The Legend try to jump the Good Brothers from behind but are fought off easily as Austin and Fulton drive off.

Wrestle House

Rosemary and John E Bravo are at Bravo’s friend’s house. Rosemary compliments Bravothe place and says that it is nice to be alone. She says that she will teach him how to cook as all you need is a “pinch of Rosemary”. Bravo says that he will have to use “Extra Extra Virgin” Olive Oil and Rosemary understands. Taya shows up, which disappoints Rosemary as she thought they would be alone. Rosemary decides to instead throw a party and magically snaps Kylie Rae, The Deaners, XXXL, Alisha, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Bravo and Susie into the room. Crazzy Steve is exploring the house and says “This is the craziest reality TV show ever”. At the end “Wrestle House” is advertised for next week.

Next Week

  • Wrestle House
  • Reno Scum vs The Good Brothers
  • Trey vs Eddie Edwards (Impact World Heavyweight Championship

Impact Tag Team Championship

The Motor City Machine Guns vs The North

Ethan Page and Alex Shelley start off the match and have a great series of counters before Page tags in Alexander and Shelley tags in Sabin. Sabin applies an Octopus Stretch and a couple of Arm Drags. Alexander shoves Shelley into Sabin knuckling him off the apron. The MCMG double team Alexander with kicks to the front and back and both hit a Superkick on the outside to Page. The North manage to isolate Shelley into their corner and take the advantage for a while. The North hit consecutive Back Breakers to Shelley but Sabin breaks up the pin attempt. Page lifts Shelley up for a Delayed Vertical Suplex and passes him to Alexander to finish the Suplex. Alexander goes for a Moonsault off the top rope but Shelley manages to roll out of the way and makes the tag to Sabin. Sabin fires up and hits a Hurricanrana off the top rope followed by a Missile Dropkick. Alexander tries to get involved but gets hit by a Tornado DDT. Sabin then delivers another Tornado DDT to Page for a two count. The MCMG hit tandem kicks to Ethan Page followed by an assisted Tope Suicida to Alexander. Shelley hits Sliced Bread to Page for a two count. Alex Shelley hits a Reverse STO into a DDT as Page kicks out of the pin position, Shelley grabs his arm and transitions into a Crossface. Sabin gets Alexander in a Cloverleaf at the same time. Page manages to roll back into a pin attempt, so Sabin breaks the Cloverleaf to break up the count. The match breaks down and all four men are in the ring hitting strikes, knees and kicks to each other. Page makes a blind tag and takes out Shelley. Alexander picks up Sabin in a Wheelbarrow, Page delivers a Cutter and Alexander picks Sabin right up into a German Suplex but Shelley breaks the pin. The North goes for their finisher but Sabin counters into a roll up on Page, Shelley grabs Alexander’s ankle and The Motor City Machine Guns pick up the win.

The Motor City Machine Guns defeat The North via Pinfall in 14mins 10secs (plus commercials)

Davie’s thoughts: Excellent match. As soon as they announced this match on Slammiversary I was very excited to see this match and it did not disappoint. All four men worked really hard and there was great chemistry between them. If you are someone who just reads the reports to see what is going on but doesn’t actually watch Impact, I highly recommend going out of your way to see this main event. I was a little disappointed to see The North drop the championships with little build but it feels like Impact is going through a changing of the guard as all their championships are now on new people, so it did make sense. I hope these two teams continue to feud as I definitely want to see this match again.

Heath’s Back

At the end of the show Jimmy Jacobs is leaving the building and Heath (don’t call him Slater) manages to sneak back into the building. I assume he is just going to camp out there until next week.

Davie’s thoughts: Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s episode of Impact. I think their recent signings are all excellent pick ups and inject some much needed life into the company. This episode felt like a fresh new start and I think the future looks bright for this company. I love the idea for the open challenge for the Impact World Championship and think Trey vs Edwards should be excellent next week. It’s good to see The Good Brothers, EC3 and Eric Young all instantly have programmes. Once again, the main event was excellent. I enjoy wrestling shows for the wrestling and this match delivered in spades.

7.5 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Out of 10

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I think you meant Joey Ryan.

Honestly as much as I could see the 6 out of the 8 viewers of !MPACT not keen of an older Tag Team beating your younger talent, yet the 2012 ANTHONY was elated that MCMG won the tag titles. With an already good Tag roster, !MPACT can have such great match ups with The Machine Guns paired with The Good Brothers, The Rascals and The North just to name a few.

Edited. Thanks!

This was my first time watching Impact since the debut on AXS that I made less than half-way through. I was intrigued to see it after their latest fresh start and the returns of EC3 and the Motor City Machine Guns, and I thought it was pretty fun overall. Certainly more fun and breezier than recent Raws. I really liked the main event, I thought the opener was pretty solid, and I’m familiar with almost everyone here from other wrestling shows, from WWE to the independents. The North are definitely a top notch act to me.

Still, I’m pretty sore that I don’t get to watch New Japan on this channel anymore, but that’s why NJPW World exists.

Im pretty annoyed that I tried to sign up for Impact Plus to watch the show only to find I have to wait a week to watch it.

Thought impact was pretty solid last night. Seems like this company is on the right track. Hope it stays that way.

I agree, I enjoy the pace of the show and the knockouts division mainly.